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 on: Today at 01:27 PM 
Started by leec - Last post by leec
It's tricky to post pics here , if you go to M&K Drawings website you will see it under trombone accessories

 on: Today at 01:17 PM 
Started by jej - Last post by Nanook
Isn't the spiral bound alessi / bowman edition better and more complete?

I have heard the new book doesn't have all of the etudes at the end that the old edition has, but the lessons are the same just spaced out for better reading..

 on: Today at 01:00 PM 
Started by patrickosmith - Last post by timothy42b
Here's a series of articles about experiments casting silver bullets.


It is interesting.  but it does not seem to have occurred to them to turn the bullets on a lathe instead of casting.  You can buy rifle bullets that are lathe turned out of solid copper, silver shouldn't be that much harder.

Probably more expensive though. 

 on: Today at 12:51 PM 
Started by Euphmeister - Last post by Euphmeister
I'm considering purchasing a sackbut to play with a local early music group. Does anyone have experience with the Wessex or Nartiss instruments, or possibly someone I've never heard of? Given the amount of time I will likely be playing it, I can't justify going after something by one of the high-end makers.

Thank you in advance for your responses.

 on: Today at 12:25 PM 
Started by lauriet - Last post by doubleslyde
The King is a great horn be happy and enjoy. They take some effort to play lead for a whole night, but other than that they're pretty good. Good rock band horn!
 Way cool Way cool

 on: Today at 12:22 PM 
Started by Hmb - Last post by Carl Enger
Has anyone heard of or played a Thomann trombone? I am looking for an inexpensive yet nice tenor trombone and I came across the Thomann brand, but I couldn't find many reviews on it. Just wondering if it is high quality for the low price. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I happen to own a Thomann SL-5, a soprano trombone. Quite a nice little instrument, great sound. However, I'm not really sure how much this will help, considering you wanted info on a Tenor.

 on: Today at 12:13 PM 
Started by leec - Last post by edD
What exactly is the slide brace, pictures?

 on: Today at 12:10 PM 
Started by Nanook - Last post by John McKevitt
My 4th FWIW: Anytime you change something expect different results. Hopefully after
painstakingly analyzing all the info you make a correct decision and the mod works out for you.
My 5th FWIW. I have recently started gold plating mouthpieces that I liked but I felt were too bright.I did it to a Bach Mt Vernon 2G and a Custom made/modified Hammond Skeletonized 10ML. In both cases I "lucked out". It Tamed them a bit. These are only my opinions and results...........( and does not reflect the opinion of TTF ,Their Members, Its Affiliates and their Subsidies )

 on: Today at 11:50 AM 
Started by LeoInFL - Last post by LeoInFL
Reluctantly selling my Olds Custom Tenor to fund a 'new' bass. I have no history on this one-of-a-kind 0.485" bore trombone other than it was previously owned by a collector on the west coast.

The serial number pre-dates any other P-15 Customs.  The 7 3/8" bell is yellow brass.  The narrow slide is lightweight (no nickel oversleeves) and it takes a press-fit leadpipe (1 brass leadpipe included).  At the tops of the outer slide tubes are faceted (octahedral?  decahedral?) rose brass rings.  The ferrules are all nickel-silver on the bell section except the rose brass ferrule between the gooseneck and the tuning slide receiver.  The most impressive feature of this horn is the bell engraving - roses surrounding a shield with the words "Olds Custom Model    Fullerton, Calif".  To help the balance of the horn I added an Olds counterweight.  Also included is an Olds '2' mouthpiece and a heavy-duty wheeled flight case (with keys).

The trombone is highly polished raw brass. Just one tiny dent on the bell flare. The slide action is perfect (zero wear on the inner slide tubes).

Additional photos will be added shortly.

Price of $2000 includes everything described above and shipping in the USA.

 on: Today at 11:50 AM 
Started by leec - Last post by harrison.t.reed
These kinds of things make a difference that can be felt when you're putting a lot of sound/air/etc through the horn. Not so much of an effect if you dont play that way.

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