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The Trombone ForumHorns, Gear, and EquipmentMouthpieces(Moderators: BGuttman, Doug Elliott) Thoughts on "Day-to-Day Mouthpiece" vs. "Solo Mouthpiece"
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Author Topic: Thoughts on "Day-to-Day Mouthpiece" vs. "Solo Mouthpiece"  (Read 1921 times)
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« Reply #20 on: Sep 07, 2017, 08:28AM »

I also use the Alessi 1 series and I have asked myself the same questions.
I play on a 1B although I also have the 1C.
I'm satisfied with the 1B (although if anyone has an Alessi 1.25M for sale please get in touch) and I find the sound it makes to be big enough to make a powerful 1st trombone sound in an orchestra while at the same time I feel I've got good stamina , a solid high range and flexibility to change my sound and articulation when needed. I agree the 1C sounds better though for certain repertoire.
As Griego states on his website

"The B cup is a great piece for demanding playing that requires extended endurance to play not just excerpts, but long performances. This mouthpiece trends towards the upper register ensuring the last note on the performance is as good as the first."

I've also recorded these pieces without knowing which one was which, there is a difference but it's not that obvious. Sometimes I couldn't always tell from the recording which was the 1B and which was the 1C.
Regarding Bousfield, he normally plays small equipment (cup depth wise) even in the orchestra, and I believe this helps him sound as prominent as he does , projecting through the orchestra. For me personally I have always wrestled with the idea of having a smaller sound that projects well and at times can sound very exciting or a big round full sound that works really well but can at times sound a bit boring.

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« Reply #21 on: Sep 11, 2017, 07:12PM »

I never understood this concept. I was always under the impression that you find a mouthpiece that works for you on your horn choice and just make it work.
For years that is what I did. I am primarily a small horn player playing a bach 7C. It works for me for everything I need.
Now..... I retired and moved to Florida . I`m doing about 1/2 of my playing now in light classical. So I got ahold of 2 large bore horns.
a Bach 42BO and a Getzen Canadian Brass Straight Horn. Love `em both.
Now  I play on a Doug Elliott 98(7-ish size rim) and F cup and Shank.  And they work amazing for me
Then the inevitable happened, I`m looking around on the classified section here and a Stork 5 comes up for sale that is just the cup and has Elliott threads on it. So I bought it.
It is sooooo much darker and richer sounding than the Elliott. but...
For the Trombone Quartet that I play in it`s to0 much so the Elliott works best
For the Large Brass Ensemble I ply in it`s amazing
I get to use the same rim on both but the difference is startiling

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