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 on: Today at 06:25 PM 
Started by Ellrod - Last post by Ellrod
DONALD Trump would win another presidential election if one were to be held today, says Australia’s ambassador to the United States.

Joe Hockey told the Lowy Institute on Thursday, in a speech marking the first anniversary of the Trump administration, there was strong evidence to suggest American voters did not regret putting the billionaire businessman in the White House.

 on: Today at 06:21 PM 
Started by Dukesboneman - Last post by Zandit75
Hard plastic crap.

Yep, this Idea!

A friend bought one for his tenor trom, and it sounded horrible, while also strangling many notes below 

 on: Today at 05:54 PM 
Started by greenbean - Last post by Larry Preston Roberson


The cat was nowhere to be found - sorry...
I've got one (cat) you can have, that's guaranteed to get in the way—photobomb etc.  :-P

 on: Today at 05:53 PM 
Started by crazytrombonist505 - Last post by Larry Preston Roberson
I wonder if you might be better off getting a ClearTone mute instead.  When my orchestra did "Rhapsody in Blue" I auditioned both my Jo-Ral bubble and my ClearTone and the general consensus was the ClearTone (with my hand over it to do the Wa-Wa effect) sounded better.

In many Big Bands (at least the amateur ones I play in) when a chart calls for Harmon we often just play in cups or plungers.  It's quite rare to have a section of 4 all with Wa-Wa's.
Good suggestion Bruce. I've seen a ClearTone used with a plunger. Seems like it would be a little awkward, but nice effect.

 on: Today at 05:46 PM 
Started by slide advantage - Last post by Larry Preston Roberson
Someone is looking for one:

 on: Today at 05:45 PM 
Started by crazytrombonist505 - Last post by Larry Preston Roberson
Here's one:

 on: Today at 05:20 PM 
Started by robcat2075 - Last post by JasonDonnelly
If the Met can out James Levine, then I think that the Cleveland Orchestra should be getting pretty nervous right about now.

 on: Today at 05:03 PM 
Started by greenbean - Last post by greenbean
Extra mutes here...

Ray Robinson straight mute.  Nice.  These are hard to find.  $60
H&B cup mute for tenor.  Nice.  $20
B&B practice mute for tenor.  Nice.  $20
H&B cup mute tenor.  Rough but it works fine.  Free with purchase.
H&B cup mute for large tenor or small-throated bass.  Nice.  $20
H&B Velvetone mute for 9” bells. Nice.  $20
H&B straight tenor.  I have several.  Take your pick.  $15
H&B French horn mute.  Supposedly you can convert to bass trombone practice mute. Or take up French horn.  $10
Vintage Jo-Ral copper bottom tenor.  Great.  $35
Jo-Ral aluminum. Needs corks. $15

Add $8 shipping for any number of mutes.

 on: Today at 04:52 PM 
Started by patrickosmith - Last post by Le.Tromboniste
Silver is more costly than brass but not outrageously so.

As far as I know, silver is worth at the very least 100 times more than brass for the same volume.

 on: Today at 04:44 PM 
Started by Dukesboneman - Last post by BillO
Hard plastic crap.

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