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1  Creation and Performance / The Business of Music / Re: What do Symphony Board members do? on: Feb 13, 2018, 01:05PM
Arts board members, which this pertains to symphony, theatre, ballet...etc

Are responsible for the fundraising and operations of the organization.  They often sign on for an amount of funds they either contribute or raise through soliciting donations from wealthy friends, as well as they donate "in-kind" donations.  which in-kind are time or services donated.  For example, lawyers can donate legal services in addition to the sum of money they sign on to either raise or donate. architects help with building upgrades and future space planning, in addition to the money they donate/raise.  And the entire board helps to work on the large fundraising events by helping decorate, organize, and invite their wealthy friends, who in turn donate.

in return we get tax deductions for our time, and money donated. 

2  Creation and Performance / The Business of Music / Re: What is a realistic salary for a professional trombonist? on: Feb 13, 2018, 08:38AM
There's a point to be made here though, and I tell this to my theatre design students coming out of college.  If you really want to do this stuff, it's way easier to do it while you're young.  Go on tour, play that cruise ship, move to the big city and live off of mac n cheese (yes, you're going to eat lots of it... we all did starting out in the arts based businesses) and playing gigs for little money to start out.  eventually they'll pay more and more as people know you.  Because you can, and you have less riding on your shoulders between the age of 21 and 30.  And you'll build your chops, your business senses about music, and get your name out there without worrying about the house, dog, kids, car, significant other...etc.  Its easier to pick up and move and go try all this stuff when you don't have car payments, and you can work side jobs, while you gig. 

Idealistically- go for it! Live the 'lush life' and jump in with your feet first.

Realistically- be prepared to sacrifice a lot for your trombone.  This may mean small stuff like going out to eat, getting beers, seeing a movie, spending money on something nice for yourself. It will also mean potentially NOT being able to adequately support kids and a partner, actually purchasing a home, or saving for retirement/college. Travel will probably be limited to gigs, maybe some touring if you're lucky.  I wouldn't consider playing cruises traveling.

I didn't want that situation as a somewhat responsible adult.  I didn't want to have to live my life worrying if I was going to make enough money for next month.  I can't imagine a lot of things more stressful than that.  That's why I chose to play music for myself primarily, and not be forced to depend on it for my income stream.  A job is a job, but music is so much more.
3  Creation and Performance / The Business of Music / Re: What is a realistic salary for a professional trombonist? on: Feb 12, 2018, 06:32AM
If you're looking for a trombone only salary, check out cruise ships and disney.  non-union, but offer an actual salary, housing, medical..etc.

If you want to be a gigging player, then you'll need to look towards metropolis areas.  (nyc, chicago, nashville, DC/Baltimore, LA...) There you can often find lots of music jobs, plus lots of students to teach lessons to, and lots of bands looking for horn players.  Some will pay well, some will pay beer money only, some will not pay.  Some will ask you to chip in on the weekly rehearsal space. 

If you can sight read well, you'll do ok. 

I've known more than a few musicians in DC/Baltimore and NYC whom are also IT, or Software types.  They have basic coding skills, and IT/Software allows them to make their own schedule, work from anywhere, and gives them those daytime hours when needed to get to a rehearsal. (actors do this as well, besides serving tables)

However, you can also work in licensing, artist representation, artist management and booking, and those jobs, thought "desk" jobs, also have employers that are interested in you being you and playing out.

I went into music on the technical side, and have always used trombone as my back up/beer money.  If you can learn AutoCAD there's lots of money there as a draftsperson.  But since I can read pretty well, can show up on time, sober, and do what people ask, I've been offered nice gigs playing weddings (those are really fun, at least to me), ska, big band, etc.  And those lead to playing for a few studios around DC and Baltimore. Which lead to other gigs backing groups.  Now it didn't pay my rent. (thank heavens...DC rent is more than NYC now)  But having another skillset allowed me to do all the gigs I want to, keep the awful ones away, and allow me to have time off, and all the other adult things associated with a "real" job, but still keep the artistic/fun parts of musician life.

I know lots of musicians in NYC, who make a living in the music industry, but many are not just players.  They hustle together 2 other skillsets besides playing, and make their living in the industry, but not simply rehearsing and playing alone. 

