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1  Practice Break / Chit-Chat / Re: Just a bit chilly! on: Today at 07:47 AM
For the record, -13C is around 11 F.  It gets that cold here frequently in the winter.

As a calibration point, 0C is 32F and 0F is around -18C.
2  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: 2017 Inaugural address fact checking on: Yesterday at 10:57 PM
What a bunch of ******* ********

Speaking of Grouchy Old ... ;-)

I've found an easy way to tell when Trump is lying.  His mouth is moving.  That's the essence of his "Art of the Deal".

Jakeway, how will you feel when he does something entirely non-Conservative?  He's really a loose cannon and liable to do anything.
3  Creation and Performance / Music, Concerts and Recordings / Re: Trad. pop / big band NON-LOVE songs on: Yesterday at 10:51 PM
Take the A Train
Strange Fruit (probably not good for a different reason)
Route 66
New York, New York
My Way
Mack the Knife (t's not a love song -- it's about murder)

A little older, but if you are singing -- "Mammy" (great Al Jolson hit of the 1920s)
A little newer, but "Downtown"

It's about love, but "Makin' Whooppee" is a cautionary tale

If I think of a couple more I'll add to this post.
4  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: 2017 Inaugural address fact checking on: Yesterday at 04:24 PM
One other location is www.Politifact.com (published by the Tampa Bay Times).  They got a Pulitzer a couple of years ago.  They are my go-to for fact checks.  They also started a TrumpMeter that will measure him against his promises for the duration of his term.  They did the same for Obama and rated over 200 promises.  Obama scored around half kept, 1/4 broken, and 1/4 compromised.  We'll have to see how Trump does.

I doubt you will find a single Conservative group doing fact checking on "one of their guys".  Now if he crosses paths with the Conservative idology they will probably excoriate him on those transgressions.
5  Practice Break / Chit-Chat / Re: Just a bit chilly! on: Jan 19, 2017, 08:56PM
Sounds like Minnesota.  I was in Minneapolis for one spring -- all 15 minutes of it.  Freezing cold in the morning and suddenly hot. :-P

Robert:  I see a negative sign on this computer, but on my other one it's showing -57.  A nice temperature without the minus sign.  For you Celsius folks, that's around -50 C (-40 is the same temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius).
6  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: The election on: Jan 19, 2017, 08:24PM
Snors sent me this.  He thinks it's hilarious.  I think it's a little snide, but with a touch of humor:

7  Creation and Performance / The Business of Music / Re: Ringling folding, 800ish jobs gone on: Jan 19, 2017, 06:11PM
I don't see what your problem is, Euph.  The tourist swapped a Chinese made Boombox shaped opject for a Chinese made natimve drum shaped object.  The tourist could have spent more at the Souvenir Shop for an identical drum.

Everybody won.  The tourist got something not easily found at home and a source of great memories.  The Chief got a nice gewgaw that will entertain him until it needs new batteries (or maybe he can hook it up to a generator). ;-)
8  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Mouthpieces / Re: Bach Artisan Mouthpieces on: Jan 19, 2017, 05:34PM
You've got a Litz?  I have a Liszt: Shopping Liszt, To-Do Liszt, and a Liszt Piano Concerto. :-P :-P :-P
9  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: The election on: Jan 19, 2017, 05:31PM
Well, tomorrow's the day.

Trump has promised to repeal every Presidential Proclamation issued by Obama (which he has to do one by one).  But he has decided to spend the weekend in New York.  Interesting.  He seems to think he can be a part-time President.

Starting tomorrow, Politifact will be rating him on promises.  The score on Obama is around 1/2 kept, 1/4 compromised, and 1/4 broken.

Some of his key promises:

1.  Build a wall with Mexico and make Mexico pay for it (I think this is going to be a compromise at best: US builds wall and pays for it).
2.  Renegotiate NAFTA.
3.  Deport ALL illegal aliens (he's been walking this one back a bit as he slowly gets to understand what that means).
4.  Bring "back" all offshored American jobs.  Note that if those jobs are brought back, they may go to steel collar workers instead of blue collar workers.
5.  Repeal and replace  Obamacare.  Republicans are avid on repeal, not so avid on replace. 

Given the tenor of the Republican Congress I suspect that he may find he has a real hard time with some of these promises.

