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Author Topic: How to lube my 2nd valve?  (Read 3417 times)
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« Reply #60 on: Jul 09, 2017, 04:14PM »


Okay, I have to eat my words.  It was leaking, and enough to make playing just slightly difficult.  Dave got oil into the right places, enough to seal again, and the difference in playing was dramatic.

He also pointed out that the corks needed replacing, and that someone had replaced a screw in the stop plate with the wrong size.  I've never had the stop plate off myself, but the corks have been replaced at least once, and I didn't do that, so obviously a tech had it apart.  I dropped it off at the music store for repairs on the way home from rehearsal.

But before that happened, I had another breakdown, one I've never had before.  I played two or three pieces and was feeling really solid about my playing.  I seemed to be getting more focused tone with less effort than usual.  And then, disaster.  I couldn't get a clear note out, it felt exactly like I was playing false tones all over the horn.  With extreme effort I could sort of get a note, and some were better than others, but playing was super painful.  I thought it was me but the guy next to me played one note and handed it back shaking his head.  It turned out the spit valve cork had picked that moment to shred.  Stuffing paper towel in it got me through the rest of the rehearsal. 

Tim Richardson
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