Even the ones I know in DC who are in military bands, all play in other groups.  Because while they make $50k-65K, its still really expensive to live there.
4  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Instruments / Re: Rath consistency of production on: Feb 03, 2018, 10:15PM
I bought mine from Dillon's as well.  I swapped parts for several hours, came upon the horn I loved.  But I wanted a different finish on the bell.  So I ordered a bell with a brushed finish. But took all the rest of the parts home that day with a lacquer bell (since you get a week to play it before you have to return it if you want to). The new bell took about 6 weeks to arrive.  It played EXACTLY the same as the yellow bell I demo'd. 

5  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Accessories / Re: Cronkhite (Torpedo) Bag thoughts. on: Jan 26, 2018, 12:01PM

no those straps are not removable.  in fact i asked the company, and they sent me very detailed instructions into what to tell a cobbler to do to make it a single sling bag instead of a backpack.  totally unexpected.  Nice folks at cronkhite.

and yes, user error.  flip the slide to the other side of the bell section.  all of a sudden the padding covers the zipper. 

6  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Accessories / Re: Cronkhite (Torpedo) Bag thoughts. on: Jan 25, 2018, 08:51AM
interesting, i'll have to look after my gig tonight, but i think the straps are riveted in place on the small tenor bag.  So they're either clipped or not.  but always attached under the bottom of the bag.  (there's only one large zipper compartment on my bag.  its the small tenor bag.)
7  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Accessories / Cronkhite (Torpedo) Bag thoughts. on: Jan 25, 2018, 07:37AM
ok boners...

after my SKB cracked at the hinge, its now out of commission while I get some ABS and plasti-weld to fix it.  So it became time to buy something to gig with.  I used the x-mas offer that was on the cronkhite website and bought a Single Small Tenor bag, in blue cordura. Yes, i miss having a solid component on the outside of the case.  But the old school reunion blues bag that my 88H has been in for years has protected it well, so I figured I"ll give this a try, and if I don't like it, I can sell it.

Things I like so far...
It looks great. 
It fits my Rath without having to remove the thumbscrew. 
The bell area has wood or something in it to protect it should I knock it.
The slide foam sleeve has a hard backing on one side to protect it, and a slip sleeve to keep it on the slide.
It's ridiculously heavy duty, for a bag of cloth and foam.
The dual (backpack style) straps are heavy duty.  They'll certainly outlive the bag foam, and the cockroach.

Things i'm not a fan of so far...
Dual backpack straps are not removable. so i loosened one to fit on my body, and tightened the other so it wouldn't catch on passersby (or would be thieves) on the subway. So it's a little awkward to wear like a normal gig bag as a sling across your body. I haven't found the adjustment yet to where it sits comfortably on my commute yet.

There's only stiff support at the flat of the bell, and one side of the slide.  I wish there was a set of wood or plastic laminar between the foam and cordura on the side opposite of the slide, to prevent any sort of knock in addition to the thick foam.  (laminar, is a series of thin curved flexible overlapping plates... think Roman Armor) 

I wish there was a small strip of fabric to keep the zipper from coming in contact with the horn. Currently I keep a golf towel in the bag to put over the neck pipe so it won't rub.

ok. that's my $0.02 for those considering buying one.  Once i've used it a few more weeks and taken it on a plane i'll report back. 
8  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Instruments / Re: How many horns do you own? on: Jan 16, 2018, 06:41AM
hah. after moving to NYC where space is less than adequate, it became time to cash in several items.
traded in: '65 Olds Super, Vintage King 2B, King 2B Jiggs

Daily Driver is now a Rath R1. (nickel tuning, yellow brushed bell, yellow neck, nickel slide, focused leadpipe)

Symphonic is a Conn 88H from the 70s.  Let's be honest, it's just an "in case of" horn at this point.  Cleaned monthly.  Played monthly at home just to make sure its not rotting away.

9  Classified Advertisements / Classified Advertisements / Re: WTB: Cronkhite Flight Bag for Bass Bone on: Jan 10, 2018, 07:11AM
10  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Instruments / Re: Rath Nickel Tuning Slides on: Dec 27, 2017, 05:16PM
I use a nickel tuning slide on my R1 with a yellow bell.  i find it gives me more punch and core to the sound than the yellow or rose tuning slides.   this could be placebo effect, heck, it all could be. hahaahah.

but it all changes depending on your lead pipe, neck pipe, bell...etc. 

