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61  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Religion Matters on: Jun 22, 2015, 09:04AM

Only if you have the capacity to stay with the context of the last few pots, so in your case, clearly not.
Well your narcissistic personality can't fathom that I totally understand the reference about a cross.  But it doesn't really matter, like I said.
62  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Religion Matters on: Jun 22, 2015, 08:58AM

That's just how we translate the word into English.  The original word merely meant stake or tree.

It is possible the real thing was cross shaped, because some crucifixions were done that way, but others were doe more simply with just a straight stake. 
Does it really matter?
63  Practice Break / Polls / Re: Confederate Flag- Good, Bad, Ugly, or what? on: Jun 22, 2015, 08:10AM
So you are comparing people who are suggesting we get rid of things that represent hate, racism, and slavery, to people that burned books for censorship unrelated to bad things.

I've seen worse comparisons.
Hate and racism and in fact slavery can mean different things to different people. So you never know.
64  Practice Break / Polls / Re: Confederate Flag- Good, Bad, Ugly, or what? on: Jun 22, 2015, 07:51AM
For me, whether the flag is hateful or not isn't an issue, but rather that everyone has different views on what is hateful. I support the decision to remove the confederate flag from government, but only if the people decide to do so. But the display of the confederate flag on private property should not be infringed. If there is forced removal of confederate flags on private property, it opens a can of worms allowing people to demand removal of anything they find offensive.
That was exactly my point regarding burning books.
65  Practice Break / Polls / Re: Confederate Flag- Good, Bad, Ugly, or what? on: Jun 21, 2015, 03:42PM
Of course the south didn't invent slavery, but they did go to war against their own country to defend the practice. It's precisely this causus belli that the Confederate flag represents.

No, they were sent to gruesomely overcrowded slave ships and cotton plantations, which accomplished largely the same result, just more slowly.

Seriously?  Slave ships and cotton plantations are for similar outcomes?  Umm?  No.
66  Practice Break / Polls / Re: gay marriage on: Jun 21, 2015, 01:01PM
Did they? Have you considered how much they actually used such terms in those documents and the context in which they used them?
 The constitutional protects are about the fact that it's unethical and just being a bad neighbor to impose your beliefs upon others. A lot of those who would like to do so (and who are prone toward using labels as if they were arguments) have difficulty understanding this distinction, preferring to conflate them so they can pretend the "offense" label applies rather than "imposition".
 Yup. I often wonder about that as well ... also how so many people can generally recognize obvious fallacies and errors until they make them themselves.
No the Constitutiom does not mention ethics or being a bad neighbor anywhere in it.  So you are also guilty about not knowing about the document of which you speak.
67  Practice Break / Polls / Re: Confederate Flag- Good, Bad, Ugly, or what? on: Jun 21, 2015, 12:52PM
But that's the point you appear to be missing: there's absolutely nothing about this guy's history that would indicate criminal insanity. From an "insanity defense" standpoint, the standard is clinical psychosis. In the Freudian framework, that's an utter lack of an ego - there is no "I", no sense of self-direction, only the voices in one's head.

And that's pretty clearly not the case here. In this guy's "manifesto" (which was actually fairly well-written compared to what you usually see from HS dropouts) there's nothing he learned from talking to trees or lampshades or extraterrestrial lizard-men. It's all just standard boilerplate bulls**t from white supremacist literature and websites. And it's evident that he has plenty of ego, too.

He might be a socially maladjusted narcissist, but he's obviously not criminally insane. Insane people don't carefully plan a "mission" to drive 2 hours from home to specifically attack one of the oldest and most historic black churches in America.
To be perfectly honest, we don't know.
68  Practice Break / Polls / Re: Confederate Flag- Good, Bad, Ugly, or what? on: Jun 19, 2015, 05:31PM
Well, there are few nuances worth considering, such as "intent" and "historical context". There's not much of a movement to tear down the Washington Memorial (1888) or Jefferson Memorial (1943) or remove these gentlemen's busts from Mt. Rushmore (1925), because Americans have essentially decided that their invaluable contributions to the young nation outweigh the uncomfortable fact that they were both slaveowners.

We don't feel quite the same way about Lee, Davis, and Jackson; this is why Mt. Rushmore is a U.S. National Memorial and Stone Mountain isn't.

But when the state of South Carolina decides, in anno domini 2000, that the Confederate flag will remain in front of the statehouse in perpetuity, only to be removed by a 2/3 legislative vote, it's really hard to interpret that as anything other than a giant middle finger to most of the country.
I agree.   But that's why we have states and not one massive country.  They can keep the flag out there.  It's their state. And u think it's awesome that states have their own laws not dictated by Washington.
69  Practice Break / Polls / Re: Confederate Flag- Good, Bad, Ugly, or what? on: Jun 19, 2015, 04:02PM
This is an easy one. It is bad, ugly and offensive. It represents a societal view that slavery and oppression are fine, and a section of the good old US went to war for the right to continue the practice. To celebrate the symbol of that shameful piece of the country's past is ugly. Since it is directly offensive to African/American people today (an assumption, sure, but a pretty safe one) the flag should not be displayed, any more than other odious symbols such as a nazi flag, a one-finger salute, or an 'up yours' to your neighbor. Why antagonize others needlessly? This celebration of 'confederacy' makes me feel ashamed.
What about statues of Confederate soldiers?  What about statues of former slave owners? And on and on.
Shall we burn books too?
70  Practice Break / Polls / Re: Confederate Flag- Good, Bad, Ugly, or what? on: Jun 19, 2015, 03:28PM
I'm not denying the possibility that he has some form of mental illness. Rather, I'm questioning the immediate assumption - before there's any medical evidence made public - that he's any more mentally ill than any other criminal (car thieves, domestic abusers, insider traders, you name it.) Mental illness is, at its most abstracted level, the inability of the brain to accurately interpret/process the information and stimuli gathered by the senses. Given the sources where we now know this guy was getting a lot of his information (Old South African and Rhodesian flags are big sellers on white supremacist websites, where the statistically dubious assertion that black people "are taking over and raping our women" is assumed to be as obvious as the sun rising in the east), it seems he actually processed the information fairly well. A big part of the problem, of course, was the information itself.

