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Anyone currently playing a YSL 352  or have played one in the past? Just wanted to get your opinion on it?  How do you think it stands up to  professional Yamaha trombones of similiar  bore size? How do they compare to the YSL 354?


they are the older 354.  They're decent student horns... we still have a few in rental fleet.  At this old, though, many of the slide tubes are developing red rot, so heads up!

I'm still playing my 352 and it's a great horn. It is better quality than the recent 354's I've seen and it has some features that were cheapened up on the later Yamaha's like the brace trim. I use it for rougher situations in lieu of my Kuhnl or bolaro like in Shrine parades. Am about to turn it over to my grandson, who damaged his Olds Special. No evidence of slide problems as I take care of it.

dj kennedy:
the  design is  great  has  character  !!!!!!!!!!!
basically itsa  6h   clone  with  some  reynolds/olds/conn 48
brace  detailing    thrown in
  designed  by schilke  ????????????????????????????????????????
some o=f  the outers  were soft
 i think these  were  japanese made  ???????
the  354  as  assembled in grand  rapids  perhaps  
ones  w  A    serial no

dj kennedy:
i  played  one  bach in  80s  
jesse nolan has  been  blowing one  a long  time
if you like them  they  are good for you


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