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1  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Instruments / Re: bass trombone recommendation on: Yesterday at 11:07 PM
There isn't many bad brands out there but there is some bad trombone examples because of bad use or treatment. Some examples have a little unlucky time in the fabric too.

I recommend you to find a professional bass trombone player in your area to help you. Much better than see all of us list up our favorite horns. It doesn't mean a thing.

Anyway, conn is best!!...hehe, ....

2  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Accessories / Re: Tuner accuracy on: Nov 21, 2017, 01:35PM
 I wonder if this tuner apps for phones are to trust? I mostly use my internal tuner but not sure of the accuracy :D

3  Teaching & Learning / Beginners and Returning Trombonists / Re: Things you use to could have sight read! on: Nov 20, 2017, 01:31PM
You just have to do sight reading a lot. Maybe set of some time each day. It will also help to play in lot of bands or ensembles. As with most other things it takes time to learn. Be patient, practice good and results will come.

4  Teaching & Learning / Practice Room / Re: 10 Minute Warm-Up vs. 15 Minute Warm-up vs. 20 Minute Warm-up on: Nov 16, 2017, 12:52AM
I dont use a book anymore when I warm up. Long notes until I find the sweet sound on each note. Then some few melodies and slurs. And a cooffe, thats the most important part  Good! About 15 minutes, cooffee included.

5  Creation and Performance / Trombonists / Re: Donald Knaub video on: Nov 16, 2017, 12:43AM
I have a vinyl LP of him, long time since I listen it. Good there is a reproduction of it on iTunes.
Isnt it a 70h or 72h he have in one of the pictures in the video?

6  Teaching & Learning / Pedagogy / Re: What is tone? on: Nov 11, 2017, 07:23AM
Dave, where to get that app? Is it for Windows ?

7  Teaching & Learning / Pedagogy / Re: What is tone? on: Nov 10, 2017, 10:34AM
Guys, go practice!   Idea!

Ok Svenne, I go practice  Good! :D I think thats the best thing to do.

This question is more about definitions of words? By the way, to improve my English, sound can also be noise from a car? Tone is the sound we trombonists try to make when we see a G in our sheet music?

Good tone? In words?....impossible. Sorry guys but its only possible on a Conn... :D :D Hi

8  Creation and Performance / Other Musicians and Ensembles / Re: 100 years old. The first jazz recording. on: Nov 10, 2017, 12:40AM
Interesting, they all sound good and the trombone has a nice sound.  Its more like a straight feel isnt it?

9  Teaching & Learning / Pedagogy / Re: What is tone? on: Nov 05, 2017, 06:49AM
Cant be easy to describe what a tone is. Easier to listen or play it.

10  Creation and Performance / The Business of Music / Re: Ridiculously young person gets Halle bass trombone job on: Nov 05, 2017, 06:44AM
Fantastic!  Good! Congratulation!

11  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Mouthpieces / Re: Need a better compromise... (Read this Doug!) on: Nov 03, 2017, 05:06PM
That's why I was agreeing with him...?

Tone is not important.

With my poor English Im very sure I misunderstand this post, but sound is very important.

Guess who write this;

"For myself, I honestly believe that you’ve got to have the greatest sound in the world. If somebody’s going to hire you as a trombone player, they’re hiring you because of the fantastic sound that you have. Unless you’re into real intricate jazz or that type of thing but even then, I think, the great jazz players, the really good ones…Urbie, Watrous all have great sound (pounds the table for emphasis). Sound, to me, is the number one most important thing you can do. Get the greatest sound in the world and learn what to do with it. It has to be that way."

