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1  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Accessories / Re: Suggestions on trombone stands? on: Apr 21, 2017, 11:54AM

This is what we use in the pit. Heavy beasts but solid. At home I use 3 K&Ms and am quite happy (alto, spare tenor and bass).
Kolberg are a percussion company and make the best percussion stands around so you can trust their work. The 330 price point may turn you off though.

It's the spitoon added to the leg that runs the cost up... Also those don't appear to be very roadworthy, (as in foldable legs) but are doubtless just the thing for an orchestra pit or rehearsal room.

On a related note, a number of commenters have mentioned watching out for your slide crook being dented by the leg of a stand. On my old Hamilton, I used about 2 inches of Velcro with the sticky back, (just the soft part, not the "hooks") and applied them to the tops of the legs in the area where the slide might contact it. It's just enough cushioning to protect the crook from a metal-to-metal ding, and has probably saved my crook from damage on more than one occasion. Some thin Neoprene or a similar soft material with an adhesive backing would probably work fine, as well.  Clever Good!
2  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Instruments / Re: Bach 36G vs Yamaha YSL-630? on: Apr 20, 2017, 07:05AM
It's not a wart on the tail. 

In fact, their business charter holds that in the event of financial disaster, the remainder of the company is to close prior to the music department in order to keep it afloat.   Clever

They are well-diversified, but the size of any company in any case has less to do with its quality than a myriad of other factors.  Southwest is a great (large) company.  Lasership is god-awful, and on the smaller side. 
Yamaha as a company's first product was an electronic "Chord Organ," there are tales of the founder carrying one on his back up mountain roads to make deliveries. Source: used to work retail, it's in the company promo materials.

Coincidentally, I also play a 630, and absolutely love it.  :D :D :D
3  Creation and Performance / Music, Concerts and Recordings / Re: Stan Kenton Legacy Orchestra Tour Dates on: Mar 27, 2017, 06:49AM
Wow, you're playing in Melbourne, my old stomping grounds! Heard the Kenton Orchestra twice back in the 70's, had to drive to Orlando and Disney World at the time. Both shows would show up in my Lifelong Highlights reel. (along with seeing King Crimson live... That'd be a spectacular double-bill!  :-0)

Any upcoming dates in Georgia/Atlanta?
4  Practice Break / Found on the 'Net / Re: Black Lacquer Kings? on: Mar 22, 2017, 09:22AM
Sure makes the bell engraving look good!
5  Creation and Performance / Music, Concerts and Recordings / Re: Sweet Lucy on: Mar 15, 2017, 05:27AM
WOW a blast from the past! A friend of mine bought this in high school. I think he's playing a 42B? FATNESS & FUNK!  :D
6  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Accessories / Re: Doppler Labs Here One on: Mar 08, 2017, 07:00AM
Interesting. Active sound cancelling with a number of profiles & the ability to mix ambient audio with the program. Could be useful in a rehearsal situation if tweaked correctly. Too pricey for me, though. 
7  Teaching & Learning / Pedagogy / Re: Building a student's sound concept on: Mar 07, 2017, 12:35PM
 :D I thought Nanook might have an opinion on this one!  :D
My sister played that album for me when I was in Jr. High School. I never have really recovered.
8  Teaching & Learning / Pedagogy / Re: Building a student's sound concept on: Mar 07, 2017, 11:05AM
Play Bruce Fowler's Be-Bop Tango solo from Zappa's "Roxy and Elsewhere" album for her.
If she survives, you know you have a winner!  :D
9  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Mouthpieces / Re: Elliott rim on a Laskey piece on: Mar 02, 2017, 06:58AM
You might just like a full Elliott setup. 

Doug adapts mouthpieces for his rims so I guess he could fit your 59 to the 102 rim.  But it may not be cheap.
The website says $60.00 for the threading, with a possible $15 - $20ish extra charge for re-plating, if required. There may be restrictions on what he can mate up, depending on how well the actual inside diameters match up. Source: recently contacted Doug about putting one of his rims on a Stork. (The mouthpiece!  :D)
10  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Instruments / Re: Reynolds single valve bass. Tangerine! on: Mar 01, 2017, 06:13AM

Yup - thanks, Stan!

