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The Trombone ForumTeaching & LearningPractice Room(Moderator: blast) Left hand pain, a classic horn solo fail, and maybe a solution
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Author Topic: Left hand pain, a classic horn solo fail, and maybe a solution  (Read 186 times)
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« on: Dec 03, 2017, 04:41PM »

I've been having left wrist and hand pain from holding my 42B.

I played a couple of rehearsals on the mini-pBone alto.  The recordings aren't too bad, I'm in tune most of the time, but I sound clumsy.  Part of that is unfamiliarity with an alto and forgetting fingerings, part is a sticky slide. 

This really bad clam:

occurred when I tried to cover a solo for a missing horn.  Oops.  The sax says So Close! and the director says The horn would have done that too. 

Anyway, a good alto would be fun, but the pBone is just frustrating.  Okay as a travel horn for some lip slurs, but not playing marches as the only trombone in this band. 

So here's my attempt to make a support bar following list member Ken's instructions.  He patented this thing about ten years ago but gave permission to experiment as long as we didn't sell it.  I put it on a pBone because I have yet to figure how to attach it to my 42B, but that's the goal.  The type hose clamp he used isn't available in a large size around here.

Uh, I apologize in advance for bad playing.  Seems I can only concentrate on one thing at a time.



Tim Richardson
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