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 on: Today at 01:51 PM 
Started by HoldenWelch007 - Last post by sabutin
Well, slotted as in that there's a clear difference between the notes, but vibrato? I doubt it.

Is there not an F of some sort and an F# above that Eb before you get to the G? S

I didn't look for it because I already have a good one using a b2nd above the D. There's a short run of minor third intervals in this Partial, and using flat positions I've got.. !st Eb-Gb, 2nd D-F, 3rd C sharp-E. That's the E that I've mentioned.

I'm glad that in theory the these notes are where they "should" be, but I don't know how much value that they have, though apart from offering some note options for people who's horns have suspect or missing notes, like my Bach 12 with its dodgy Bb in 3rd.

First comes theory when you are not sure of things.

Then comes practice, followed by knowledge.

Sometimes "theory" is wrong. That's where practice comes in. And if in that practice you find that "theory" proves out, then you have knowledge that can be used when...or if...it is needed. You also gain know;ledge if theory does not prove out.

As far as "slots" are concerned...they are all pretty soft slots up there, I believe. I haven't played Dave Steinmeyer's equipment in a long, long while, but I believe he once said to me something about working on equipment to try to firm up those slots to the point where a slide vibrato could be used.

Makes sense to me...


 on: Today at 01:38 PM 
Started by Piano man - Last post by slide advantage


What a *****. Drawing a parallel between Robert E Lee and George Washington? Stonewall Jackson and Thomas Jefferson?

Trump is completely clueless.

 on: Today at 01:35 PM 
Started by Piano man - Last post by B0B

Even fox and friends couldn't support him

 on: Today at 01:34 PM 
Started by HoldenWelch007 - Last post by Geezerhorn
I fear this thread has strayed somewhat beyond the typical "beginner and returning trombonist"  Amazed :D

Or there are some extremely gifted "returners"!  Amazed

Being one of the "extremely gifted returners", I find this thread and the responses so far to be very interesting.  :D


 on: Today at 01:30 PM 
Started by demaxx1 - Last post by BGuttman
If it fits and it works, go for it!

You probably won't notice any problems at this point.  Have the Bach slide rehabbed properly to use when you are ready.

 on: Today at 01:27 PM 
Started by demaxx1 - Last post by demaxx1
Hi Guys I have a unique question for you.

On deciding to return to playing I decided I wanted to buy me a Cheap F trigger horn without putting a lot of money into it, in case I just didn't continue playing. I got the Schiller copy of a Bach 42 closed wrap. I figured It would be okay to at least build my chops back up. The horn even though it looks well built, the F valve when putting air through it sounds like a cow mooing, and the metal on the bell is so thin that on lower register notes it actually rings. The only bright side was the slide on this horn is amazingly slick and it is nickle plated and light weight.

I recently run across a real Bach Strad 42OB, it had F rotor problems, but I got it for a song. The slide on the Bach is a 8 out of 10. The repair man found one little ding in the outer slide he said that he could fix it right up while he had it. Before I took the 42 to the shop, I started comparing the horns. I noticed the slides were really almost identical with the exception of the Schiller being nickle and the Bach being brass. The Schiller slide fit the Bach! So my question is would you play it with the China slide? Would it cause any issues as far as sound? Is it just a bad idea all the way around?

 on: Today at 01:23 PM 
Started by HoldenWelch007 - Last post by growlerbox
I fear this thread has strayed somewhat beyond the typical "beginner and returning trombonist"  Amazed :D

 on: Today at 01:07 PM 
Started by goldentone - Last post by loudtrombone
If I were to acquire a TB47YC and found that it didn't meet my needs, would you still be interested in a trade? I don't seem to be getting notifications of replies or private messages on the forum so if necessary you may want to email me at kenhurstmusic at outlook dot com.

 on: Today at 12:58 PM 
Started by jasbone7 - Last post by loudtrombone
Also let me know if you decide to part out this horn, I may be interested in the TW47. If so, send an email to kenhurstmusic at outlook dot com rather than replying or messaging on the forum because it seems that I'm not getting any notifications of new posts or messages.


 on: Today at 12:56 PM 
Started by loudtrombone - Last post by tbathras
Personally I'd get a slide first if you're looking at changing the blow of your horn.

My first step into the Shires world was a B62 slide on my Holton TR181.  Wow - what a difference.  You wouldn't think the slide could make such a change, but it did.  I can almost guarantee you that if I put a Shires bell/valves with my 181 slide it would have been nowhere near as big of an improvement.  Of course, once I got a full Shires, it was the cat's meow.

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