Selman Euphonium?

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I think I read somewhere on here that one of the euphoniums from Selman is pretty good. I've sort of been wanting one on and off, because the few times I've played euph I've really enjoyed it. My budget's really limited, being a high-school student, so one of those would be good at least to play on casually.

Thanks for any info you can give!

Ive heard that the valves are oval and dont fit into the instrument properly :dontknow:

Tom Webb:
I've never tried a Chinese euphonium and haven't heard any thing good said about them either. With that in mind it may be a good idea to look into an american "baritone", while the bore size is a bit smaller then most modern compensators they still produce a nice euphonium tone that is a shade brighterthen what is now in fashion.


Ok, I may have just randomly thought I saw something. It happens.  :shuffle:

I have read positive reviews on the oval one, but nothing on the regular baritone.
I'm interested, but I really don't want another topvalve horn as I am tall enough to make it uncomfortable (I have to hold the horn up off of my lap).

Now if they mad a 4valve American baritone,...

Hey, go for it! Why not! I have heard that the people are ok to deal with, if you really don't like it just return it.


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