Circle of life...  :D
I bet it works great with that horn!
11  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Instruments / Re: Reynolds single valve bass. Tangerine! on: Feb 27, 2017, 01:18PM
Hey, is that my ex-Schilke 58 plugged into that slide?  Good! :D Good! Looks kinda familiar!  :/
12  Creation and Performance / Trombonists / Re: Bill Pearce - favorite albums on: Feb 21, 2017, 05:06AM
And he got that buttery tone with what most of us would consider a mis-matched setup, a small diameter mic and large bore horn. Anyone know how different the more widely used 12C differs from the old 12 he was using? Those are pretty scarce, AFAIK.
13  Practice Break / Found on the 'Net / Re: The Monster has returned! on: Feb 18, 2017, 03:49PM
It looks like a screen saver... Pant
14  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Instruments / Re: King straight 4B for jazz? on: Feb 15, 2017, 09:04AM
The horn of choice for Slide Hampton, for many years.
15  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Technology / Re: headphone suggestions on: Jan 11, 2017, 01:19PM
Another vote for the Sony 7506. I had a problem with the cable on mine & was able to purchase & install an aftermarket replacement, straight instead of the stock coiled cable. The earpieces are getting a bit worn at this point, but I can also buy replacement extra-padded ones to replace them. Looking forward to hearing great sound on some big fuzzy earmuffs!
16  Teaching & Learning / Practice Room / Re: contemporary sonic effects on trombone on: Jan 10, 2017, 05:25PM
Stuart Dempster did an exhaustive book on the subject, The Modern Trombone: a Definition of its Idioms. Out of print, AFAIK. I have a copy of the book, but the "soundsheet" records that had recorded examples are sadly long gone.   Don't know
17  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Accessories / Re: Brown medical tape as a hand grip guard? on: Jan 06, 2017, 08:50AM
I tried posting a photo to Twitter,which I haven't used in ages. You may need to click the link.
Under the scruffy exterior is a short length of plastic tubing to act as a base, then a bit of gaffer tape & moleskin on top. It's homely, but hey, it works for me.
18  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Accessories / Re: Brown medical tape as a hand grip guard? on: Jan 03, 2017, 10:22AM
On my small horn, a frankenbone with a Tempo bell grafted onto a 3B slide, I do a thing involving Moleskin, gaffer tape (the good cloth kind - for sanity's sake, avoid "Duck Tape" and similar plastic-backed heavy duty tapes like the scourge that they are...) and a bit of plastic tubing. I end up with a soft version of a Williams-style curved grip. Will post photos later today.
Not sure how effective Moleskin is as a moisture barrier, however. It's not terribly thick, but it does have a plastic backing.
19  Creation and Performance / The Healthy Trombonist / Re: Yawning while playing??? on: Dec 20, 2016, 12:41PM
Overbreathing - taking in more air than you will use - results in stale air left in your lungs.
The comments about too much carbon dioxide buildup and "may not be expelling enough of it on exhalation" are from this.

Remington and Reinhardt taught "conversational breathing" where you learn to take in just what you will use.  When you're speaking, you don't take a huge breath just to say "Hello, how are you today" and then still have a bunch of extra air in your lungs... you take in only what you need to say what you're going to say.  That is comfortable and relaxing.

As an experiment, try taking a full breath, say a few words, fill up again, say a few more words, and keep repeating that until you pass out - your lungs will be full of carbon dioxide.  If you play that way, you have the same problem.

This and SackbuttRoyale's post make perfect sense to me. I have sometimes noticed this while playing, although fairly infrequently. However, if I am in a chuch or chapel service, I just lay out if expected to sing the hymns . I almost always look like an idiot from stifling stage yawns.   >:( >:( >:(
20  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Accessories / Re: Large shank .525 leadpipes? on: Dec 20, 2016, 09:23AM
On a possible tangentially related subject (mods feel free to move if you like) , does pulling & replacing a lead pipe on Yamaha instrument pose any unique problems or costs? Just got a YSL-630' .525 with the SS mpc receiver. A LS pipe would allow me to try my fave screw-rim Storks and Schilke 51B with the new hotness.
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