11  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Instruments / Re: Rath R2 vs Shires Michael Davis + on: Dec 20, 2017, 08:04AM
If I was you, and i'm not...

I'd just change the bell and be done.  since you can do that on a modular horn.  rather than throw money at another boutique horn.

but you seem set on spending money.  so whatever makes you happy, no one else really knows what will do that.
12  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Instruments / Re: Rath R2 vs Shires Michael Davis + on: Dec 19, 2017, 09:15AM
If there's something you don't feel is quite perfect with your Rath, have you tried a different neck, leapipe, or tuning bow? 

I found that once I swapped things around a bit, I found a great horn with my R1.  Better than I've ever had with King, Conn, Olds...etc.
13  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Accessories / Re: Practice mute more free blowing and more loud than bremner on: Nov 22, 2017, 07:42AM
I have both the Bremmer Sshhhhmute, and the yamaha silent brass.  Without using the headphones, Bremmer is the way to go.  The yamaha is odd by itself.

The key to using both of these is to not play above a mezzoforte.  otherwise your chops aren't really getting proper practice and keeping their shape due to backpressure. 

these mutes aren't meant to be fully utilized at higher volumes.
14  Creation and Performance / Music, Concerts and Recordings / Re: Searching for funk charts on: Nov 13, 2017, 07:13AM
Transcription is the easy answer.  But My transcription skills and time to do it are virtually nonexistant.

I'm having an incredibly tough time hearing all the parts in it.  And the band isn't in to Wild cherry.

15  Creation and Performance / Music, Concerts and Recordings / Searching for funk charts on: Nov 10, 2017, 11:52AM
Hi all.

I'm trying hard to find some horn charts for Rick James music.  Specifically "You and I".

Anyone know a publisher that might have this?
16  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Instruments / Re: Custom horn with no budget (not sure if this belongs here) on: Nov 02, 2017, 09:52AM
Dillon did not have a lawler when I was there a few weeks ago. 

They also did not have new Shires.
17  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Instruments / Re: Custom horn with no budget (not sure if this belongs here) on: Oct 31, 2017, 08:54AM
Shires, Lawler (you have to go to TN), Rath (all the parts are at Dillon's in NJ), BAC (Kansas City), Edwards, really. if you want custom, you have to go to their largest vendor, or their factory. 

18  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Accessories / Re: Best Gig Case For a Rath? on: Oct 18, 2017, 09:20AM
yes. this is what i was getting at.  My old reunion blues doesnt have any of that.  Its just foam.  So i'm always cautious about wearing it on my back. taking it on the subway.. .etc.

There is a disc that you can put in the case that is around the same diamter as the interior of the case. It has foam and cloth but it appears to be made of something rigid but I don't know what. I wouldn't run over the bell with it but it should help the bell if you accidentally butt up against something. Your bell bead wouldn't get hit, it woudl be the disc.

I don't know if comparable cases in the Reunion blues lineup have them but every Cronkhite case I've had has had one of those.

The slide comparment is a big piece of foam. The double cases have a rigid piece of material going down the center but otherwise the slides are surrounded by foam and held in place by two velcro straps.  To be perfectly honest, I'd trust the huge piece of foam over something rigid since it keeps it very immobile. It almost floats.
19  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Accessories / Re: Best Gig Case For a Rath? on: Oct 18, 2017, 06:26AM
Great responses all.  The skb was a great case for little cash, for a horn I spent barely $700 on.  And I still think its great because it fits into every plane Ive ever been on. 

I'll have to check out the cronkhite.  One question, is there any support for the bell?  Like a piece of plastic or wood to provide any rigidity?   

Is there also any rigidity for the slide in these cases?  I have an old reunion blues bag that houses my 88H, but there's too much room in there for the new horn.  The thing I liked about those is the rigid component to the slide sleeve.  The thing I didnt like was that it feels very squishy around the bell.

Also, can the poster about the BAM case tell me more?  I've only seen pictures of those, not one up close.

20  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Accessories / Re: Best Gig Case For a Rath? on: Oct 17, 2017, 07:09AM
Thanks for the suggestions.  I've had the SKB case for at least a decade.  It housed my 2B all those years.  Now that I purchased a Rath (with a few trade ins) I found it odd about the wing nut. (or whatever the English to 'Merican translation for it is)

Has anyone used the cordura cronkhite gig bags?  Do those have bell support?

I'm looking at getting one of those.

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