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 on: Today at 06:24 AM 
Started by trb420 - Last post by timothy42b
Absolutely no chance that Arnold Jacobs did recomended to place the mouthpiece 50/50.

A tuba player who studied with Jacobs told me that he said to put the mouthpiece where he could get the best sound, BUT also that the most effective embouchure was the longest, which could only be done at 50/50. 

That didn't make sense to me, because I think in terms of aperture, rather than the entire length of embouchure.  I doubt the aperture is as wide as the mouthpiece on any instrument, but maybe that's different for tuba. 

 on: Today at 06:13 AM 
Started by slide advantage - Last post by Baron von Bone
And as a bonus, since he's doing it all with executive orders, we know that all that crying about Obama using EOs was BS.

Technically no--it's just now been solidly confirmed, again--perhaps a bit more clearly than most previous confirmations though.
We've known this since the first GOP tantrum over it, and it was confirmed to those who can think at all critically about it, and now it's confirmed clearly enough so that even maybe a few dozen or so of those who are still managing to pretend they can't see any of this are no longer able to deny it. But I'm pretty sure the other 99.99...% of those who are (allegedly) successful at not seeing it remain unaffected. Well, unaffected isn't quite right--it would be more accurate to say that even if it created dissonance for such people it was "just a drop of water in an endless sea"--or in other words, to whatever extent evidence actually had an effect on their thinking (after a fashion) they've at least been able to recover their denial. Many likely were simply unaffected though--pretending certainty and ignoring refutations and contrary evidence no matter how decisive is a way of life for extreme dogmatists (this is what intellectual cowardice is).
But yeah, you're still right--it's yet another clear demonstration of political hypocrisy ... which sadly isn't so different from saying a politician said and/or did something political. Granted the GOP are the real pros at this (they're even better at this than they are at strategic self-victimhood). Conservatives tend to be far better at not seeing things in general, especially inconvenient incongruencies and self-contradictions. It's rare to be extremely conservative without that special skill, for reasons that are just as obvious to rational conservatives as they are to the large majority of moderates and liberals and everyone else aside from many far right wing types.

 on: Today at 06:12 AM 
Started by Zandit75 - Last post by Gabe Langfur
Well...a 4AL really is a tenor mouthpiece. A small bass mouthpiece will match with the instrument better and actually be more efficient.

Is the leadpipe marked B3L or just 3L? A plain 3L is for a .547 slide, not a .562, and you will have trouble getting a clear sound with it because it's not sealing properly. You need a leadpipe that starts with a B. I would also recommend something other than a B3L. Try a B1 or B2, or if you can get your hands on one, a B1.5.

 on: Today at 06:09 AM 
Started by jakebone02 - Last post by jakebone02

I'm looking for a Hammond 10L and 21BL in silver.  Please let me know if you have one.  Thanks.

 on: Today at 06:08 AM 
Started by jakebone02 - Last post by jakebone02
For Sale-

A stock Bach 50 tuning slide modified to fit a Shires valve section with the reversed pipes.  I can include the Bach pipe to convert back if desired.  Pictures available upon request. 
$250 OBO
May consider trade for Shires bass tuning slide. 

 on: Today at 05:57 AM 
Started by BillO - Last post by BillO
Feel free to be mean spirited.  I won't hold it against you.

But the guys back then did know where the Jesus tomb was (at least in the account we have).  I can't see how not knowing where the tomb is now is relevant?  The accounts say:
- the Romans verified that Jesus was dead
- Jesus was buried in that tomb
- the Romans set a guard on the tomb so that no one would interfere with the body
- the women came along to finish embalming the body, but found the guard and the body gone.
- and lots of people reported seeing Jesus alive in the succeeding weeks.

The account provides a complete chain.  I think your only option is to believe or disbelieve the account.
That account comes entirely from the bible.  If there is sufficient evidence to suggest the veracity of the bible is in question, and there is for me, then giving accounts from the bible does not help.

