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Author Topic: WorldView: Eastern Pantheistic Monism  (Read 118 times)
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« on: Aug 21, 2017, 08:01PM »

Greetings fellow travellers through this world of ours.

This thread is one of a number of threads to discuss different perspectives people have of the world.  These perspecitives are called WorldViews.  My purpose in starting this series is to understand each others perspectives so I'm keen for you to fill out or correct the detail in the WorldView that correlates most closely with your perspective, or if you don't think there is one that matches you then start another.

This thread here explains whats going on:  http://tromboneforum.org/index.php/topic,101685.0.html

And the questions that I think give a good start to characterising the WorldViews are in item 15 of that thread.  (How do you link to a thread item?)

So here is what I think the WorldView: Eastern Pantheistic Monism is.

God/ultimate reality:
   • All reality is “divine oneness” (brahman).
   • This “god” supersedes all rational/moral distinctions.
Cosmos/prime reality:
   • Cosmos is one.
   • Not perceived as it is, it is thus maya (illusion).
   • Real self is not psycho-physical self (jiva).
   • Real self is a passive observer (atman) that is one with brahman.
   • Atman is brahman.
   • Transcends logic, language, physical senses.
   • A direct experienced knowledge of one’s oneness with the universe.
   • Distinction between good and evil abandoned due to oneness of reality.
   • Cycle of rebirth (samsara) that is only stopped when oneness is achieved.
   • Future life determined by karma.
   • Individual and cosmic history are cyclical.
   • Time is unreal as one passes beyond it in the experience of the one.
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