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 on: Yesterday at 10:41 PM 
Started by BillO - Last post by robcat2075
I see a paradox.

If God can't lie, then that would mean there is something God can't do.

 on: Yesterday at 08:44 PM 
Started by Roebird37 - Last post by Pancitcooker
Three years ago I started to feel weak and had this dull pain in my stomach. In the span of 2 weeks, I lost 20 pounds and figured I should probably go to the doctor. I found out I had hyperthyroidism (due to Graves disease). My hands were shaky.. I couldn't play my trombone let alone write my name on a piece of paper. After some medication for about a month or so, I went the other direction into hypothyroidism. I was going into my 4th year of college in music education and couldn't play or hold my trombone up and was in a panic as the school year was about to start. My lips and strength started to come back a month and half into the school year while taking medicine.

After a year of getting my levels messed around with, I was finally at a good level to get radioactive iodine to kill off my thyroid. (very common practice for those with thyroid problems even at a young age) The radioactive iodine bad at all. I had to be in my apartment alone for a week.. so I stocked up on food and watched tv and read for the week. I am now on a daily dosage of a synthetic thyroid pill I take first thing in the morning and I feel normal. My heart rate is consistent around 60-70 resting as opposed to 100-120 when I was first taking medicine for the first year.

Each person is different and for some the thyroid will go back to normal. In my case, however, it was either surgery or radioactive iodine… and I have never had surgery in my life so I opted for the cooler sounding operation (taking two big pills of radioactive iodine).

Experiencing hyperthyroidism is a scary thing, but it is completely manageable. My advice is get all of your levels checked with an endocrinologist. Don't wait until it gets super bad.. I should've known that losing 1-2 pounds a day was kind of odd. 

 on: Yesterday at 08:23 PM 
Started by stealthheartocarinaZ - Last post by trb420
Congrats! It's a gratifying feeling to make tangible progress like that

 on: Yesterday at 08:22 PM 
Started by Ryebone - Last post by BGuttman
Note that the 3B+ is currently not made with F-attachments.  The Model 2125 came as a straight or F-attachment.  I believe they stopped making the 2125 in the late 1990s (I tested an Anniversary 2125F Silver Sonic).

The 2125F is not a real substitute for a Bach 36B; it sounds "smaller".  More like a slightly larger 3B.

I agree with everybody else.  For $8,000 it should come from a famous player and be in pristine condition.  That's almost 6 times what they normally go for.

 on: Yesterday at 08:21 PM 
Started by stealthheartocarinaZ - Last post by stealthheartocarinaZ
I can't believe it. I've been playing the trombone for almost a year now, and by the time classes start up again, I am now the first chair of the trombones in the jazz band. I'm a little nervous about getting all of the solos, but I'm excited at the same time!

Also, if this other guy refuses, then I'm the next choice for section leader in marching band. So...I guess I've improved then?  :D

 on: Yesterday at 08:18 PM 
Started by BillO - Last post by stealthheartocarinaZ
I actually do agree with this. However, if you are not able to buzz into the mouthpiece, you possibly are not able to buzz into the instrument. My sister cannot buzz her lips at all, much less can she buzz while the ends of her lips are pinched. In my experience, if you are able to buzz into the mouthpiece first, it is much easier to learn how to play the instrument.

 on: Yesterday at 08:17 PM 
Started by trombonehawaii - Last post by trombonehawaii

 on: Yesterday at 08:08 PM 
Started by slide advantage - Last post by Blowero
So, SCOTUS upheld key components of the Muslim ban. i'm guessing that the health care bill will speak through.

I wonder if people will just get tired of all the drama, tune out, and Trump will have his way.
I don't think anyone is tuning out; the question is: will we be able to stop him if he has all 3 branches of the government on his side? We've seen over and over that there is an Orwellian denial of reality among his diehard supporters, and as he said himself, he could shoot someone and still not lose voters. I now believe that is literally the truth. I don't think there is anything Trump could do that would dissuade his core supporters from being on his side. The rest of us just have to stay vigilant.

 on: Yesterday at 08:05 PM 
Started by BillO - Last post by drizabone
Here is my list of attributes of the christian God for discussion which I submit for inclusion in the description of god.

This is based on wikipedia's list, modified and notated to be useful to me.  I'm happy to put these up for discussion and tweaking but I'll probably defend their inclusion as I think that they are important attributes of a god.

