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The Trombone ForumClassified AdvertisementsClassified Advertisements(Moderator: slide advantage) Probably WTB - Offset Getzen or Holton weight or TS leg attached weight
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Author Topic: Probably WTB - Offset Getzen or Holton weight or TS leg attached weight  (Read 89 times)
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« on: Oct 11, 2017, 08:38PM »

So Iíve seen the funky looking chunks of brass made by Getzen ( ten or so sided brass chunk ) and Holton ( big crescent of brass ) that attach to the TS brace by a clamp and hang behind and I have no idea how much they would cost if someone were to have one and be willing to sell it alone. I donít know if theyíre rare or just odd. Iíd also be interested in a counterweight that attaches to the lower TS leg like Rathís counterweight. But not at the price they sell theirs. I want something slightly heavier than the usual weights but also more interesting than the blank circles I have.

If something like this is too spendy then Iíll just be using two smaller blank weights I have.

OR if any of you have any hardware store solutions that donít kill as much resonance as the two piece weighted collars that clamp around tubing that I have on one of my brighter and hot sounding horns. I use a few of those to get the right balance but it exaggerates the affect of adding a normal counterweight in a bad way when used on an already well behaved playing horn.

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