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Author Topic: Where Are Y'All At?  (Read 912 times)
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« on: Sep 02, 2003, 06:31AM »

This is not a geography bee question!!

The best teachers I've had are ones who listen to the students' goals and interests before diving into a one-size fits all dissertation.  As I've considered topics to post here I keep coming back to the question "what is it that you most want to get from this forum?"

We've had good discussions on theory, orchestration, critical thought in preparing scores and parts, where and how to learn composition and arranging, and scads more.  They're all good subjects and ones worthy of investing some quality "give and take" time.

Are you looking for trombone specific techniques (trombone choirs, big band trombone section voicings, etc.) or is there interest in all instrumentations (brass quintet, string quartet, wind ensemble, marching band, etc.)?

Writers are often thrust into running rehearsals and conducting which is an art unto itself.  (I recall bringing in a draft of "At Sunsets" to the Civic Orchestra of Minneapolis and being handed the baton which I wasn't expecting.  It was a great experience, mind you, but it took a few moments to get my bearings with a full orchestra augmented by a full big band staring back at me!)  A survival guide for getting the most out of limited rehearsal time might be in order.

I want this to be an open ended survey so all subjects and responses are cool.  The goal again is to get an idea of the answers (note: more than one, all of them correct -- wish all my college courses were like that . . . ) to the question:

What is it that you most want to get from this forum?

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