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61  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Religion Matters on: Oct 28, 2014, 07:08AM
The evangelist at work. 
Is proselytizing allowed here?
Or is it just spam.
62  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Religion Matters on: Oct 27, 2014, 12:52PM
That's damn near perfect. I had to look that up, but it's a good general explanation for a lot of discourse, and a lot of music for that matter.
I agree.  That describes bvb perfectly. However I'm not a psychologist. so Tim and I really shouldn't be diagnosing him.
63  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Religion Matters on: Oct 27, 2014, 11:24AM
B0B and Ronkny, I hope you both realize how juvenile you sound. Why don't you knock it off? It's getting embarrassing.
Getting embarrassing?  Where have you been?  This thread exists for the sole purpose of bvb's religion bashing.  What's embarrassing is that it is allowed to continue.  The rest of the forum is doing just fine.  Conservative thought is not tolerated too much but at least its consistent.  However, this thread, refereed by the anti religious narcissist, is beyond what most would tolerate.  When the other thread was shut down this one popped up almost immediately.  He needs this thread.  It's like he can't live without it.  Why only Bob, myself and a few others who wish to remain anonymous, are the only ones that can see this, is a mystery. So get off your high horse.😊
64  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Religion Matters on: Oct 27, 2014, 10:08AM
What's the Real IssueTM again? I forget...
No one really knows.  But the key words are "poo", "intellectual cowardice", "eh", "vapidity", "man", " that's what all the kids are saying", "critical thinking".
Basically it's
It's mind numbing just like this thread.
65  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Religion Matters on: Oct 27, 2014, 08:40AM
way to try to kill a conversation there Byron.
Bob!  It's byron's forum.  Don't be an intellectual coward.  This is the Real IssueTM
Dems da rules, man.  Eh?
66  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Religion Matters on: Oct 22, 2014, 08:31AM
Why not? No one responds to them anyway.  Narcissism?
67  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Religion Matters on: Oct 22, 2014, 06:34AM
68  Practice Break / Chit-Chat / Re: Critical Thinking: Taking Honesty Seriously on: Oct 21, 2014, 12:11PM
69  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Religion Matters on: Oct 17, 2014, 10:09AM
This topic would be just fine if we could stipulate that B0B and Ronkny don't like BvB and shut up about it. As Timothy was saying, we had a decent discussion going for a while. This little 'campaign' against BvB is juvenile and embarrassing. If you don't like the topic, don't post on it and ruin it for everyone else.
No it wouldn't'
70  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Religion Matters on: Oct 16, 2014, 06:34PM
When it always went his(bvb) way and people agreed with him he was happy.  He can't handle people who disagree with him especially if they're the kooky religious types.
71  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Religion Matters on: Oct 16, 2014, 01:52PM
I find your obsession with BvB very tiresome. His posts and links I sometimes read, and sometimes am glad I did. Your unrelenting griping about him is just boring to me. If you have nothing to say about the content of the posts on this thread - other than some version of "BvB's a jerk" - why not save the typing and give the rest of us a break?.........Or......try posting say ten posts in a row that are about the content and don't refer to your loathing of BvB. That might lead to a new and less tedious habit.
You really have no idea.  Funny.
But thank you for your concern.
72  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Religion Matters on: Oct 16, 2014, 12:45PM
We actually did have a rare actual discussion recently (school vouchers) but typically here the complaints about other posters far outweigh any contribution to content. 
Because bvb couldn't help but"contribute". Until then it was productive.
73  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Religion Matters on: Oct 16, 2014, 12:32PM
Yes. Thank "God" for your contribution to the topic. Yeah, RIGHT.
there is no topic.
74  Practice Break / Chit-Chat / Re: Happy Columbus Day! on: Oct 13, 2014, 05:16PM
"Indigenous Peoples Day" now in Seattle.  :/
75  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Religion Matters on: Oct 02, 2014, 07:29PM
Nope. Charter schools are publicly funded schools. They don't have vouchers because there is no cost to go to them.
There is no cost to submit an application or attend one of our schools Success Academy Charter Schools are free public schools open to New York State residents.
That is for private, or as they call it "nonpublic", schools.

