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 on: Today at 03:50 AM 
Started by Kmanbassjam - Last post by Matt K
I've seen probably a dozen horns like that. I'll see if I can dig up pictures. The length actually isn't much if a problem if the geometry is right.

 on: Today at 03:48 AM 
Started by harrison.t.reed - Last post by Matt K
$20/page  :-0 holy cow, how many staves? I have sib 7.5 and would do it for way less than that unless there's like 60 lines per page lol 

 on: Today at 03:29 AM 
Started by seanschramm - Last post by Catastrophone
ooooh could you post pictures?
Here you go! I've not tried to post pictures here before so I hope it works.

 on: Today at 02:40 AM 
Started by greenbean - Last post by svenlarsson
I think it is an interesting construction, how did it play? If the F side works better that the Bb side it should be very useful on some gigs.  :)

 on: Today at 01:02 AM 
Started by BillO - Last post by drizabone
Close enough?  John, are you serious?  We are talking about the name of your god, not the kind of fish you want for supper on Friday.

So, Yahweh is 'good enough' for Christians, but (now we're talking abut the folks to which God made his name known) the Jews refuse to try to pronounce the tetragrammaton and instead make a substitution that 'reveals' further contradiction in the bible and everyone (believers here) is just honky dory with this up...??

I'm guessing John, that you don't really take the old testament too seriously.  Is that the case?


This is really not about who or what YHWH is, but more about believers taking responsibility for the contradictions, apparent lies and inconsistencies in the text that defines their existence.  Can you do that, point for point, without drawing on tired platitudes?

It may not sound like it, but from my heart, no disrespect is intended.  I just want to know.


As far as I know
- the reason that the Jew's didn't want to say God's name is so that they wouldn't risk using it in vain.(I can imagine some legalist saying "I've got a bright idea, if we don't ever say it then we can't get in trouble for saying in vain")
- the name in ancient Hebrew doesn't have vowels because ancient Hebrew didn't have vowels.
- so we don't actually know with certainty what vowels we're spoken.
- so I conclude that getting the pronunciation correct didn't factor into whether or not we were using the name in vain as far as God was concerned.

I'm surprised that you think that this is significant, and that it is an indication of "contradictions, apparent lies and inconsistencies in the text that defines their existence"

I'm also not sure about your concern that WE need to take responsibility for God or the bible.  That's his responsibility.  I'll accept the consequences of following him though.

Have I answered your points?  If not its not because I'm trying to avoid them, its  because I don't understand what you're stressing about.  And I hope I've avoided tired platitudes too.

And I don't take any disrespect.  I'm happy to have you ask questions about the faith.

 on: Today at 12:56 AM 
Started by greenbean - Last post by Catastrophone
The patent includes some illustrations of an independent setup - https://patents.google.com/patent/US5361668A

It's incredible they thought that would work. Both valve wraps to the right of the bell...... Even with the valves at the jaunty angles shown in the crude drawings it's very hard to see how that would sit on your shoulder comfortably.

 on: Today at 12:41 AM 
Started by Tbonedude - Last post by Tbonedude
I hear this horn crying at night, hoping for a new owner who can give it the love and care it deserves. That new owner could be you! I had planned to fix this up, but finances told me to fuhgeddaboudit.

Repairs that need done:
Removal of dents ("dents" including some seriously warped tubing and a crinkled bell)
Tuning slide unsticking (all are stuck)
Water key installation (missing on lead pipe)
Brace re-soldering/replacement (a few broken/missing/unsoldered)

I don't know how much it will cost to repair.

The horn is playable, but it does not play well due to the damage. If it's repaired, it'll surely be a great player. The valves are in great shape, feel fantastic, and have good compression. Lacquer is still plentiful, though scratched away in spots. Small shank receiver, something around 0.515" bore. The instrument's serial number is 05XXX. A case is included. The case is in fair condition, with some fabric/foam needing glued back into place. The 2nd valve slide has worn a groove through the fabric because the horn was frequently in and out of the case at some point. There is no odor to speak of, and the latches work smoothly. It is in sufficient condition to safely carry and protect the instrument.

I will take almost any trade into consideration, so long as the horn is decently playable. I would trade for an upright valve trombone (such as a King Trombonium) in a heartbeat.  I have more than just this horn I can part with in order to make a fair trade. If you would rather trade money than brass, that works too.

Pictures available on request. I prefer to use Paypal and can ship CONUS. My e-mail is michaelborjas2017(at)gmail(dot)com. Be patient when awaiting a reply, I sometimes forget to check my inbox.

 on: Today at 12:03 AM 
Started by John McKevitt - Last post by John McKevitt
Still available

 on: Today at 12:01 AM 
Started by John McKevitt - Last post by John McKevitt
Trade Pending

 on: Yesterday at 11:14 PM 
Started by slide advantage - Last post by BillO
Amazing, no?

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