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Author Topic: Saliva... in my sound?  (Read 124 times)
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« on: Jan 09, 2018, 03:01PM »

I've noticed something odd in my bass trombone sound, where, when playing steady for a while, a bit of fuzz/fluff/crackle will appear in my sound. I've identified it as the result of saliva passing through my embouchure. First it builds up a bit behind the bottom lip/teeth, then passes onto my lip, creating a bit of fuzz in my tone, and then a more noticeable crackle as it moves over my lip and blows into the mouthpiece.

Usually this happens when I am in the mid-low register, (where my bottom lip is lowered and there's a larger aperture and volume of air) and whenever I have sustained playing (long tones, rochuts, almost anytime there aren't many rests) I notice the need to swallow, and/or this buildup and passthrough of saliva. As soon as 10-15 seconds into an etude this may happen.

Anyone else felt this or something similar? Tips?

I've heard this in my sound ever since switched I switched from my Holton 181 to my Shires - where I can hear a more distinct difference between my clear and less-than-clear tone. I assume nothing has changed in my playing to cause this. I've always felt that I salivate quite a bit while playing, and that I feel the need to swallow regularly, which can be bothersome.

I don't really know what I can or should do about it - the main complaint is that needing to swallow regularly disrupts breathing, which disrupts everything else :cry: - and the effect on my sound I described above is brief, but still very unwanted. It just seems impossible to tell my mouth to stop salivating as much when I'm playing trombone!

Thanks in advance folks!
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