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The Trombone ForumHorns, Gear, and EquipmentAccessories(Moderator: Greg Waits) First thoughts on the Brassark MV42 leadpipe
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Author Topic: First thoughts on the Brassark MV42 leadpipe  (Read 423 times)
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« on: Jul 07, 2017, 08:38PM »

I finally got my seamed copper MV42 leadpipe in the mail today from Brassark, and I just wanted to offer my first impressions (from a very unqualified student of the trombone) to the community. From physical inspection alone, the venturi seems to be a bit tighter than that of my stock 42 leadpipe, and the MV42 is noticeably thinner than the brass of the stock pipe.

The first thing I noticed playing the MV42 is the difference in sound. My sound is, if anything, a work in progress, but the MV42 brought instant clarity to the sound, that not even an Edwards pipe I have could do. The timbre of my sound across the ranges is more consistent, and oddly enough, the trigger register is suddenly more accessible and clear than it was before. Playing my stock leadpipe now sounds unrefined and almost "muddy". Of course, these observations are from behind the bell, FWIW.

The resistance is also much different from my stock pipe. The MV42 is unforgiving with intonation-if my positions are off in the high register, but I'm buzzing in tune, it is very hard to maintain the note, and in this respect my stock pipe is more forgiving with lapses in intonation. However, I see this as a strength, because if my intonation is bad, I'm only limiting myself as a player. I can almost lean on the resistance of the stock pipe as a crutch, but with the MV42, having a rock solid embouchure and buzz helps it play more easily.

The MV42 is a little tighter in the high range, coming from the stock pipe. It definitely slots better, but I find myself doing a some more work to play high than I previously was. Of course, I spent a few days off the horn recently and my chops aren't at 100%, but this is my initial observation.

Sorry for the wall of text, but I just wanted to share my thoughts on this pipe. I'm definitely excited for how I'll sound on it after a few days of solid practice!
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