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 on: Today at 07:43 PM 
Started by sirisobhakya - Last post by sirisobhakya
I hear some marching bands these days want large bore tenors, something I don't understand. But then again my high school marched at 160 BPM with horn swagger...

I have seen videos of marching band boys (and girls) doing Trombone Suicide with large bore horns, WITH F-ATTACHMENT.

Their schools (or parents) sure are rich.

 on: Today at 07:13 PM 
Started by MilkBone - Last post by Blowero
Lemon pledge.

 on: Today at 07:02 PM 
Started by MoominDave - Last post by drizabone
John 16 text


 - Jesus continues to prepare his disciples


 - Jesus continues to warn the 12 of persecution that will come: even by people who think they are doing God's will
 - but he will send The Helper (aka The Spirit) who will judge the world and glorify Jesus
 - Their sorrow at Jesus departure will turn to joy as they see his plan move forward.
 - If they ask for things from God in Jesus name he will give them.
 - Jesus is talking plainly now and the discples see that he is.

Questions and Observations

1) This is a passage that is easy to understand at a high level but the details are tricky.

2) Jesus is planning to leave and preparing the 12 to face the inevitable persecution.

3) what do you think that Jesus meant by 'whatever you ask of the Father in my name, he will give it to you.' in v23

4) It sounds like the penny has dropped for the 12 and that they understand Jesus.  Finally.  maybe.  But they didn't expect him to be raised on the 3rd day so I'm not sure what John thought this means.

5) There are some parts of these chapters that seem to be applicable to all believers and some to the 12.  That's confusing.  I take it that he is directly talking to and about the 12 but that some of what he says is more generally applicable.

 on: Today at 07:00 PM 
Started by GSNEWELL - Last post by Sliphorn
I'm looking to purchase a good-quality used bass trombone. I don't have a strong preference on brand (other that it must be a mainstream, established company). I don't even have a strong preference on independent/dependent or even if it's a single-valve.
My biggest concern is that the horn is in excellent shape with a great slide and valves, and that the horn plays well.
I'm not a pro -- I'm a former trombone major playing regularly again after many years away -- so an Edwards or Shires Custom or that ilk is just not necessary. I play a 42C (not interested in trade) now but have been wanting to play bass for many years.
I would really prefer that the horn is in Tampa/Gainesville/Orlando/Sarasota or Atlanta (or even Chattanooga, Macon, Valdosta) as I would then be able to check it out in person, but I'm certainly not going to rule anything out that's in the U.S.
Ideally, I'm willing to spend up to about $2K on my first bass.
I can be reached at gsnewell1 @ gmail. com.
I'm happy to listen to advice or suggestions, too.

Please email me at neobri@outlook.com to discuss bass trombone options.  I have a Yamaha you may be very interested in.  Thanks!


 on: Today at 06:35 PM 
Started by MilkBone - Last post by MilkBone
your spit and your thumb!!!!!!!!!
Remember going forward there is no one that is assigned to you to tell you that! Which is the answer to your likely spoken out loud claim that "Well nobody told me that!!!!!" 
I'm confused with what you're saying.

 on: Today at 06:30 PM 
Started by MilkBone - Last post by salsabone
your spit and your thumb!!!!!!!!!
Remember going forward there is no one that is assigned to you to tell you that! Which is the answer to your likely spoken out loud claim that "Well nobody told me that!!!!!" 

 on: Today at 06:25 PM 
Started by MilkBone - Last post by MilkBone
White water stains are fairly rich in calcium and are generally tough to remove.

As a first try I'd go with Windex or another window cleaner.

If you have black stains on brass, they are generally pretty deep and you need to polish them out (if you can).  They are copper oxide or copper sulfide.

I may have misspoke. They're fairly simple stains that one could remove with spit and your thumb I'm just trying to find a substance that won't damage my bell.

 on: Today at 06:04 PM 
Started by sirisobhakya - Last post by Matt K
It's interesting because my perception has always been that commercial groups (acoustic or particularly electric):

1) Play on smaller equipment that sounds louder than bigger equipment

in addition to 1

2) Put out more volume than classical ensembles I've played with.

And that is nearly universal.  I always take hearing protection to those types of performances whether or not I'm on stage or in the audience.  I never do that with classical repertoire.

It's possible that's a perception thing because I'm a very bright player, but I've always chosen large bore over small bores for classical playing because it blends better with the rest of the ensemble. It's to make my sound appear quieter, not louder.

 on: Today at 06:02 PM 
Started by Kingsk1117 - Last post by Kingsk1117
Just ran across this interesting Urbie 45 rpm record:  http://hey-you-enter-here.win/play/urbie-green-and-the-urban-renewal-comin-home-baby-project-3-total-sound/hcPkNVnVvg8.html

Includes Urbie using some interesting electronics.  But does anyone know who "The Urban Renewal" is and who was backing him on this record?  And was the group specific to Urbie, or a separate group that just happened to play with him.  Would they have performed separate from Urbie?  I have been unable to find any infor about this group so far.  Thanks.

 on: Today at 05:59 PM 
Started by Greg Waits - Last post by robcat2075
Hillary lost the nomination in 2008 for one reason... she voted to authorize the Iraq war, while Obama could show he was on record against it.

She tried to have it both ways by saying she only wanted to give Bush the extra leverage to negotiate that this threat of war would have, but there's no way to say she didn't vote for it.

If she had voted "no" on Iraq in 2002, Obama would be a trivia question or maybe still a US Senator.

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