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The Trombone ForumHorns, Gear, and EquipmentMouthpieces(Moderators: BGuttman, Doug Elliott) Bass Trombone Mouthpiece question
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Author Topic: Bass Trombone Mouthpiece question  (Read 1926 times)
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« Reply #20 on: Jan 05, 2018, 08:03AM »

The 60 is spoken for.

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« Reply #21 on: Jan 08, 2018, 03:36AM »

When I took up playing bass again after a 4-5 year break AND selling my Bach 50 AND buying my Yamaha 822g. I bought a Yamaha 58. Great mp. Wondersound, intonation and helped be get back slowly downstairs. When I got the feeling, that it was holding me back a bit in the basement, I bought a Yamaha 59 and the sound opened up, but I did lose a but up top - temporarily. I then got a Wedge S59 and that has helped to "correct" a small playing fault left over from my trumpet days. Not a bad mouthpiece, but like the Yamaha 59 a tad limiting in the basement. Finally, I took out the Yeo replica that came with the horn and had felt like a bucket. Now, after using iron and patience, I was ready for the mp. Basement opened up down to pedal d and funny enough, I didn't lose much up top. The only problem up top is that, while intonation and accuracy is good, tone color up there is a bit thin. But then again, if you try to play violin parts on a string bass at sounding pitch, they're not going to sound like a high bass part. They're going to sound a bit "worked".

What I have noticed is, that because all this took place within a year's time, I've developed the ability to switch mouthpieces with no adverse effects. So I can decide to play through the Creation Solo, slap in the Yamaha 58 and be able to do it like falling off a chair, relatively speaking. Then go back to the Wedge S59 or the Yeo.

So now the process starts again, but now with the Rath R400. Wedge 4G is not bad and set me up for playing efficiently on the tenor, which is a different animal than that Yami. After working through several mps, I'm on a Schilke 52E2. I can ride that all the way up to high d or e-flat, coming from a pedal b-flat.

Yamaha 882G with Yeo Replica and rarely Yamaha 58
Rath R400 with ??? (Wedge 4G, Bach 4GB)

Bass Trombone TriRhenum Orchestra

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« Reply #22 on: Jan 08, 2018, 09:05PM »

I had my first gig and rehearsal with the 59. LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the gig is Bass Trombone///Tuba in a 10 piece group with soloing .
The mouthpiece gave me everything I wanted and More..
I couldn`t be happier. If I was a full time Bass Trombonist  maybe not but It`s workin` for me

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― Heinrich Heine
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