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 on: Today at 03:40 PM 
Started by Zandit75 - Last post by harrison.t.reed
I'm very curious to see that! Every edition I've ever seen has this cadenza :

Yeah, but don't let him see since he won't share the wagenseil etc

let him use his scholarly skills to find it


 on: Today at 03:40 PM 
Started by azukii - Last post by azukii
Hi, here are some pieces I am selling.
They are all in great conditions.

Please email for pictures!

Small bore:
Vincent Bach Corp 12C   $25
Vincent Bach Corp 5     $25

Large bore:
Vincent Bach 1 & 1/2    $35
Vincent Bach 5GB        $30
Hammond design F1       $140
Ian Bousfield S           $80

Straight mute
Alessi-Vacchiano        $20

Happy Thanksgiving :)

 on: Today at 03:37 PM 
Started by trombonejb - Last post by Matt K
Unfortunately, we don't have access to the backends of the website. I doubt that'll be implemented, but I do know of some addoms for popular browsers. Which one do you use? I might be able o recommend one.

 on: Today at 03:30 PM 
Started by demaxx1 - Last post by demaxx1
Here's one that might be a good one to cannibalize

I have talked to them on this horn before, we have been close on the price, but not quite there. It has been a few months. I will give them another try.


 on: Today at 03:25 PM 
Started by Zandit75 - Last post by Le.Tromboniste
The one I have had since HS (1970s) does. Not sure what version that is. It's hiding in a closet somewhere.

I'm very curious to see that! Every edition I've ever seen has this cadenza :

 on: Today at 03:24 PM 
Started by Zandit75 - Last post by watermailonman
If you have a well developed embouchure you can learn how to do it safely. You need time with all mouthpieces. I can play mouthpieces from the size of a Bach 12C on small tenor to a Hammond 20BL on bass trombone and as long as the rim is comfortable I can play all sizes in between. I'm beginning to have problems with smaller pieces than a 12C and larger than a 20BL. Articulation as well as sound are more difficult when outside my mouthpiece comfort zone. I guess all need to experiment and decide for them self when they are ready to do it. If you decide to keep the same rim on all mouthpieces and can make that work then do that instead. Personally I don't think that is the best solution for me so I switch a lot and this works. It didn't at first but I have learned to adopt fast.


 on: Today at 03:20 PM 
Started by tbathras - Last post by tbathras
Sold please delete

 on: Today at 03:15 PM 
Started by Wasatch Oz - Last post by Wasatch Oz
I thought I'd check here to see if anyone has one/some they'd like to sell.

I'm keeping my eyes open for 1 or 2 of the Bach f-valve tubing braces. It's the little brace that goes from the bell neck to the f-valve tubing.

Conn-Selmer part # 30028

 on: Today at 03:04 PM 
Started by killbydeath - Last post by trombonemetal
I teach maybe 4-6 hours of trumpet lessons per week, and for the beginners I like to play trumpet. For a while I used a normal trumpet mouthpiece. That was ok but it felt weird switching back and forth but I donít think it messed up my buzz. Over the summer I picked up a used Chansons Hybrid mouthpiece. Itís an 11 rim with a silly shallow cup and trumpetthroat  back bore and shank. This took some getting used to, but switching is very easy. I donít even notice. This is similar to what Wycliffe gordon plays. I actually think it has improved my trombone tone. It does pull the trumpet a tiny bit flat but not much.

 on: Today at 02:50 PM 
Started by hyperbolica - Last post by hyperbolica
I've got 3 basses, and only need one. I'm keeping my Kanstul, so these two have to go. I've grown to like both of them, having performed on both. Nice horns for the right purpose.

1930's Conn 70h with tuning in slide, 547/562 dual bore slide, lacquer removed, and an Eb slide with D pull (to replace the F attachment tuning slide, original F slide included) gives it full chromatic access with a single trigger. Who would want this horn? Someone obsessed with playing a light bass, someone who loves the old Conn sound. It was recently in the shop, and is in good playing order. Comes with a hard case $1500   I've used this one for simple orchestral stuff. The Eb slide is a great accessory. Zero modification to the existing horn, but allows you to get all the notes between low E and pedal Bb.

Olds P-24g (1970s) in really nice shape. Comes with an adjustable, removable Curtis thumb rest. Great slide, good valves. Red brass bell, and the rest of the horn is nickel silver. Really good horn where you need a brighter sound, like big band. Tenor doublers will also like this, because if you put a smaller mouthpiece in it (4g-5g), it plays like a tenor. 9" bell, .562 bore. No serious dents, 99.9% lacquer intact. Popsicle stick rubber banded to 2nd valve lever to accommodate my short fingers. Valve tuning Bb/F/Gb/D, but can be reconfigured (by swapping tuning slides) to Bb/F/G/Eb. Lots of things about this horn make me want to keep it, so send money before I change my mind again. Comes with a case. $1500   I've played this one with a local big band and with our tbone quartet.

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