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1  Teaching & Learning / Beginners and Returning Trombonists / Re: 4th partial double buzz on: Aug 06, 2014, 09:34PM
I had a persistent double buzz issue for about a year. Advice from TTF from Doug and others almost fixed it.
What finally got rid of it was adjusting the valve alignment.
... Yep, should have done that sooner.  :/
2  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Repairs, Modifications and Maintenance / Re: Corp. 42 Mods on: Jul 30, 2014, 06:54PM
There's plenty to start with in this old thread.

quote author=furry link=topic=59702.msg852899#msg852899 date=1324001521

Anyone put a rotax or hagmann on a 1970s 42?
3  Town Hall / Notices from TTF Members / Re: Live streaming - NZ brass band championships on: Jul 11, 2014, 11:19PM
A Grade own choice event on now
4  Town Hall / Notices from TTF Members / Re: Live streaming - NZ brass band championships on: Jul 11, 2014, 05:06PM
B grade own choice event starting now
5  Town Hall / Notices from TTF Members / Live streaming - NZ brass band championships on: Jul 10, 2014, 01:10AM
This is being live streamed on
over the next couple of days.

Champion of champions solos are on right now. 
A grade own choice will be highlight -Saturday evening nz time.
6  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Instruments / Re: .525 slide with 8.5 bell on: Jul 04, 2014, 05:13PM
For some clues you could research Yamaha ysl-645.
Also I think there's been forum discussion around .525 slides on an 8h or 88h bell section
7  Practice Break / Chit-Chat / Re: What car do you have? on: Jul 03, 2014, 04:25AM
2OO4  Smart Roadster [DD]

Chris Stearn

So just how many bass trombones fit in a Smart Roadster then ?
8  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Technology / The coolest way to get moisture out of your phone... on: Jun 24, 2014, 12:07PM


9  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Repairs, Modifications and Maintenance / Re: Brasso: what's so bad? on: Jun 20, 2014, 04:27PM
Bruce isn't there ammonia in brasso , which is a reason to avoid it ?

For nickel silver, mothers mag and aluminium Polish does a good job. It's abrasive so not for use every time, but good after a period of neglect.
10  Practice Break / Found on the 'Net / Re: QuinnTheFlippinEskimo at work on: May 27, 2014, 03:29AM
He also appears willing to ship offshore, which a lot of sellers don't.  It seems like he has more for sale when the US dollar is low so offshore buyers are willing to pay more in $US terms. Maybe not just buy low, sell high but also an element of forex speculation using trombones as currency.
11  Creation and Performance / Musical Miscellany / Re: What is the weirdest time signature you have ever seen? on: May 26, 2014, 01:55AM
Here's an example of how silly brass band test pieces can get
(Isaiah 40 by Robert Redhead, from bar 202 following on from a 4/4 section)
Tempo is  dotted = 69 at the start accelerating to minim = 138 by the end...
10/8   1 bar
6/8    1 bar
4/4    1 bar
10/8   1 bar
6/8    1 bar
10/8   2 bars
4/4    1 bar
7/8    1 bar
9/8    1 bar
4/4    1 bar
7/8    1 bar
9/8    1 bar
4/4    1 bar
7/8    2 bars
9/8    1 bar
2/2    2 bars
and back to 12/8 

To listen too its quite good as far as test pieces go, but who'd want to be a conductor?
12  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Repairs, Modifications and Maintenance / Re: Adjusting valves on: May 09, 2014, 02:46AM
I've seen a bunch of USB endoscopes on ebay for less than $20. These could be ideal for aligning valves as you could see clearly how the ports in the rotor or core align with the housing .

Anyone tried one of these ?

13  Practice Break / Polls / Re: Slides and manual transmissions - they're just fun. on: May 07, 2014, 02:19AM
So the other night I was thinking about how I like the trombone for some of the same reasons. Some may argue that you can play faster with valves. Some may say that you can play more accurately with valves. Some may even say that valves take the guesswork out of playing in tune.l

Tuning analogy:
I played a valve instrument for over 20 years, but was pretty mediocre at it. I suspect now I was limited by the need to screw up my embouchure to get it to play IN tune.  I much prefer the slide where I can adjust the pitch without lipping up or down.
Automatic transmissions annoy me the same way - I need to adjust how I drive to compensate for when the transmission decides to change gear.

Efficiency analogy:
Manual transmissions are more mechanically efficient than autos.  Trombones are the most efficient instrument in turning effort into sound.

There seems to be a disproportionate level of support for manuals so far.  Bring on a poll.
14  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Instruments / Re: Yamaha Allegro on: Apr 28, 2014, 05:17PM
If you're looking at a new 88, check out the conventional wrap and 88HT (thin bell) options.
Don't be taken by the open wrap hype. There is a thread here discussing the merits ( google "slipmo, 88ht" and it should pop up)
15  Creation and Performance / Musical Miscellany / Re: Playing in Europe on: Nov 28, 2013, 12:45PM
... but I've met some Brass Banders who can read bass, tenor, treble, alto, ... (and who are really good musicians).

Probably because if they have played both bass and tenor trombone in a brass band they will need to have read treble, tenor (which is not uncommon in brass band arrangements) and bass clefs. This is one of the reasons that bass trombonists are special people.  Good!
16  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Instruments / Besson valve section flat on low F on: Oct 10, 2013, 08:32PM
I recently bought a Besson BE-944R (Hagmann valve, rose brass bell) from a pawnbroker. Overall I'm very pleased with it however with the tuning slide on the F attachment all the way in it plays a long way flat on using the trigger (slide in 1st position).

Tuning for  using the trigger is fine.

Has anyone else noticed this on a Besson or with the Hagmann valve section in general ?

17  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Repairs, Modifications and Maintenance / Re: Worth fixing/buying? on: Oct 02, 2013, 07:00PM
I saw the original listing. Given the obscure brand name I'm guessing that it's an old Chinese horn and it looks to me like it would be hideous to play. I'd keep looking if I was you.

I got a student model Yamaha euphonium for less than $300 which has some weird tuning, but it's solidly built and will last.

18  Practice Break / Found on the 'Net / Bass frankenbone in Scotland on: Sep 26, 2013, 02:51PM
Rath bell
Shires valves
Holton ???


19  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Mouthpieces / Re: removing oxidation? on: Sep 11, 2013, 01:48PM
Here's a guide to the relative abrasiveness of silver polishes:

I've used both Twinkle and Hagerty Foam which seem gentle but effective.  They also work way better than conventional creams on silver instruments with a frosted finish.

Also check the label on silver polishes - some are not suitable for silver plate.

20  Teaching & Learning / Composition, Arranging and Theory / Re: Results of Sight Reading After Learning a New Clef on: Sep 09, 2013, 05:19PM
Pianists read 2 clefs at the same time. Reading different clefs at different times should be relatively straightforward for the brain to process.
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