Free Drill Writing Software?

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Is there any free or really cheap software for writing marching band shows? I've got ideas swimming in my head, and don't want to lose them, but don't know how to put them down. Mac compatibility is preferable, but not required.

I would almost suggest just getting graph paper and a pencil. You could edit it easily. You wouldn't have to get used to the software and wouldn't accidentally delete it or something.


Good point. I hadn't even thought of that. I guess our world is too computer oriented (or at least mine is) to have even considered it.

The director of ours who writes our drills has drill sheets that he photocopies... They have spaces for the piece name, page, squad number, and that. It also divides the field up into a grid suitable for snap show marching (we think in very simple angles). Then he just photocopies the sheets and draws on those.

Michael Maddox:
I'll agree. (...and you're CORRECT! Marching band shows ARE easier to write with graph paper. X takes the square!)

Seriously though, you could PROBABLY come up with a neat way to do simple animated drill maps in a presentation package like PowerPoint. Even more complex software, like Flash or the like, would definitely allow you to do it. I would recommend graph paper just for ease-of-use and accessibility, even if presented with super-simple, free software for the same purpose, which gives me an idea for something to write. How about something that:

1) allowed entry of members and instrument type
2) allowed simple entry of base formations identified as A, B, C...
3) created variations on the motion of formations (transitions, etc.) selectable from a pull-down
4) allowed editing of the motion paths in a more advanced manner've got me thinking. It'd definitely be extremely vertical-market, and making it easy to use would be difficult, but it might be a REALLY fun piece to write. You've got all sorts of variables to play with, too...color, majorettes and flags...


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