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Author Topic: Greg Black Problem (not debacle)  (Read 1743 times)
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« Reply #20 on: May 22, 2017, 02:15AM »

Folks, writing debacle was an error on my part in the late hours of the night, as I had meant to write dilemma. You may remove this thread, because I have been reading your replies for some time and wondering just how long you felt it necessary to rag on me for my misspoken subject heading. I think that I outlined quite clearly in the subject matter, what my dilemma was. I truly hope that my short post on a forum deep within the internet did not destroy Mr. Black's career overnight. Thank you to the few that tried to bring some positive suggestions. Thanks to the hypercritical others and especially the one, crafty enough to know how to google search the definition of "debacle" for me. I will pass on this thread, since any actual comments seem to be far and few besides complaining about the heading.

You are absolutely right, there was no reason what so ever to jump on you, using the word "debacle" was a misstake but a very obvious on. Most people on this forum are nice, some read and react to fast, it does actually happend pretty often, still you can have som fun reading the posts, sometimes you get some good information.  Hi

We older forum members could also have a lesson. Do not jump to conclusion.

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« Reply #21 on: May 25, 2017, 07:43AM »

I've recently taken a great liking to the Greg Black New York series mouthpiece after trying some of my friends' pieces. I had a 5.5 turn up, but the piece has a modified throat that makes the mouthpiece just a little too awkward for me. The piece I have is the 5.5 with a .295" throat as opposed to the standard .281" throat. I'm obviously trying to get to the standard, so would anyone be interested in this piece or have suggestions on how to make a swap of some sort happen?

<Edit: Changed title>

The classifieds here often have trades/swaps and that is your best opportunity, I think. Alternatively, you could just sell it and put the money towards a new piece. The turnaround would probably be quite quick.

Anyone can see that you simply mistyped at first. Some people, in life and online, just enjoy taking artificial offence at the most innocuous bland stuff. Don't worry about it.
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