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 on: Today at 04:14 PM 
Started by Jake The Snake - Last post by JohnL
I think both of those are now out of production (I don't see them on the Eastman website), but they were part of the "Eastman by Shires" line. Pretty much the first trombones out of China that could conceivably go head-to-head with the mass-produced horns from the big companies in the US, Japan, and Europe.

If you can get a good deal on a new one that someone still has on hand, grab it.

 on: Today at 04:14 PM 
Started by BGuttman - Last post by timothy42b
Sorry to hear that.

From your conversations here, I can't imagine you not fitting in. 

My daughter lost her job at Christmas and was just hired.  She used this Indeed online job search and got steady work with benefits.  That's something I wouldn't have thought of. 

 on: Today at 04:13 PM 
Started by robcat2075 - Last post by ddickerson
Notice the emerging conservative talking point to specifically blame the FBI, which didn't act on "a tip", while the local law enforcement got dozens of tips over years and didn't act.

I think it was a little more than "act on a tip" in this case. Both the FBI and LEOs chose to ignore hoping it would go away.

 on: Today at 04:07 PM 
Started by BGuttman - Last post by Jhereg
Today I got fired. First time in my life (the circus was more like being "let go", right?)

I was still in the 30-day trial period, and I guess they decided I wasn't a good fit. Can't imagine Yeah, RIGHT.

Still, it was a shock. From all I had been told up until that point I was doing a "great job". And then today my phone rang, and it was HR. So I went to the office, and my boss was there, they sat me down and said it "wasn't working out". I asked if I had done anything wrong, and they said no. They took my badge and parking pass, escorted me to my car (this is "standard protocol", perhaps they've had incidents in the past?), and then I was sent to security to wait while someone went to pack up my things at my desk.

And that was all she wrote.

Well...if y'all hear of anyone hiring in Florida, do let me know. And of course I'll be looking myself. Again.

 on: Today at 03:52 PM 
Started by Jake The Snake - Last post by Jake The Snake
Iím looking into getting a new trombone and a friend recommended the Eastman ETB630(B) and the Eastman ETB634G. If anyone has any thoughts or opinions on these, I would love to know. Thanks!

 on: Today at 03:31 PM 
Started by salsabone - Last post by Doug Elliott
I will be there with my mouthpieces

 on: Today at 03:27 PM 
Started by salsabone - Last post by salsabone
Sorry for the late notice...the usual posters did not put this up.  Tomorrow Sat Feb. 24th Guest Artists Ron Barron and Ralph Sauer.  More info at:


If you are in the area I hope to see you there!!
Kevin McAlley - Salsabone

 on: Today at 03:06 PM 
Started by bobroden - Last post by savio
I teach my students to study, or impersonate, those musicians who they want to become.

It's a part of the learning process. A baby doesn't just babble, it attempts to imitate its parents until it can communicate its own thought.

Imitation is part of the learning process.

 Good! Good! Good!

That post should be sticky up somewhere.....whatever we try to learn in life we somehow have to look at what other people have done in that profession. Then learn from it, and then maybe even go further if we work and are open for further possibilities. I belive that that we as experienced players and teachers shouldnt set to much limits and rules. But also encouraging to work, explore and be creative. Isnt it so that most breakthrough, no matter profession, is because they go beyond or look even further than known rules?


 on: Today at 02:59 PM 
Started by robcat2075 - Last post by robcat2075
The call for "more enforcement" is a dishonest one knowing that no law will be permitted that would enable law enforcement to do anything worthwhile.

 on: Today at 02:53 PM 
Started by Diana6 - Last post by John Beers Jr.
I was surprised to hear that our High School has Conn 88H's. My son has had a nice newer Yamaha 345 issued to him for Middle School, so I think instruments are a priority for the district.

I could buy a used Conn 88H for home to match the instrument he will have at school. I know kids take their trombones on the bus, but carrying a huge, heavy gear bag during various sport seasons plus a giant school backpack, makes it impossible to also carry a trombone and run 1/2 mile to make the bus (at least for my little guy).    :D

One reason people are suggesting bringing the horn back and forth between school and home is the issue of the mouthpiece. The 88H/42B/etc use a large shank mouthpiece, while the Bach 36 and similar .525 horns you were looking at will use a small shank mouthpiece. It's possible to get largely matching mouthpieces for both horns, depending on what his instructor recommends (there's some weirdness with the Bach lines in which there's both 6.5A and 6.5AL mouthpieces that change specs between the large and small shank lines in a confusing way).

One potential compromise would be for your son to practice on his Olds (jazz stuff, etc) during the week, but bring the 88H back home for weekends. This would work best if you thought that you could drive him to school on Monday mornings, and would be less than ideal for things like concerto competitions, but, if possible, it would save you $600 minimum that you could use towards buying him a horn in the future, buying him mutes, sheet music and all of the other stuff that trombonists don't realize they need until they need it.

Outside of some specific instruments (piano, double bass), I'm not that I'd make the decision that it was worthwhile to have separate "home" and "school" instruments.

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