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1  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Our unbalanced POTUS on: Today at 06:37 AM
There were enough election year articles about Trump's early life and his teenage years in military school to make me feel my speculation is is reasonable and not wild.

Fun, non-germane fact: New York Military Academy is now owned by Chinese investors after going broke in 2015. Donald Trump had earlier turned them down for a $7 million contribution. 
2  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Our unbalanced POTUS on: Today at 05:59 AM
Now that Mr T is proven deranged with totalitarian ambitions for his government; what risks does that pose to the U.S.A as a whole?

Main danger: he's lowering the bar for what is considered acceptable behavior in all aspects of like. Civilization depends on some level of self-control and self-policing by individuals and he's eroding that.

Is there a chance that the Republican party will split?

No, not to the point of producing separate slates of candidates. That's what Democrats do (to lose elections).

Or that some other political middle-way party may reach a national level of support?

Only if some attractive, popular leader was there, like Macron in France.  That won't happen here because no one gains a loyal following by preaching the center.
3  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Our unbalanced POTUS on: Yesterday at 10:07 PM
The Heritage Foundation...

The possibility of a President pardoning himself for a crime is not precluded by the explicit language of the Constitution, and, during the summer of 1974, some of President Richard M. Nixon's lawyers argued that it was constitutionally permissible. But a broader reading of the Constitution and the general principles of the traditions of United States law might lead to the conclusion that a self-pardon is constitutionally impermissible. It would seem to violate the principles that a man should not be a judge in his own case; that the rule of law is supreme and the United States is a nation of laws, not men; and that the President is not above the law.

Note the "might". 

I don't see how you could undo a pardon once he issued it.  How?

It would take a Supreme Court ruling as lacking in a legal basis as Bush v. Gore and I don't see this Republican SC going against Trump in that way.
4  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Repairs, Modifications and Maintenance / Re: Holton Monster valve on: Yesterday at 09:29 PM
That S-bend should be less injurious to the airflow than the tight and squished C-bend in a traditional valve.
5  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Our unbalanced POTUS on: Yesterday at 09:26 PM
The President's power to pardon is pretty clear.

I don't see any way to stop him from pardoning anyone and everyone, outside of sedating him so he couldn't physically sign them.

The only limitation I'm aware of is that he can only pardon for violations of federal law.

State laws, such as financial money law that New York has, would be out of his reach.
6  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Repairs, Modifications and Maintenance / Re: Holton Monster valve on: Yesterday at 09:08 PM
It looks like a pretty clever idea.

That people who tried it don't like it would seem to upend a lot of conventional wisdom about what a valve should do.
7  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Our unbalanced POTUS on: Yesterday at 08:08 PM
8  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Our unbalanced POTUS on: Yesterday at 08:07 PM

What military school uses such a definition?

The sort of private military school that rich people who don't want to bother with parenting send their kids to.

The sort of military school that's all about polished shoes and inspections and ten-hut and hazing and demerits.

The sort of military school that's really about "discipline."

(Parenthetically I'll note that I've read how, in the real military, the officers who come out of the classic military academies are found to be less ready, less able, less skilled at leading and commanding than officers who have come up through some other route. Our military academies are too much like the kiddie military schools that DJT went to.)

Charles Krauthammer, of all people, pointed out the difference between Obama's leadership on his agenda and Trump's. Obama got out into the country and did so many speeches and town halls that Krauthammer lost count. Trump did none of that. He couldn't even stick to one story of what "repeal and replace" was. He thought he could order congressmen to do his bidding and threaten them with being primaried if they didn't.

9  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Our unbalanced POTUS on: Yesterday at 05:24 PM
The problem is, Trump has no clue as to how the real world works. He seems to think that since he is rich, he can do whatever the **** he wants to do.

I think the military school education with its mistaken model of leadership is also a culprit here.

Trump thinks leadership is telling people what to do and getting to punish them if they don't do it, but leadership in government is convincing people what to do.
10  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Our unbalanced POTUS on: Jul 19, 2017, 11:32AM
Why do I have to tell the truth just because other people do?

Former Ethics Chief: I Was ‘Horrified’ By Trump Lawyer Request

Shaub said he was “horrified” by an incident in which Trump’s lawyer asked if the President could file his financial disclosure form without signing it.

" ...I was horrified when I sat across the table from his attorney and she asked me if he could file it without signing it to certify that it’s true,” he said. “I pointed out to her that millions of financial disclosure reports have been filed in the past four decades and every one of them has been certified as true, and I think we could ask that of our President.”
11  Practice Break / Chit-Chat / Re: Cycling on: Jul 19, 2017, 11:23AM
Into cycling? Here's hardcore...

‘I think my legs look tired’: A Tour de France cyclist shares a shocking look at the toll the race takes

Tour de France legs in French flag colors...

12  Practice Break / Chit-Chat / Re: God on: Jul 18, 2017, 11:41PM
In science, yes you do experiments. Yet you still don't know what you don't know.
Also,  although we know gravity exists we still don't know what it is and where it comes from.
You can't know everything. Even you BVB.

We often hear people argue "Science can't explain..." as if that indicates the real explanation is some action by God or other super natural mechanism.

If you go back 100 years ago there were numerous things science couldn't explain.

No one knew how the Sun worked 100 years ago. No theory could account for all the things that were known about the Sun. Science couldn't explain it! Maybe it was a miracle that man could never comprehend?

Over the next 30 years science ascertained more about physics and the Sun became an explainable phenomenon. But the Sun itself didn't change. It was always a big ball of fusion firing away whether we knew it or not.

It's true that we don't know everything but that doesn't mean things we don't know today can never be known. History is a long parade of things that seemed unknowable but became knowable later.

That's why I think "we don't understand..." is a weak argument for God.

