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1  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Our unbalanced POTUS on: Today at 09:50 AM
The bigger hypocracy to me is that fans and teams seem to not care about DUIs, domestic abuse, drug convictions, animal abuse, etc. with the players but get out of shape about a player doing a peaceful protest.

Yep. By Golly, nothing better get in the way of their team winning! Ethics be damned.  :cry:
2  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Our unbalanced POTUS on: Yesterday at 02:36 PM
Mean?  Or just stupid?   Don't know


His problem is, he is so prideful and so full of resentment towards everyone. And he doesn't want to take advice. Plus, he seems to always want to get even with people who he thinks have wronged him. Nothing Christian about him afaiac

An incompetent jerk.
3  Classified Advertisements / Classified Advertisements / WTT: 7C for an 11C on: Yesterday at 01:26 PM
Looking for a Bach 11c (corp preferred). I have several 7Cs and I'd like to swap.

My 7Cs are clean. And I need a clean 11C. No scratches on the rim, straight shank, good plating.

4  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Our unbalanced POTUS on: Yesterday at 12:51 PM
Like a couple of forum members (who seem to be like minded), Trump seems to actually enjoy being mean.
5  Practice Break / Found on the 'Net / CL: Bach 6 3/4C on: Sep 21, 2017, 02:46PM
6  Classified Advertisements / Classified Advertisements / Re: FS Nice 4H from 1956- Just Refurbished on: Sep 17, 2017, 09:02AM
What a beauty!

A 2B killer
7  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Conderacy hero statues, ingrained racism etc on: Sep 17, 2017, 06:53AM
Then get it through your head:  You experience isn’t EVERYONE’S experience.  I spent a lot of time in a Kentucky public school talking about the war, and having the “states rights” and “lost cause” garbage taught to me as fact.  So did the millions of other children in my state. 

Growing up in Texas I had the same experience. The teachers adamantly insisted that the civil war was not over slavery.  Yeah, RIGHT.

They represent the very ideals that the Declaration and the Constitution reject.  They publicly enshrine racism, white supremacy, and treason against the Republic.  In order to break the cycle, you’ve got to break it.

Very well stated.  Good!
8  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Conderacy hero statues, ingrained racism etc on: Sep 15, 2017, 10:57PM

Hitler wasn’t in the civil war. If you’re that obsessed about statues of Hitler, start your own thread ON WWII.

Uhhh, Schlitz, you aren't the topic cop.

A parallel was drawn about statues honoring those on the losing side in the history of wars.

I get what he is saying. You obviously don't.
9  Classified Advertisements / Classified Advertisements / Re: WTB: Small shank 5g on: Sep 15, 2017, 05:19PM
I think I have one
10  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Conderacy hero statues, ingrained racism etc on: Sep 15, 2017, 04:52PM
Hitler wasn’t in the Civil War. I’m pretty sure there’s no civil war monuments that feature him.

What an asinine response. I can't believe you didn't get the point he was making.
11  Classified Advertisements / Classified Advertisements / Re: FS: Benge 190F and 175F on: Sep 14, 2017, 10:05PM
Great horns both. And those are good prices. I wish I was in position to buy the 190  :cry:
12  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Our unbalanced POTUS on: Sep 14, 2017, 08:08PM

He better watch himself. The FBI doesn't have much of a sense of humor. He might be doing an episode on prison cuisine soon.
13  Practice Break / Chit-Chat / Re: Hurricane Irma on: Sep 10, 2017, 04:34PM
Ronky is back and an argument ensues. A special talent.

I would say snarkiness ensues  Yeah, RIGHT.
14  Practice Break / Found on the 'Net / SS 2B circa 1959 on: Sep 09, 2017, 04:58PM

15  Classified Advertisements / Classified Advertisements / FS: 1957 Conn 10H bell section on: Sep 08, 2017, 10:19PM
Thinning the herd. I need the cash to fund a badly needed slide job.

Very clean complete bell section from a '57 Conn 10H. No dents on the flare, the goose neck or the tuning crook.

The bell is very open playing. And not at all dark. It has an edge to it when leaned on. Not typical of the copper bell Conns.

Pics on request.

$325 plus shipping ($25 USA....otherwise, ask)

16  Practice Break / Chit-Chat / Re: Hurricane Irma on: Sep 08, 2017, 04:22PM
Sure Russ. Looks like He handled Texas well. No complaints there.....

Wow, I had no idea you were down here for an update.  Yeah, RIGHT.
17  Practice Break / Chit-Chat / Re: Hurricane Irma on: Sep 08, 2017, 04:20PM
Meanwhile in large surface-area, balloon-like, celebrity news...

Limbaugh Leaves Palm Beach Home After Downplaying Hurricane Irma

I'm curious to know who is in that "circle" that calls Rush Limbaugh for hurricane updates.

I guess Rush is 'hell bent' on saving his fat ignorant ***
18  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Conderacy hero statues, ingrained racism etc on: Sep 07, 2017, 02:51PM
That is exactly the type of insulting and callous remark I have come to expect from you.

Snowflake? For a self described Christian, you sure have no empathy. Everything you post leads me to think that you are a racist.

And in typical DD style, you drop an inflammatory post and then vanish.

I guess I am addressing persons who can discuss the topic without resorting to insults. And who can try and think of what others may go through. But that wouldn't be you. No way. No how.

19  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Conderacy hero statues, ingrained racism etc on: Sep 07, 2017, 02:34PM
I was born in Dallas, and when I was a young boy, I played 'Cowboys and Indians' or 'Union vs Rebels' with my friends. And of course, we always wanted to be the Cowboys or the Rebs. White southern heritage and all.

But as I got older, read more and basically gained an education and became more enlightened, I realized that the confederacy was nothing to be proud of.

Yet there are a whole lot of folks defending the statues (Stonewall Jackson, Robt. E. Lee, et al) and they are fighting their removal tooth and nail.

I can't even begin to imagine what it must feel like to be a person of color and to walk around in southern society with those statues on courthouse lawns, and other city and county owned properties. They represent repression and exclusion.

It is an ugly side of history. No one wants to sweep history under the rug or pretend that the civil war never happened. If people want to read up on the history of that war, that is what libraries and online sources are for.

Take 'em down. It is about time.

Out of morbid curiosity I listened to one of the right wing radio stations here in North Texas. I knew I would get that angle. Sure enough.

A bozo commentator made the point that liberals wanting to remove the statues is just another way to stop Trump from his agenda (whatever the hell that is), and he went on to say that "Muslims condone racism"

What? That is news to me. More disinformation from the right.

Even if it were true, the issue of statues is a USA issue. There are no Muslims in this country who own slaves - the last I looked.

Is it so hard to be empathetic to people of color who have had to accept the insulting presence of these monuments to defenders of racism? Apparently it is. Those who fight it just don't get it. They are too butt hurt and threatened that their 'heritage' is being besmirched and dismantled.

20  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Our unbalanced POTUS on: Sep 06, 2017, 01:57PM
From the Yesterday's News desk...

Remember when Trump said Obama had wiretapped the Trump Tower?

Well, you're President now, show us the proof.

Contradicting Trump, DOJ Admits There Is No Evidence Of Trump Tower Wiretaps

So, who's sick now?

Those that still believe that nonsense won't be convinced it wasn't true. They'll hang onto it like a hungry dog on a bone......just like the birther issue.  Yeah, RIGHT.
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