King Cleveland 605 vs. King 606

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My first horn was a Cleveland was beat up and old, but who can forget their first.  I'm looking for a good used jazz horn without shelling out the big $$$ just yet for my dream jazz horn...a King 2B.  I've seen several 605's and several King 606's online for sale at reasonable prices but I'm not so sure about the differences between the two.  I know that the "Cleveland" line is no longer made...and the 605 is out of production, and I know that King lists their 606 model as a "Beginner Horn".  Does anyone know the specs and differences of these two horns?  Was the 605 a beginner horn?   Thanks to anyone who can shed some knowlegable light on this subject.

-Keith Blair

The 605 was also considered a beginner's horn.

If you are looking for a beginner horn for jazz, allow me to recommend the Yamaha 352 or 354.  They have somewhat better sound, and there are quite a few of these around since they are one of the most popular horns for beginners.

I used a Conn Director a couple of times, but my Director needed a careful warmup before playing or it sounded raw (as did almost all my Conn's).

I think I played the two. I'm playing a king 605 now since I don''t own a trombone yet. It's really old and smells a bit.  I think someone else in my band plays a 606. I'lll check on friday what the difference is

The 606 is the modern version of the 605.  There's not a noticable difference between them.  I started playing on a 605, and still have it.  My son has a 606.  I've played both.  He plays both (leaves one at home, the other at school), and can't tell the difference.

  BTW, he once claimed that the difference in our tonal quality was the difference in the horns we were playing.  I was playing my King 3B-F, he was playing the 606.  So, I switched horns with him.  The player is more important than the horn.  He got the point...

Scott Weaver:
I still have my first horn, a 605. I may be wrong here, but I think the only difference is the 606 has just a little larger bell.  8" on 606 and just measured the bell on my 605 and it is 7-1/4". So I think this is the only difference between the two models.
Might I add too that for a cheaper (priced) horn for jazz, don't overlook the Old's Ambassadors readily found on Ebay(just be cautious in buying here), ask plenty of questions and look at the sellers feedback comments. The Ambassadors in my opinion are great for jazz and can be had for $100 or less. I lucked up several months back and bought one in almost pristine condition for $84. It plays and sounds great. Little smaller bore than the Kings and dual bore at that(doesn't blow quiet as freely), but sounds really snazzy when called upon.


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