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The Trombone Forum is a community effort. All hardware, software, maintenance, and backups are currently donated by the Forum Director. Server coloation and bandwidth alone are almost $2,000 per annum. Help offset this cost, which runs into the multiple thousands of dollars per year with your kind donations. Please note that The Trombone Forum is not currently a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization; all donations must be solely from the goodness of your heart in order to keep our community online, and are not tax-deductible.

Those who contribute will be listed on a special Supporters page in the following categories:

    Friend: up to $100
    Supporter: $100-$249
    Patron: $250-$499
    Sponsor: $500-$999
    Benefactor: $1000+

Click the huge red button below to donate any amount, via PayPal, to the care and feeding of our cyber-home. You may certainly sign up or use your existing PayPal account to donate if you possess one, but all that is required is a valid credit or debit card. You pick the method, you pick the amount.

The PayPal donation screen will open in a separate window; simply enter your donation in the "price" text-box.

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