To the OP I would say when I started to play the trombone, I tried to play the Beatles tune  "Hey Jude" and I didnt give it up before it sounded ok.
 If I had been disturbed by which mouthpiece fit me best or what trombone give me the best sound, I would never learned how to play the trombone. We can focus on equipment from day one, but then we loose the hole point which I hope is music.  :/



12  Teaching & Learning / Practice Room / Re: Picking out high notes out of thin air. on: Nov 03, 2017, 10:04AM
Speaking about singing, when I studied music we had to sing something called "modus novus". It was atonal and help our ears and read music. But I was so nervous the first time so the teacher stopped me after the first note and told; did you all listen that note? It is the first time we heard a note without any overtones. We all had to laugh and I never forget that moment. He was a very good teacher and it was always a bit of humor in the way he teach.

Ok I  can't hit so much high notes no matter thin or thick air. Lucky people like Doug with perfect pitch but we others can still practice our ears so it get closer. Many ways to do it and singing is one of them. By the way, lately I focused on high notes and in fact they are better. I can now play the Mozart requiem solo "nearly ok" each time I try. So it helps to practice things!

13  Teaching & Learning / Beginners and Returning Trombonists / Re: Tone and Practice Mutes on: Oct 30, 2017, 02:35AM
My experience is if I use the practice mute more than 10 minutes, it doesn't make my sound any good. Jeff Reynolds had a method where he blow a low F very loud a couple of times. When you take it out the sound is better in all registers.

14  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Instruments / Re: Conn 72H on: Oct 27, 2017, 07:29AM
I think the 72h came on the scene when they quit the 70h in 1955. I'm always subjective when describing instruments but I played the 72h and its a fantastic bass trombone. I remember when I first tried it I was a little skeptic. But all my collegas thought it sounded nice. I recorded it and was surprised. Since then I practiced it and bought as many old Conn basses as I had money to spare. The first love was the 72h and for me its only Conn after I learned how to play them. I think that's the problem for many, you have to learn them then they sound better than any other bass. All the Conn basses I have is a bit different, but all sound so good. The 72h is no exception. If you see my last post in "who in their right mind play..." there is a link where I play a little song on the 72h. Its not pro playing but its shows the sound. Forget small bell throat, beginner trombone, not open. Very short its very responsive with a incredible nice BASS sound.
Its not like the Yamaha trombone which also is a good trombone, just different.

OK I'm little subjective but so we all are... :/

15  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Instruments / Re: Looking for recommendations on a Symphonic horn on: Oct 26, 2017, 01:52PM
A symphonic trombone could in fact be any trombone. Once I listen a king 3b in an orchestra, it was Schubert or Schumann and it sounded fantastic. It's maybe more what style of playing that decide how we sound? But I understand what you think. Symphonic trombone is a bigger trombone? But I think the style of playing is a bigger factor if we want to sound symphonic. Symphonic could be a lot of different styles. So maybe a king 3b is not the first choice for Mahler. Still there is a little point in what I say, I hope? Im not exactly a symphonic player...

16  Teaching & Learning / Practice Room / Re: Bill Pearce's Joshua fast runs/glissandi on: Oct 26, 2017, 12:41AM
That sounded fantastic! A big trombone but he have good low register on a 12C mouthpiece? Have to listen him more. He can really sing with his trombone!

17  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Accessories / Re: KY jelly as a slide lube on: Oct 25, 2017, 12:52PM
I did not know that about coal. I do know a thing or two about elephants, though.

What's grey and comes in quarts?

I thought elephants was pink....?

18  Teaching & Learning / Practice Room / Re: Trouble with flexibility on: Oct 23, 2017, 12:54PM
Flexibility exercises can also be done with some creativity and fantasy. There are so many possibilities and can be adjusted to what each of us really need. But the OP in this thread seem to have trouble with embouchure and shifts. Then it's best to have a teacher who knows about this things. Best to work from a register that works and then expand that register with minimal shifts. Maybe?

19  Teaching & Learning / Beginners and Returning Trombonists / Re: Looking for a professional trombone on: Oct 20, 2017, 09:47AM
All trombones have the opportunity to be professional. Its just waiting for the right trombonist.


20  Practice Break / Found on the 'Net / Re: trombone emoticon on: Oct 20, 2017, 09:35AM

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