13  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Our unbalanced POTUS on: Jul 18, 2017, 10:30PM
If the Russians did have compromising information on T, my guess it is pf a sexual nature. There've been lots of mention of his preference for kink.

My  money is on...  money laundering.

We already know one of his casinos had to pay a big fine for it. And we know he's been in serious financial fixes, ready to do anything for money.  I bet the Russians have all the missing dots that need to be connected to tie him to something serious. Drug money, hooker money, crime family money.
14  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Our unbalanced POTUS on: Jul 18, 2017, 02:42PM
Seth Abrahamson (who I'll note is notable mostly just for spinning interesting conjectures on Twitter, and is not a reporter) has a new theory... the "incriminating" material delivered at the Trump Tower meeting wasn't about Hillary... it was about Trump!


(THREAD) We must consider the *possibility* the intel dossier Don received on June 9, 2016 *wasn't* Clinton kompromat—but *Trump* kompromat.
10:04 AM - 18 Jul 2017

(1) The New York Times now reports that the intel dossier left with Don (that he now can't recall) came from the king of Russian kompromat.

(2) No less than Fox News has noted that if the Trumps received *top-shelf* Clinton kompromat, they would have used it during the campaign.

(3) We know from the Manafort-Priebus call a week before the inauguration that the Kremlin's kompromat on Clinton involves Ukrainian money.

(4) The Trump campaign clearly *had* that kompromat—which is why Manafort told Priebus to release it—but never used it during the campaign.

(5) Don Jr. received a dossier of intel just *two days* after the Russians were certain the general election would be Trump versus Clinton.

(6) Don Jr. is now lying—per participants in the meeting—about the existence of any such dossier, and POTUS seems to be lying about it too.

(7) It's not clear why Don would go out of his way to hide that the campaign received negative intel about Clinton. POTUS already admits it.

(8) The month of the meeting is the month Chris Steele began investigating the Russian operation to compromise Trump via Kremlin kompromat.

(9) We know Don Jr. lied not just about receiving a dossier, but also about its contents—which he (falsely) said were "vague and ambiguous."

(10) If Steele is right—the Kremlin is blackmailing Trump—at some point Putin had to have confronted Trump with a copy of Kremlin kompromat.

(11) The Russian attendees to the June 9th, 2016 meeting are such Russia and Putin loyalists they could be trusted to carry Trump kompromat.

(12) I am neither saying I *know* this is true or even that I necessarily *believe* this is true. But it *must* be one investigatory theory.

(13) It *would* explain the need to hold such a risky general-election meeting at a place controlled—and secured—by the Trumps themselves.

(14) What I'll say is this: *all indications* are that Trump received a dossier of kompromat, never disclosed it, and is lying about it now.

(15) And the need for such ongoing and spectacular public deceit only makes *sense* if the dossier was damaging to Trump, not Clinton. {end}

(PS) And as I have noted in multiple threads, the two men who set up the meeting—Aras and Emin Agalarov—are known and proven Kremlin agents.

(PS2) And these known and proven Kremlin agents *sent a representative to the meeting* to make sure everything went well and to report back.

(PS3) If the meeting was just to dump a dossier on the Trump campaign—not to *discuss* anything in the dossier—it could just be *delivered*.

(PS4) Somehow the Kremlin felt there had to be a gaggle of Putin loyalists *in the room* when Jr, Kushner and Manafort received the dossier.

(PS5) To be clear: perhaps the dossier was *both* files: Trump *and* Clinton kompromat. But some Trump kompromat being included makes sense.

15  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Our unbalanced POTUS on: Jul 18, 2017, 01:06PM
The big blindness of NAFTA (maybe intentional) was deciding that all that mattered was the value of the goods that crossed the border and not the value of the jobs that made the goods.
16  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Our unbalanced POTUS on: Jul 18, 2017, 10:43AM
It's all just fake news and a media witch hunt.

That's the chorus that gets inserted after each verse.
17  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Our unbalanced POTUS on: Jul 18, 2017, 10:21AM
My problem with conservative values is that the sensible ones like not overspending only get hauled out to bat down something that would be sensible to spend money on, yet are completely forgotten when they want something not sensible, like a war in Iraq.
18  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Our unbalanced POTUS on: Jul 18, 2017, 08:31AM

She has all the credentials of a Marxist leftist.

I'm going to say her Karl Marx Fan Club membership has not been renewed for some time now.

She's been one of the most reliable apologists for every GOP faux pas, mistake, excess, disaster, and foolishness I can recall.

Previously she worked at Commentary, PJ Media, Human Events, and The Weekly Standard.

Those are all conservative outlets.
19  Practice Break / Chit-Chat / Re: Bank error in your favor. Your student loan may disappear. on: Jul 18, 2017, 08:18AM
I just remember the last time vast quantities of money were lost by poor bets and mistakes in tge financial sector. The banks didn't pay and neither did the investors. I remember them getting bailed out.

Luckily $12 billion is not close to the 2008 meltdown.

I'll note that in the 2008 bailout the original plan floated by the Bush administration was to just give the banks $800 billion.  There was a big Dem freakout over that and the bill that was crafted required the banks to repay the money.

One incentive for them was that it put severe limits on executive pay and compensation until they pay the loans off. Some of them paid it off so quickly I wonder if they ever really needed it.  Yeah, RIGHT.

Ultimately the federal government made about a 3% profit on the whole thing over 4 years.

However I do recall the S&L bailout of the late 90s. That really was a bailout that did not get paid back. About $85 billion? Basically that was to prevent any rich people who had S&L accounts above the limit that was insured by the FSLIC from losing any money.

20  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Our unbalanced POTUS on: Jul 17, 2017, 09:26PM
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