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 on: Today at 11:15 PM 
Started by tromprof - Last post by mr.deacon
Not mine but here is one for sale at Dillon Music
That's a pretty good price assuming it's not too beat up!!!

 on: Today at 11:12 PM 
Started by seanschramm - Last post by mr.deacon
Holton, Conn or one of the Kanstul horns should work well.
I'd add a King 6B to that list. Holton TR180's and TR181's both pretty light. Can't go wrong with a nice vintage Conn, I'd stay away from the new 62H's, and Kanstul 1662 or a 1662i are both very nice horns on the lighter spectrum.

You can also make a pretty light setup with a Shires with rotors or a Rath with rotors or Hagmanns, but I'm assuming that'd be out of your budget Pant

I'm not sure how light the new Edwards rotor valve sections are but the old ones were essentially Getzen 1062 or 1052 valve sections made to made interchangable with Edwards. They were pretty heavy, like the stock Getzen bell sections.

 on: Today at 11:11 PM 
Started by seanschramm - Last post by Blowero
You really need 2 valves for big band, unless they only play old stuff. I'm not sure that other brands are going to be "lighter" than Edwards. Don't know Don't confuse a bright sound with lighter physical weight; they don't necessarily go hand in hand. You can get all kinds of different bell and slide configurations; some are lighter than others. I don't know which setup you have. You might consider some kind of thumb brace to make holding the horn more comfortable.

 on: Today at 10:23 PM 
Started by greenbean - Last post by Doug Elliott
I remember when that valve came out and was exhibited at the International Trombone Workshop.
That was during a time of lots of experimentation beyond the traditional rotor - I think the Thayer valve and Miller valve had just come out about the same time.  They were all kind of clunky but Thayer won the popularity contest.

 on: Today at 10:16 PM 
Started by alexwill - Last post by alexwill
archived one year here:

 on: Today at 10:12 PM 
Started by seanschramm - Last post by FlamingRain
I second Ken's advice. An argument could be made that you need 2 triggers for big band more than orch.

Thirded, I've done both before and I think two valves is almost a necessity for big band - because a large amount of the music performed in that style today was written for someone with two valves. In the orchestra field that is absolutely not the case, where a large amount of the music was written for a single-valve bass or something even smaller than what we consider a bass today.

 on: Today at 10:07 PM 
Started by slide advantage - Last post by robcat2075
The Heritage Foundation...

The possibility of a President pardoning himself for a crime is not precluded by the explicit language of the Constitution, and, during the summer of 1974, some of President Richard M. Nixon's lawyers argued that it was constitutionally permissible. But a broader reading of the Constitution and the general principles of the traditions of United States law might lead to the conclusion that a self-pardon is constitutionally impermissible. It would seem to violate the principles that a man should not be a judge in his own case; that the rule of law is supreme and the United States is a nation of laws, not men; and that the President is not above the law.

Note the "might". 

I don't see how you could undo a pardon once he issued it.  How?

It would take a Supreme Court ruling as lacking in a legal basis as Bush v. Gore and I don't see this Republican SC going against Trump in that way.

 on: Today at 10:05 PM 
Started by seanschramm - Last post by Ellrod
I second Ken's advice. An argument could be made that you need 2 triggers for big band more than orch.

 on: Today at 09:57 PM 
Started by seanschramm - Last post by kbiggs
My 2 cents: I would suggest a smaller, lighter horn. You want something with projection and bite or bark to it. Get something with two valves--you'll need them for jazz and big and work, although George Roberts preferred a single all his life. Holton, Conn or one of the Kanstul horns should work well.

 on: Today at 09:52 PM 
Started by Slipmo - Last post by Slipmo
I like this!  Can I actually hold it by the bell brace like my King 7B?

Also the valve looks VERY compact.  Nice.

That's right Bruce, we wanted to keep the bell mounting position and the J bend proportions the same as on the original, which meant that this brace had to be lower and your thumb goes behind it. The good news is, the trigger geometry on our prototype works MUCH better than the King triggers of the 6B and 7B Pant it's very comfortable to hold and the strokes are short and smooth.

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