Olds Recording Trombone
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Are Olds Recording trombones any good or worth any value. Alos, does anyone know any specs on them.
Also what about olds ambassadors, why are there so many on ebay?
You saw the Olds recordings on ebay.... BAH it made it out of my price range.

For me... If I could have only one slide trombone, it would be an Olds recording.  That's my Holy grail.

Ambassadors were intemediate models (I think) and were well built.  They work great for marching band or even jazz.  They're also at youngest built in 1977?

You know back in the day before business started to get in the way of craftsmanship.
Scott Weaver:
The Ambassadors play surprisingly well for jazz. They are dual bore horns, you can get more info on discontinued horns here. http://www.geocities.com/yuenli_low/trombone/discontspecs.html

I got mine off of Ebay about a year ago and paid $84 for it and it is in almost pristine condition. Hardly any wear anywhere on the horn! It was made around 1962. I feel like I just got lucky though, so as always be very cautious when Ebaying.
Here's a couple of web sites that deal with Olds trombones.  The catalog will explain the difference between Recordings and Ambassadors - the Amb. are their student-line instruments.  I have two Olds with the f-trigger, my recently acquired Recording sounds far better than the Ambassador model; I use the latter for marching.  The magic year for Olds seems to be 1955 when the plant moved from LA proper to Fullerton.  I have a '50 Super and have played a friend's 60s model; in my opinion, anyway, mine simply sounds better.  The company went out of business about 1977.  A '77 Super sold on eBay a few years ago was was horn No. 1,000,000; if I remember right it sold for well over $1000.  http://rouses.net/trumpet/olds57/olds1957.htm http://ericburger.5u.com/photo5.html
mark fellows:
I am a real fan of Olds trombones and own an Opera, a Recording a Super and Studio. All really great horns in their own way- I have also owned and sold Olds trombones with valves and they really negatively influenced the way the horns played. If you want a really special horn the straight Recording is probably the most versatile- classical or jazz. The Studio a cutting lead horn, The Super a little more mellow lead, and the Opera a great legit player.
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