And how will he shake out on Conflict of Interest and Emoluments.
10  Teaching & Learning / Schools, Colleges and Conservatories / Re: Junior Year of High School on: Jan 19, 2017, 05:05PM
You know the 3 laws of Thermodynamics, don't you?

1.  You can't win.
2.  The best you can do is break even.
3.  You can't even do that.

My 2nd boss used to have a funny saying: entropy is like bureaucracy -- it always increases (he used a much more earthy term instead of "bureaucracy").

Hope it wen't well.  Good luck with calculus.
11  Practice Break / Found on the 'Net / Re: Holton TR-185 at Jon Baltimore music (New York) on: Jan 18, 2017, 04:27PM
That seems a bit much for a single valve bass trombone.  The 185 is generally considered not as good as the 169.  I know a guy who plays one and he like it but is constantly asking when I want to sell him my King 7B so he can have 2 valves.

It's probably been on the listing for a year because it's overpriced.
12  Teaching & Learning / Beginners and Returning Trombonists / Re: What to buy for my 1st trombone? on: Jan 18, 2017, 02:59PM

You will notice that there are a lot of different preferences.  That's why there are so many products.  They all work.  Some work better than others on some horns but not on others.  So you will have to do a little experimenting.

Note: creams and silicones do NOT mix (except for the drops of silicone on top of a cream).  If you set up with Slide-O-Mix and want to test a cream, you need to do a good cleanout of the slide.  Same goes if you want to go from a cream to a silicone.

One apparent exception seems to be UltraPure.  I've put it on top of my cold cream or on Slide-O-Mix and it works on both.
13  Teaching & Learning / Schools, Colleges and Conservatories / Re: Junior Year of High School on: Jan 18, 2017, 02:54PM
Just remember:



Good luck
14  Practice Break / Polls / Re: Bass Trombone - Single bore or Dual bore slide on: Jan 18, 2017, 11:07AM
Am I correct that the bell section of a dual bore trombone must match the larger bore of the slide or are people mixing those things without need to match them?

The slides of the Getzen 1062 (dual bore) and 1052 (single bore) are interchangeable (yes, I know there are other differences between the models).  I would suspect that others may be as well.  There is no dual bore slide that fits my King 7B (unless I have it custom made).
15  Teaching & Learning / Beginners and Returning Trombonists / Re: What to buy for my 1st trombone? on: Jan 18, 2017, 09:27AM
I don't use Hetman simply because I got a lifetime supply of Mobil Velocite 10 which works great (you would have to buy a 20 liter pail -- not worth it).  I believe Hetman 9 is the spindle oil most of the guys use.  For the rotor, whatever is commonly used for a French Horn.  If there are 2 grades buy the higher number.  3 grades buy the middle number.

For the bath, whatever you are using on your trumpet works great for trombone.  Some lacquers are sensitive to very hot water (70+ C), but King trombones are not.  Still, warm water (50 C or less) is to be preferred.  If you would bathe you in it, you could probably bathe the trombone in it as well.
16  Teaching & Learning / Beginners and Returning Trombonists / Re: What to buy for my 1st trombone? on: Jan 18, 2017, 08:28AM
I hope you will look at the video of Christan Griego (he's President of Edwards Custom Instruments) showing how to clean a slide.  A quick peek may answer a lot of your questions.

Lubricants sort into three classes:

Oils, very similar to the valve oil you use on your trumpet.  They have the advantage that you can't put too much on, but they don't last and are really not recommended for serious players.

Creams.  The father of all creams is cold cream, specifically Pond's Cold Cream as made about 50 years ago.  You put a little bit on the stocking of the slide and work it in.  The Trombotine that Christan uses is a cream.  You only need to give it a spray with water periodically to "refresh" it.  Key thing with creams is "less is more".  If you put too much cream on a slide it will gum up horribly.  Some creams also use a drop of silicone oil as a "helper" (see below).  Even though Pond's cold cream isn't what it used to be, it still works, but you have to be even more stingy than normal.  Older slides with loose tolerances tend to do well with creams.

