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 on: Today at 01:28 AM 
Started by Whitbey - Last post by svenlarsson
Good! Good! Good!

Yes I believe many of us donīt like the Bb as a tuning tone. I was against as a teacher to. I believe students of 16 up of years shall learn to tune to A, beacuse that is what they get in the orchestras. No Bb:s aaginst the bumper.

How many if us have experienced a tuner that was not accurat thoug?

I have never found a tuner that wasnīt accurat.

 on: Yesterday at 11:51 PM 
Started by demaxx1 - Last post by watermailonman
I have kind of started me a vintage Conn trombone collection. a 1921 4H, 1925 6H, 1930 24H, a very early 1933 30H Burkle, a 1948 70H, A 1965 78H and a 1969 79H. I just bought a 1920 2H. (cheap) I knew that with a .458 bore that the horn was pretty much useless for playing purposes other than just to have around and maybe pick up at the house and play some. Am I correct on the 2H? Or do they still serve a musical purpose, maybe lead in a big band or jazz band?

I am just curious what others think!

I don't have a Conn 2h in my collection. You could be right it may not have a place in music today. Lead in big band? No not in the bands I'm playing. I think a .485 horn is the smallest usable lead big band horn today. I have a few real small horns like yours. A Conn from 1902 called "standard" and two Conn 60h C tromvobes from the 20-ies. Maybe such a horn could be used in place of an alto in a symphony orchestra  Don't know, but then you also need good luck as to find a good mouthpiece to open up the horn.


 on: Yesterday at 11:48 PM 
Started by atbell - Last post by atbell
Griego Artist 56 still for sale - price lowered to $160

 on: Yesterday at 11:44 PM 
Started by atbell - Last post by atbell
For sale are original 1976 Bach Corporation era rotors that have been completely overhauled and restored for me by former Greenhoe head tech Brian Russell. The valve ports have all been opened up and the wraps consist of Bach and Getzen tubing. Both levers are custom made and fitted with German miniball linkages. The valve block has also been custom braced so as to not make contact with the bell for a freer vibrating bell section. The main tuning slide receiver has been reversed to accommodate a reversed Bach 50 tuning slide and the hand slide receiver is of course compatible with Bach 50 slides. Ready as is for installation on a horn of the buyers choice. No damage whatsoever and valve action is quick, smooth, and quiet. These valves have been meticulously maintained and are only being sold as I have had a different set installed on my current instrument and can not justify keeping these as well. Selling for $1850. Pictures available upon request for serious inquiries only. Payment via PayPal only.

 on: Yesterday at 11:08 PM 
Started by jerryzz - Last post by SaigonSlide
For anyone not familiar with Julian Priester, his album Keep Swingin' is a great intro.  He also recorded with Herbie Hancock with the group Mwandishi, as well as several albums with ECM Records.

His current situation is one that happens much too often in the US: person works their whole life and contributes to SSI/Medicare, and then gets sick.  The problem is their SS doesn't cover nearly enough and they basically go broke/bankrupt.  In most modern developed countries this situation isn't allowed to happen, because most reasonable countries feel this is unethical.  However, in the US, healthcare remains a privilege.

 on: Yesterday at 10:11 PM 
Started by Doug Elliott - Last post by Doug Elliott
Gunhild put on an incredibly entertaining show tonight.  She's the real deal - good jazz player, pretty much trad style, gets around on trumpet, trombone, recorder, harmonica, bagpipes, and she tap dances too.  She's got some serious chops - she used range up to high F on trumpet, and C or D above double high Bb on trombone.  A lot about her playing style reminds me of Wycliffe.  She actually has amazing facility and nice jazz style on all those instruments.

Tuesday night she's in Philadelphia at the World Cafe Live upstairs, then Wednesday in New York at 54 Below.

I highly recommend going if you can.  Blues Alley was almost full for both shows on a Monday night, which is very unusual.

 on: Yesterday at 09:43 PM 
Started by djdekok - Last post by djdekok
Thanks everyone for your enthusiastic response!
I expect I'll have a list posted at some point in the next week, probably after the Thanksgiving weekend. In addition to the aforementioned music, I will also be offering full scores of standard concert band works that I studied in grad school but never got around to conducting (that's another thread in and of itself :(.

Still trying to figure out shipping costs. 

 on: Yesterday at 09:20 PM 
Started by trombonejb - Last post by Arranger-Transcriber
Incidentally, this phonetic alphabet has been in existence for 65 years.  It isn't like learning Esperanto.  To nearly everybody alive today who has had military experience, it's already familiar.

 on: Yesterday at 09:17 PM 
Started by gregs70 - Last post by greenbean
You've got Kings in your blood, obviously!

There was a fellow selling his DG a few weeks ago here.  Did you look into that one?  Appeared to be in great shape...

 on: Yesterday at 08:47 PM 
Started by demaxx1 - Last post by SilverBone
I bought a 2H because I wanted to see what it was like to play the horn Arthur Pryor played.

I found it to be pretty unplayable.  Man, you can buy a trumpet with a larger bore that this.  (Maybe it's a good horn for trumpet/trombone doublers?)

You can see a picture of mine here:


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