   I'd like to do the for some of the other "gods" too so we can do a comparison. 
   Bill: is this ok for this thread or would you prefer it in another one?
   Which ones are people interested in?
      JW's Jehovah - I'm interested to compare their understanding to mine
      Hindu pantheon
         - I know they have a different concept but I'd like to understand it.
         - Do atheists not believe in Buddhism too?
   Are there any others we want to consider?
   My list of attributes are possibly not what a liberal/mainstream christian thinks.  Should we describe the Mainstream view?

So my list of God's attributes are:

(he has) Aseity
 - he is self-sufficient
 - he isn't dependent on creation, he was not incomplete before creation and it doesn't add to his completeness or happiness ...
 - he is uncaused

 - no beginning and no end, he is not restricted by time

 - God is the ultimate standard of good

 - he is compassionate and desires to forgive and even makes that possible

 - he is separate from sin and incorruptible.

 - he is in every part of the world
 - qv transcendent

 - immutable or constant
 - but this allows for things like "Jesus became flesh"

 - God is free from all attitudes "which reflect instability or lack of control.

 - God is unable to sin

 - he is not able to be fully known
 - what we do know of him is via revelation
 - our knowledge is subject to human limitations.

 - he is spirit
 - but Jesus became flesh which is both corporeal and a change.

 - in time and space
 - Infinity also permeates all other attributes of God: his goodness, love, power, etc. are all considered to be infinite.

 - he gets angry if people reject him
 -  J. I. Packer: "zeal to protect a love relationship or to avenge it when broken,"

 - includes:
   - the love the Father has for the Son,
   - God's general love for his creation,
   - God's "salvific stance towards his fallen world,"
   - his "particular, effectual, selecting love toward his elect," and
   - love that is conditioned on obedience.

 - C. S. Lewis : "His Omnipotence means power to do all that is intrinsically possible, not to do the intrinsically impossible. You may attribute miracles to him, but not nonsense. This is no limit to his power.

 - similar to immanence but exceeds it
 - he is everywhere in the universe/creation
 - but also outside it

Omniscient - he knows everything
 - he is also comletely wise

 - the is only one real God
 - this real God is one
 - qv trinity

- he cares for all creation

 - may refer to his holiness, to his justice, or to his saving activity.

 - ie homogenous, he is not partly this and partly that, but that whatever he is, he is so entirely.
 - "not composed of parts".

 - omnipotent, provident, and the boss
 - also encompasses his freedom
 - it is in keeping with his goodness, righteousness, holiness, and impeccability.
 - in complete control as he directs all things — no person, organization, government or any other force can stop God from executing his purpose.
 - Isaiah 46:10 "My purpose will stand, and I will do all that I please"

 - he is outside space and time, and therefore eternal and unable to be changed by forces within the universe.
 - closely related to God's immutability, and is contrasted with his immanence.
 - Isaiah 57:15: "For this is what the high and exalted One says — he who lives forever, whose name is holy: "I live in a high and holy place, but also with the one who is contrite and lowly in spirit,..."

 - God is three persons.
 - Each person is fully God.
 - There is one God.
 - The Father is God.
 - The Son is God.
 - The Holy Spirit is God.
 - The Father is not the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit is not the Father.
 - The Holy Spirit is not the Son, and the Son is not the Holy Spirit.
 - The Son is not the Father, and the Father is not the Son.

 - he can't lie

 - he hates anything that is opposed to his moral character

 on: Yesterday at 08:02 PM 
Started by Dukesboneman - Last post by EWadie99
I've played on different horns of different brands and find myself not loyal or biased to certain brands.

Like on tenor, I played a Elkhart Conn 88H (which my school owned) and a Corporation Bach 42B and liked both and found them to be great horns.  For the Besson student model BE 639 (the tenor I currently have), it was my first ever trombone when I started playing in sixth grade and found it to be a good student model horn for my uses for marching band and pep bands.

As for bass, I played a Benge 290 (owned by my school) and a Getzen 1062FD (which is my current horn).  As for other basses, I play tested a Holton TR-180 and a King Duo Gravis which they both didn't had split triggers and I found the magic bar on the Holton hard to play, while I found the side-by-side triggers on the Duo Gravis to work fine for me. (just my experience) Don't know 

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