Silicone Oils.  These come as 1 part and 2 part.  The classic one is Slide-O-Mix, which is a 2 part.  You put a little of the smaller bottle on each stocking, work it in, then put a little of the large bottle on each stocking and work it in.  You would use the large bottle just before starting to play.  You can use water with it, but SOM doesn't recommend it.  Many other of this genre is one part.  The current fad here is Yamaha Slide Oil (not to be confused with the thin stuff I mentioned earlier).  Again, a little on the stockings and work it in.  Silicones will degrade into a compound similar to sand (and just as abrasive) so you need to wipe down the inner slide periodically (once a week is OK) to minimize the buildup.  Tight tolerance slides seem to work best with silicone oils.

You will need a cleaning rod and some cheesecloth or muslin.  You cut the cheesecloth into strips about 3 cm wide by 1.25 meters long (long enough that as you feed in the cleaning rod you can still grab the cloth).  This is to clean the inside of the outer slide.  Christan shows exactly how to do this in the video.

You will need a snake brush.  This is a 1.5 meter long metal flex wire with a brush at each end.  This is to clean out the crook of the slide and the inside of the inner slide.  There is also a fancy doodad called a "Slide Saver" that does the same thing if you want to spend a bit more money.

You will probably want a spray bottle for water.  I save small spray bottles from anything I use: medicine, hair spray, etc. and wash them out.  Or you can spend a couple of euros on a Trombone Spray Bottle (it costs them about a quartje each to make).  If your water has lots of dissolved minerals, you probably should fill the bottle with distilled or deionized water instead.  A liter bottle will go a long way.  Or you may actually have that at home for a steam iron or (in my case) a medical appliance.

You should already have tuning slide grease for your trumpet -- same stuff works for the trombone.

If you buy a trombone with a rotor valve, you will need two additional oils: Rotor Oil (it's a little thicker than the valve oil you use on the trumpet) and Spindle Oil.  You put a few drops of rotor oil down the receiver into the valve and work it in.  The spindle oil goes on all the other joints.  There is a nice rotor valve care guide on the Osmun Brass Web Site.

Good luck.
17  Teaching & Learning / Beginners and Returning Trombonists / Re: Trumpet player starting on the Pbone on: Jan 18, 2017, 07:38AM
The 608 is a medium bore and is considered a "step-up" instrument.  They play pretty well and I doubt you will hear the difference between that and a "pro" horn for quite some time.

The 4B is a large bore.  I personally like it for concert band playing, although I know they have been used in orchestra (I used a 5B for a while).

The way to get familiar with the trombone positions is the same way you learned trumpet valves.  Play some simple exercises and get used to finding where the notes are.

Extending your range means working on exercises that go from where you can play into the areas that are a challenge.  It's no different from how you learned trumpet.

Good luck.  Carnaval is coming.  Enjoy the season.
18  Horns, Gear, and Equipment / Repairs, Modifications and Maintenance / Re: Cheap horn - lacquer removal on: Jan 18, 2017, 07:29AM
Learning to properly modify mouthpieces involves creating a bunch of paperweights (unusable mouthpieces) as you fumble along.  I don't know that David has a pile of junker mouthpieces to experiment on; he wants to make the one he has perfect.
19  Creation and Performance / Performance / Re: George Roberts bass trombone feature? on: Jan 17, 2017, 04:47PM
Somewhere around here I have a complete set of parts to Rifferendum 94.  If I find it I want to take it to one of the Big Bands I'm playing with.

20  Practice Break / Purely Politics / Re: Animal Rights--Now a Topic on Purely Politics. on: Jan 17, 2017, 04:32PM
The other topic was more related to the plight of 800 circus performers (and a few dozen elephants along with an odd tiger or two) resulting from the closing of the circus.

The elephants will be housed on a preserve that already is a "retirement home" for elephants who are no longer performing.  Don't know about the lions and tigers; probably go to a similar preserve but maybe not Feld run.

My take here is that the circus animals were primarily "pets", i.e. not captured from the wild but domestically bred.  This wasn't the case in the past and I'm sure back then there were some really bad things done.  I remember reading about a circus elephant that was convicted of murder and then hanged because she killed her handler.  But that was in the 19th Century.

I won't contest that some animals are maltreated.  Orcas are not used to swimming in tanks; they are used to traveling in pods in the open ocean.  And captured orcas are indeed being maltreated.

Many exotic birds being sold as pets are also captured in the wild and are mistreated being smuggled into the US.  I remember reading about a huge number (over 100) parrots who were suffocated because they were stuffed in tubed to smuggle into the US.
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