The Romans kept extremely good records, even in backwater places like the Levant.  Even if the official record keeping department was on vacation, the arrest, trial and execution of someone a supposedly influential as Jesus should have garnered some notice outside the little clique that was his Apostles.  There is no hard historical evidence for anyone associated with the bible.  Not even St. Paul.

By contrast, if you look at what could be called the ancient Greek canon you have the Iliad and the Odyssey by Homer and the Theogony and the Works and Days by Hesiod.  Both these people are well referenced in historical texts outside their works.  We know for sure who wrote their works too.  They did.  This is not the case for the authors of the Christian canon.

 on: Today at 05:53 AM 
Started by Zandit75 - Last post by bonesmarsh
A word of dissent with Burgerbob's advice-

You've had 15 years away from the horn. You will need time to reacquaint yourself with consistent playing-- and a slightly smaller mouthpiece will give the edge in endurance, and core to the sound. Endurance will give you more drive to practice.

You're playing in a brass band? Likely 99.999% of the time the "heavy lifting" will be done by the Eb basses and BBb basses. The bass bone is added to the mix for more punch on a tutti part where Eb basses do the hard work.
( And if you look at the score of the pieces you'll see that a bass trombonist in brass band can give much more effect, when played up an octave from the basses, doubling the parts, but with twice the force. The audience will never know you're not playing the lowest pedal tones, but they will know that you're playing things up an octave-- in the staff--- and giving it some edge on the tutti.)

My advice? Forget the stock numbers. Play the 4AL and enjoy the ride. Some time years from now, when you have ears of practice under your belt, and lots and lots of fun rehearsals, you'll be better able to get into the Schilke 59, whould you want to do so THEN.

 Forget what horn you have in your hands. Forget the parts numbers. Just play. Just go to rehearsal and blooooooooow.

As for the long term advice? Two of the greatest bass trombonists who ever lived, Alan Ostrander and Ray Premru, both made careers spanning decades in the toughest environments ever....on Bach 2G mouthpieces. The Wick 4AL is larger than a Bach 3G, most folks forget that--- and they just read the numbers on the side of the thing, without having ever played a Bach 2G themselves.
Forget the numbers.
Just practice and enjoy the experience.
Some of the advice you will get on internet chat rooms should always be read with disclaimers. Disclaimers like: The following advice will be applicable if you intend on pursuing a career as a professional in the USA or as a teacher in the USA.

ZAndit75, just make things as easy as possible for yourself until you get back into shape, and enjoy the process. Enjoy the rehearsals, enjoy the friendships in a brass band. Enjoy the pints. Oh yes, enjoy the pints.
Forget about judging yourself by the qualities required to attempt to be an American professional.

 on: Today at 05:45 AM 
Started by mr.deacon - Last post by Le.Tromboniste
I used phone cord for many years (yes, from when phones had cords).  No adhesive, fairly grippy, and easy to trim to length.  Cheap, too.

I was about to say just that! My leather grips eventually worn through, so now I have phone cord grips and neck guard. Works super well!

 on: Today at 05:35 AM 
Started by Chernabogandyou - Last post by wgwbassbone
The 181 is notoriously over braced and removing certain braces can open up the entire horn. If you're used to Holton valves one can clearly center and play a low C or B, just to name a few, with no problem at all. Once again depends on what you're accustomed to playing.

 on: Today at 05:35 AM 
Started by BillO - Last post by BillO
Yeah, I'm not sure why so many remain so fixated on biblical technicalities even after apostasy (not suggesting that describes BillO--it's something that does come up in criticism entirely reasonably), but I suspect most are ex-fundamentalist types.
Well, I was never a fundamentalist, but I do feel the technicalities, or more properly the inconsistencies, of the bible are important.  If Billions of people are going to learn the correct way of living from reading these books, then they should be pretty darn close to being error free.  But they're not.  Even more amazing it that the Christian canon is supposed to be the best examples of such writings cherry picked from a much larger collection.

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