Nidal Hassan, on the other hand, might well have been mentally ill, but that's certainly not the first way people described him after his crimes.
I'm just saying that it turns out, frequently, that these mass killers do have some form of mental illness.
71  Practice Break / Polls / Re: Confederate Flag- Good, Bad, Ugly, or what? on: Jun 19, 2015, 02:59PM
This is news to me  Don't know
Me too. The flag is just historical to me.
72  Practice Break / Polls / Re: Confederate Flag- Good, Bad, Ugly, or what? on: Jun 19, 2015, 02:58PM
I'm sorry, but this is utter balderdash. What makes people think this individual was mentally ill? Does he have any history of psychiatric treatment that would indicate as much? If so, I haven't yet heard of it.

Millions of Americans do, or have, or will, wrestle with some form of mental illness. Everything from depression and anxiety attacks, to schizophrenia or severe bipolar disorder. The vast majority of these people pose no violent threat to society, and are much more likely to be the victims of violent crime, than the perpetrators.

A dorky-looking white kid commits mass murder, and the first words out of many pundits seems to always be "mentally ill". But had he been a different race or religion, the words might have been "thug" or "terrorist". (Evidently dark-skinned people aren't given the luxury of the "mentally ill" assumption...)

There are mentally ill people, and there are violent people. Some are both. Most are neither. But the two should not be lazily conflated.
Actually some news media are saying he has a history of mental illness. We don't know for sure yet.  And most of the recent mass killers have had a history of mental illness.
Arron Alexis, Nidal Hassan, Seung-Hui Cho, and Jiverly Wong are not white by the way.
73  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Religion Matters on: Jun 19, 2015, 01:06PM
BVB thinks religion is for clowns and the weak minded.  There's no convincing him.
74  Practice Break / Polls / Re: Confederate Flag- Good, Bad, Ugly, or what? on: Jun 19, 2015, 01:03PM
It is just a flag.  But it means different things to different people.  Just like any flag or pennant or...
His hate is not based on a flag. Nutjobs will be nutjobs with or without a flag. It's based on what he has learned and believes.  And perhaps an abnormal psychological issue.  There's a picture of him wearing a Rhodesian flag and a South African flag from the time of apartheid.
75  Teaching & Learning / Practice Room / Re: Lip plumping on: Jun 18, 2015, 08:45AM
It's a bad idea and if you did it you would need to have it redone over and over again.  So a. more injections and cost and b. It would be different every time. Bad idea.
76  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Religion Matters on: Jun 17, 2015, 08:19AM
BVB is more interested with analyzing the conversation rather than actually contributing anything to it.  Hence why many of his posts go unresponded to.  Nobody is on this forum to be analyze much less by a pretend pychologist.
Bvb wears his "apostate" title as a badge of honor.  He sees believers as small non intellectual people. So his presence here is just to mock and the believers.  Go back and look at some old posts.  
77  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Religion Matters on: Jun 12, 2015, 11:41AM

That may be the first accurate description of where you and yours are really coming from I've seen you post--the first anywhere near accurate in fact.
I'm curious though, if you believe majority norms in society define the parameters of dysfunction and you also believe you're oppressed by the bulk of society and such ... well, isn't the general conclusion regarding who's really "normal" pretty obvious?
Umm.   Nevermind
78  Creation and Performance / The Healthy Trombonist / Re: Stiff jaw. on: Jun 11, 2015, 08:59PM
I can't chew gum without my TMJ acting up.
Dont chew gum.  Seriously.  I'm not trying to be Henny Youngman.
79  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Religion Matters on: Jun 10, 2015, 03:56PM

Heh ... Bob's certainly not one to let a little thing like contextual irrelevance slow him down.
What is your purpose here.   Are you lonely?   Being annoying seems to be your only reason for posting anything here. You're not even part of the conversation between Bob and Dave yet you interject annoying and meaningless crap.
80  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Religion Matters on: Jun 09, 2015, 05:12PM

He's clearly not. You're just suggesting he is and then "correcting" a random error you've generated in your own mind to create the appearance of confusion. The confusion you're projecting onto Bruce's is from your own misrepresentation of Bruce's. It' snot actual. The only actual confusion is what may happen if a less critical reader doesn't see through that which you're creating. I've seen you do this many times when you don't really have an argument. You create a point of contention in your own mind and argue against that rather than what's actually written. What you're arguing against when you do that is an entirely self-contained point of contention that no one else is privy to--it just looks like there's an actual point there if you don't read carefully enough. I'm not sure if you do this intentionally or not though.
Is your post really nescessary? Has nothing to do with the topic.
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