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 on: Today at 11:38 AM 
Started by BrexWindWright - Last post by BrexWindWright
“We’ll lead as two kings...”

For sale are two rarer Kings from my Bone stable.

1. Late era King Duo Gravis (2106). It’s in great shape with original finishes and slide tubes. Has seen some dings and scratches in its life and lacquer is worn through in the usual “played” spots. Stockings show no wear through. Slide is 9/10. Original side-by-side thumb levers (with cork risers on keys). Includes the D extension for the second valve. Pics on request (see below). Original King case included. Looking to get $2300.00

2. 77’ ish King 3b+ w/f. Also in great shape with original finishes and slide tubes. In the same sort of shape of dings and wear through. Stockings look good as well. Slide is 8~8.5/10. Pics on request (see below). Comes in coffin case(in good shape). Looking to get $1200.00

Email me at: Vinnie DOT c79 AT gmail

 on: Today at 11:31 AM 
Started by patrickosmith - Last post by BGuttman
There is a Mel Bay book "Great Hymns for Brass" which is in 4 parts (you can buy the 3rd part as Trombone or Horn).  Includes a lot of the popular hymns including "Jesus Christ is Ris'n Today".

There is a ton of music available; more if your horn player can read trombone parts.  If I get a chance I'll look at my Quartet books and post a few other suggestions.

 on: Today at 11:17 AM 
Started by patrickosmith - Last post by patrickosmith
I'm looking for suggestions for Easter music for a Brass Quartet (2 trumpets, 1 horn, 1 trombone).

We might play accapello or we might play with an organ and/or choir.

 on: Today at 10:55 AM 
Started by Chromium - Last post by Radar
I agree with what everyone else is saying look for a good used tenor with an F-attachment, have your teacher help with the decision.  Especially your choice of bore size.  A medium Bore is a great all around horn for someone who can only own one horn, but if you have aspirations of being a bass trombonist you might want to go the large bore trombone route for your first horn.  This is where some advice and a review of your trombone goals with you band instructor, or private teacher is really required.  A good condition used Tenor is a great way to save money and most of the big name brands (Yamaha, Conn, Blessing, Benge, Bach, King, Holton, etc.) can be bought used in your price range if your patient and wait for the right horn to come up, may not be pretty but lacquer is only cosmetic, and if the slide is in good shape and there are no major dents, you can find a good playing horn in the $600 range, if you are not in a big hurry take your time and save a little more.  PS:  Don't March with your personal horn, use the schools, if possible keep your personal horn at home and use the schools for everything there, you won't have to worry about someone bumping into or stepping on it etc. 

 on: Today at 10:37 AM 
Started by MikeyBonez - Last post by Radar
I don't know the physics behind it but yes the more tubing the farther out the slide the harder it is to lip slur or to do most anything technical quickly. Work on slurring in the longer positions slowly ensuring good tone gradually getting faster as you can play them cleanly and in tune.  You will require more air to move the sound through the extra tubing.  What you're experiencing is normal, and a characteristic of the instrument,  I think if any of us sat down with a metronome and tried to play lip slurs cleanly in first position, and then in 6th or 7th we would find we can plan then cleanly faster in First than in the farther positions, just as I can do them much quicker on Trombone, than I can on Tuba.  Don't worry about how fast you can play them, concentrate on playing them cleanly, and gradually building up speed as you can. You don't have to become a speed demon in the farthest positions overnight, it's a marathon not a sprint, slow and steady practice with gradual improvement over time will get you there, don't wear yourself out trying to make it happen in a day, or a week, or even a month.

 on: Today at 10:33 AM 
Started by MrPillow - Last post by dj kennedy
CRISP   ---GREAT  CASE  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  HN WHITE   ------
    didja   find  one  yet  ????????

 on: Today at 10:21 AM 
Started by mjgeorge - Last post by BGuttman
Can anyone offer examples to listen to of modern American bass sound versus classic bass sound? Preferably YouTube.
I am needing to define my sound concept. I bet the community band and the big Band I play my Duo Gravis in would prefer a classic sound. Thank you.

First off, a Community Band really doesn't care.  As long as you can play the part they won't differentiate between a "classic" bass and a "modern" bass.

Big Bands, especially non-professional ones, generally are very eclectic as well.  I play in a Shriner Big Band where the 3 upper voices are Bach 36B and Bach 42B trombones (the 36B is on 3rd) and I play a King 7B (is that modern or classic?). 

I see similar problems in many quintets, where the BBb monster tuba is just too big to balance the rest of the group.  It sounds like 4 voices and this tuba.  A smaller tuba tends to blend better.  I played an F and it was a really good fit.  For that matter, a bass trombone on the bottom sometimes works well.

 on: Today at 10:18 AM 
Started by MikeyBonez - Last post by Bimmerman
This likely won't be helpful for the Remington outer position slurs, but more to corroborate what was said about horn heaviness and weighting throwing you off.

I've been playing in front of a mirror lately and have noticed a large change in my horn-face positioning when going between notes out in 5-7 position and 1-3rd. This usually corresponds with bad transitions between the notes depending on the slide position gap (i.e. little to no issues going 5-3, but lots 6/7-1), causing me to miss notes/attacks/etc.

Aside from working through it and ensuring the mouth/horn/angle doesn't change much with slide position changes, I don't have a great idea for how to solve it; it was pretty evident what was going on when I played in the mirror though, as I couldn't figure out for the life of me why I was flubbing C-Bbs so often.

 on: Today at 10:17 AM 
Started by Nolabone - Last post by Nolabone
Lowered the asking price. Includes shipping in CONUS. 

 on: Today at 10:04 AM 
Started by roadyrod - Last post by Dukesboneman
The Protec Liberty practice mute is the Best I`ve tried. Doesn`t effect pitch , has a Normal feel to it and fits in the bell in the case, so you always have it.
Also it`s only $30.95 on Amazon.
I`ve tried a lot of them and for the price it`s a great mute. And NO you do not get worse if you play it for a long practice period.
I now have one in each of my horns (because I was forever looking for the case I left it in last)


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