Besson serial numbers?


Recently I was put in charge of keeping track of the instruments owned by my band. The guy who has been doing that up until now sent me the spreadsheet he had been maintaining (who, what, serial, etc.), and I have been trying to add some dates to the serial numbers. Knowing of course that the age of an instrument is no indication of the quality or how well it plays.

In researching that I have run into a few problems. For example, can anyone point me to a list of serial numbers covering Besson euphoniums that also covers instruments produced after 1985 or so? I have only been able to find lists of Besson instruments older than that.

Regards, Christine

Here you go, try this one.  I used it to find out about my Euphonium.



Regards, Christine


Just though I'd add my findings on this topic.
I have not had much success with the official Besson/B&H site. I find the other online sites better, but the best one IMHO is the one in The Sax And Brass Book by Priestley, Gelly, Trynka and Bacon-published by Balafon. It is good for other brands as well.


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