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 on: Today at 10:41 PM 
Started by gregs70 - Last post by Geordie
Great to get the updates about your progress.  Motivating for people battling to build a band of any type.  Thank you.

 on: Today at 10:34 PM 
Started by Greg Waits - Last post by Greg Waits
I did see these numbers on the bell (apart from the 1239CF): 3006000

I think it is hand engraved

Edge braced vs tab braced? Sorry I don't know the lingo!

 on: Today at 10:30 PM 
Started by chatterbox272 - Last post by salsabone
Look into getting a good used Yamaha 613H or slightly newer model it will work very well in all concert situations for a great many different players that will all have different abilities.  When the community bands, multiple bands, that I play in I usually resort to my 1963 King Symphony(read here not 5B) single rotor  trombone.  This trombone works very well in those types of settings.  Kevin

 on: Today at 10:20 PM 
Started by Kurt Kenya - Last post by salsabone
Don't you just love the diamonds in the rough.  I have about 30 or so in my basement!!!!  Kevin

 on: Today at 10:18 PM 
Started by Greg Waits - Last post by mr.deacon
That's harder... But you can figure out if it was made in the past 10 years or so.

Is the engraving on the slide laser engraved or is it hand engraved? Ala is it smooth like on the bell or scratched in like a vintage Conn bell?

Is the bell section edge braced or does it still use tabs?

What do the 1st and 2nd trigger paddles look like?

 on: Today at 10:12 PM 
Started by chatterbox272 - Last post by EWadie99
I vote for the  KING Duo Gravis ! [And I am unanimous in that ! --- Credit: Mrs. Slocum in "Are You Being Served"].  The Bach will sound GREAT in a boudoir situation where you are trying to impress yourself --- but --- the Duo Gravis will refuse to be covered, sublimated or overshadowed in a "Real World" situation if the player so desires !  I know that the Duo Gravis is considered a lightweight in a KING / BACH comparison, but in reality the KING is the svelte, lean & mean contender, and in comparison the BACH sounds like it should lose some weight and buy a gym membership !  Just sayin' ----- Cheers !   Bob 
Mr, Kraft

I always enjoy reading your posts and that roast on the Bach 50 was just priceless and comedy gold!  I do agree that the Duo Gravis SS in my opinion is a better bass than the Bach 50, unfortenetly for me, it's hard to come by, even a regular bell DG :(.  The DG doesn't need to be modified and is a great playing horn as is and I'm an oddball and like the original trigger set. 

My first bass was a Bach 50B single valve and I do also like Bach 50s, but it can be a real moneypit to try to make it play better, sure some will play good as is, but it's mostly the case with Bachs with two valves... just my opinion. 

The King Duo Gravis SS will be expensive yes, but I think for the right price like $3.5K in good condition and doesn't need any mods, that's a good deal in my book!

With a Bach 50B2/3, a really good used one can cause maybe $2k about, and depending on how the valves plays, you would replace them with a better rotor section, axial/Thayer valves, rotax, hagmann valves, and so forth they will cost hundreds to thousands of dollars to where it can be 30%-50% of the cost to modify to make it play better, I dont really like the Bach rotors on the 50B2/3, the 50B I can live with, with the 50B2, I would have them split at least for far less cost but that's just me.

Don't mean to go off topic but I don't know, just thought I'll do my nightly rambling, nothing too personal. 

Nothing against you Aiden, who uses a Bach 50 with thayers, you sound great on that horn and now I appreciate my old Bach 50B I use to have even more.

Again, just my usual nightly rambling! ;-)

 on: Today at 10:05 PM 
Started by wgwbassbone - Last post by wgwbassbone
It would be interesting to know, what you currently play on, what kind of level you are on and what you hope to get out of it that you canít find on your current mouthpiece.

I play on a Mount Vernon 1 and 1/2G, I am a professional player and have been for 30 years(gulp) and as I said I'm not looking to make a change-just wanted information as I find the concept interesting.

 on: Today at 09:50 PM 
Started by Musicalbean - Last post by Musicalbean
Thank you all for your wonderful advice so far. Every post on this thread is helping immensely.

If I sound down on myself, its because I've been feeling pretty lousy lately. Every application I submit or interview that I go to which doesn't get a call back lowers my confidence a bit. Deep down I know that I'm a good teacher, a good musician and a good person, but this whole ordeal has made me really question it.

I'm really frustrated and I want to move forward in my life, but despite my best efforts, I'm just burning rubber.

Again, your advice is really helping and I'm taking every single post very seriously. I hope that you all will keep the advice coming. I really appreciate it. Thank you guys!

 on: Today at 09:43 PM 
Started by MoominDave - Last post by drizabone
John 19 text


 - Jesus crucifixion


 - Pilate had Jesus flogged and then showed him to the Jews and told them he could not find Jesus guilty
 - But they wanted him executed because he had made himself the Son of God
 - This worried Pilate but when the Jews implied that they would dob on him to Ceasar he handed him over to be crucified.
 - The chief priests declared that they had no king but Caesar.

 - They crucified Jesus and Pilate put up a sign that this was the King of the Jews, much to the high priests annoyance.
 - Jesus asked the disciple "who he loved" to look after his mum and then he gave up his spirit.

 - The soldiers went to break the legs of the victims to make sure that they died before the sabbath but saw that Jesus was already dead.  They stabbed him with a spear just to make sure.
 - Jesus body was given to 2 Jews to embalm and entomb.

Questions and Observations

1) Pilate thought that Jesus was guilty so he had him flogged! Rough justice back then wasn't it.
2) we see that Pilate gave in to the Jews when they threatened to tell Caesar the he had freed someone who claimed to be king.
3) ironically the high priests were not worried about declaring Caesar king and dumping God.
4) The disciple who Jesus loved is thought to have been John who the writer of the gospel.  Love is a translation of egapa which is a form of agape (ie unselfish concern for others) and doesn't refer to a bromance.

 on: Today at 09:43 PM 
Started by Greg Waits - Last post by Greg Waits

Model B454-DE
Dependent Thayers
Bell - 1239CF (9 1/2" 22 gauge, soldered rim, yellow brass tempered)
Slide - B-DBN dual bore. (yellow brass outer w/ nickel sleeves and end crook)


Now if I can only determine the year of manufacture.

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