You can find their charter school stuff on the lower left tab, "public schools" http://www.louisianabelieves.com/schools/public-schools
Charter schools are publicly-funded schools that are run independently of the school district. Charter schools are run by a not-for-profit organization governed by a board of directors comprised of parents, educators and business leaders in the community.
I stand corrected although
Says they can be used for public or private schools.  Not sure what that it.
Regardless.  If you're worried about quality education for our children.  They should go to the best schools and the bad schools and teachers should be shut down.
76  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Religion Matters on: Oct 02, 2014, 04:34PM
Not quite.

Vouchers are for individual students to go to private schools on public funds.

Charter schools are actually public schools that receive public funds, but operate much more independently. Ironically enough per your argument, the idea was actually pushed for by teachers unions as little labs of experimental techniques. A place where they could try new things, evaluate how they worked, and potentially apply the good ones on a bigger scale.

The difference is several fold:
- charter schools do not exist without the state government.
- as part of this, most do not charge students fees to go there like private students do.
- they are generally still bound by the same standards and evaluations as public schools.
- they are generally supported by the state, not local, and as such have a sink or swim approach where about 15% don't get their charters renewed.
- charter schools are exempt from some rules, but still operate as government entities, therefor there are no catholic or baptist charter schools because they cannot teach religious doctrine.
Vouchers are for charter schools too.  Look in Success Academy's in Harlem http://successacademies.org/
New Orleans http://www.louisianabelieves.com/schools/louisiana-scholarship-program .
77  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Religion Matters on: Oct 02, 2014, 04:31PM
My understanding is that charter schools receive public funds directly, without vouchers. Not sure though.

I think the issues B0B and I are raising with respect to vouchers at least warrant consideration. One of the tenets of conservatism is the recognition of the law of unintended consequences, which is basically that policies produce results outside of their purpose, and specifically that creating publicly-funded programs affects people's behavior, sometimes in undesirable ways.

I've often heard that giving free medical care (or very good insurance) to people causes them to ase a doctor for every sniffle, and that unemployment insurance, which is intended to protect people from the unfortunate circumstance of joblessness, actually creates some joblessness by subsidizing it. Both of these things are at least partly true.

It follows that taking something that used to be expensive and having the gov't pay for it would change the thing being paid for. If some kid who's third-string JV at a large public high school discovers that he could start at a small Catholic academy, his parents might say, "Guess what, we're Catholics now!" As B0B says, we'll find out the results after we try it. When the dopey lineman flunks out of the academy, or the person who turns Catholic because the school's in their neighborhood so they don't have to drive, taxpayers are on the hook twice for their education.

If I'm willing to pay school support even though I don't have kids, people who want to send their kids to an expensive school should pay for it themselves instead of hitting me up for more money. Paying qualified students to vacate for greener pastures will just reduce our return on our investment in public schools.

Most vouchers go to charter or parochial schools.
Yes "free stuff" without strings is not good.
On the hook?  They're on the hook if the kid drops out of public school too.  But in private school you pay quarterly or by semester.  So you'd lose less if at all.
Many parents feel helpless with their kids education. I've butted heads with teachers a my kids schools.  Not much I could do though.  If parents can't afford a better school for their kid they may have to put up with a lousy education that everyone paid for. 
You don't have to be Catholic to go to Catholic school.
78  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Religion Matters on: Oct 01, 2014, 01:56PM
Those are charter schools. Not vouchers.

Completely different systems. Might want to try refining your google search.
Umm.  Vouchers are for charter schools or parochial schools.  There are no "voucher schools"
79  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Religion Matters on: Oct 01, 2014, 01:02PM
When their parents were working, say in 1950, a CEO made 50 times what an average worker made, and that worker had health care and a good pension.

Today a CEO makes 500 times what the average worker does, and health care and pensions if available at all are expensive and greatly reduced.

That makes it hard for a lower level worker to understand it.  Or for me. 
And unions have helped how?  Why are workers less likely to join?  Why is union membership declining?
80  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Religion Matters on: Oct 01, 2014, 12:45PM
Probably helps that none are reported...
None are reported?  Huh?
Can you look them up?
Here's my first try
Note how they state that schools that fail can be shut down.  Try that at a public school. 
Your argument is full of holes.
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