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1  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Instruments / Re: Trombone advice needed on: May 16, 2017, 08:03PM
  Thank you all for the replies!  I will take the Conn in and see if they can adjust the slide.  I like that idea.  I'll post back and let you guys know what happens!
2  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Instruments / Trombone advice needed on: May 15, 2017, 06:34PM
  Hi and thanks for reading!  It's a bit long but you can skip to the end, no worries.
  I am the proud father of a 14 yr old trombonist.  He started on Grandpa's hand-me-down in elementary and showing he enjoyed it, I got him a Bach TB200 intermediate w F attach.  Not sure if this was the wisest move as I think I should've just bitten the bullet and gotten him a Bach 42 Strad or comparable.  But hey, I don't play and am kind of navigating this thing blind.  After progressing on the TB200 he got a private instructor and now is really getting some chops.  He has gotten to a point where he came to me and asked to play the bass trombone.  Now, I had never even heard of a bass trombone but with his instructor's blessing and telling me he was ready (with some guidelines and instrument recommendations) for one I got him a Bach 50B3 9.5".  He loves it and is playing well, even going to Europe this summer with a handsome scholarship. 
  Next step is high school with a very good band program including recognized marching band program.  His trombone instructor and several others have told him/me he cannot march with his Bach 50B3.  I agree with this as it is not an instrument that I can afford to replace and is expected to last him through college. I impulsively bought him a Conn 50H "Bass trombone" which is really just a medium bore tenor by today's standards (learned in this spectacular forum).  Either way, due to the close proximity of the slide to the bell it makes the horn, not unusable but darn close, at least to him.  Plus, he wants to march with a true bass he says and of course the marching director is great with this as if he isn't the only bass player, he'll be in low company numbers.  I think I can sell the Conn without too much of a problem, it's a decent horn but I was being cheap and a bit scared for all the marching camps starting this summer.
  So, here's the question.   1. Does one need a beater horn to march with or is everyone marching with a Strad, etc?  2.  If he plays bass will he ever need a tenor intermediate trombone?  That is, can I sell the Bach TB200 for $1500 and get a "marching band beater?"  3. Dillon's music has a Bach 50B (single rotor) 10.5" that has had a repaired bell flair dent and been re-lacquered but in a price I can live with.  I am skeptical of the instrument level expectations playing for marching band. Am I thinking about all this correctly?  Am I missing anything?
  Thanks in advance!
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