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Author Topic: Bach Bass too flat  (Read 2233 times)
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« Reply #60 on: Jan 03, 2018, 09:22AM »

None of that has anything to do with what I asked you. I did look at the picture, obviously, which is why I asked you those questions. But you seem to be getting upset about this for no reason, so let's just forget it, o.k.?
Not upset at you, just annoyed that I am unable to communicate such a simple concept.  Here with some better pictures.

Some 42 tuning slide tubes:

Late 90s shorter length, middle is a Mt.V 42, Old one is a NY34 (same tuning slide assembly as the 36/42).

And some 50B tubes:

Attached one is a NY/MTV 50 section that I think you pulled off a horn for Noah (from before the bore size change), The loose long one is the original from the horn in the above thread (late 60's Elkhart), the first short one is stock from that 2006/7 time frame (it is the single adapter I built for that same valve set), and the real short one is what Randy Campora had cut his down to (I bought his old valve section and put it on a different horn).

Didn't take caliper measurements today, but Bach trimmed more out of the 42 assembly than they did out of the 50.  I feel that is an error and it should be a little shorter, maybe not quite where Randy cut his, but close.


Andrew Elms
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