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 on: Today at 11:28 AM 
Started by SKAzz - Last post by Keith
I've used an Eastman case for an R10 and an R1 with no problems.

 on: Today at 11:17 AM 
Started by cctbone - Last post by cctbone
Yikes! Flood 🌊🌊🌊 of messages....trying to answer all....Thanks

 on: Today at 11:05 AM 
Started by yeodoug - Last post by yeodoug
Hello all,

I'm doing some research into Gospel trombonists, those who fell from the tree of Homer Rodeheaver (Billy Sunday's song leader), that include, among others, Cliff Barrows, Joe Talley, Sam Saltar, Marcy Tinger, and, of course, Bill Pearce.

I've recently acquired an LP by trombonist Tom Dale, titled In Session. The album was probably recorded in 1976 and has nine tracks; it was manufactured by Sacred Manuscripts Record Productions that was located in Oklahoma City.

The tracks are:

That's For Me
Spread a Little Love
Nobody Knows
Jesus Is All the World
Gentle Shepherd
It Won't Be Long
Poor Warfaring [sic] Stranger
Little Flowers

The album has the following credits:

Produced by Jim van Hook
Arranged by Jerry Nelson
Cover photo by H. Neil Gillespie
Recorded by Mark V
Engineer Bill Meldin
Mixdown Applewood Sound
Engineer S. Dudzik

But there is very little on the album about Tom Dale, apart from a paragraph of superlatives about what a great player he is (and he is a fine player).

I would like to know if anyone knows Tom Dale and, if so, if I could be put in contact with him. I'm interested to know how this album came about and what other kind of Gospel trombone work he may have done. See the album cover image below.

With thanks,

-Douglas Yeo

 on: Today at 10:58 AM 
Started by Andrew Meronek - Last post by BGuttman
Interesting sidelight.  When Glenn Miller was looking for musicians for his Air Force band, he'd look for tents where there were cannabis plants.  Those musicians were the "swingers" he wanted.  Note that cannabis was not only popular with Black musicians -- it was also popular with White ones.

 on: Today at 10:46 AM 
Started by dj kennedy - Last post by snieckarz
You gotta admire DJ for being honest about the condition of his horns.

And accuracy in pricing on the Conn 74H!  Pant

 on: Today at 10:45 AM 
Started by snieckarz - Last post by snieckarz
For sale is a brand new Yamaha Silent Brass system for trombone. This model is now discontinued and was replaced by the updated SB5XC. The newest model can be bought online for $199. But, why not save a hundred bucks and apply it towards something else?

This particular mute was part of a parcel I purchased at a going out of business sale. I opened the box to confirm all components are included and to confirm the system is working.

Price is $100 and includes shipping in the United States, payment by Paypal. I will sell internationally but would need to calculate shipping before final sale. Thanks!

-Steve Nieckarz

 on: Today at 10:36 AM 
Started by Translucent - Last post by RMTrombone
If I wanted to do this I would read Philip Farkas' book The Art of French Horn Playing.


Quote from Amazon reviewer "Carol":
"Doesn't matter if you're a beginner, intermediate horn player, or an expert everyone can benefit from reading this book. Is it outdated? Sure, maybe a little, but this is still the 'bible' of horn playing and a must read."

 on: Today at 10:16 AM 
Started by Russ White - Last post by Russ White
Their contention is that they are not leaving, just putting pressure on Congress to push for new negotiations around the edges. ICBM's and terrorism things. At least, that's what it sounds like to me. It also seems completely disingenuous.

 on: Today at 10:12 AM 
Started by kbiggs - Last post by ronkny
I am a dentist and I treat sleep apnea.
There are different causes of sleep apnea.
There are variations in severity of sleep apnea.
There are different types of sleep apnea.
Every type of sleep apnea can be treated with a cpap because if forces air into your lungs even if you stop breathing.
Somne people have central apnea, where the brain just doesn't signal the body to breath. CPAP's are great for this.
The other types of sleep apnea are due to obstruction whether it's the nose, throat, trachea, obesity, etc.
The incidence of GERD in patients with sleep apnea is higher than in non sleep apnea patients. We don't know exactly why.
Other treatments for sleep apnea are oral appliances like the ZYPPAH and some other more elaborate appliances. Also the Medcline pillow can help (also helps with GERD).
I personally tried a CPAP and since I sleep on my side the mask would move when I moved, the seal would break and it sounded like a jet taking off in my face. Some masks also would pool water and I'd wake up feeling like I was drowning. But for many people the CPAP works great.
I use a Somnodent appliance for mild sleep apnea and a Medcline pillow for GERD.
Losing weight definitely helps but for some it's anatomic. I have a 15 y/o woman that has sleep apnea and is 5"5" and 105 lbs. So obesity is not the issue with her.
If you have sleep apnea or think you may get an exam.  It's easy. What ever you use, use it. Putting a strain on your heart may not manifest as an issue until your older and now you have CHF. Not good.
Feel free to ask any questions.

PS i
Asthma is beyond my field.  But since I too have asthma, I can sympathize. Having the humidity in the cpap was helpful. My upper airway felt less irritated. I don't think I would have tolerated the dry air.
Now I just have a humidifier and my Medcline pillow and my somnodent. So far so good.

 on: Today at 10:12 AM 
Started by Andrew Meronek - Last post by Baron von Bone
It was the same with Crack and regular Cocaine.  The Black community used Crack and were despicable criminals.  The White community used Cocaine and it was a fashionable drug.  There were many more arrests for Crack than for Cocaine, although there were probably a lot more Cocaine users.

It's also the main reason cannabis is illegal--it was popular in the Black community, particularly musicians as I understand it, (When hasn't a popular drug been particularly popular with musicians?) so by association it was seen as scary/threatening (What if they get all hopped up on [whatever] ... !) Hence Reefer Madness madness.

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