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Author Topic: Terms of Use, Condensed Version  (Read 9904 times)
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« on: Nov 18, 2006, 01:45PM »

Terms of Use
Condensed Version

As a service to our users, the staff of the Trombone Forum has distilled the full Terms of Use for the site into this handy, one-screen version.   Infractions of the TOU will result in posts being edited or deleted, account suspensions, or banning.   Don't be apprehensive; our TOU is common-sense distilled to bullet points.

The full version of the TOUórequired reading for all usersómay be found here

Trombone Forum accounts:

  • Donít falsify information in you profile.   Your real email address, a screen name that isnít obscene or someone elseís real name are non-negotiable items.
  • Donít put websites for commercial entities or SPAM in your profile.   
  • Youíre not required to reveal your real identity to other users, but the staff may request this information if thereís an issue.

Posting Guidelines:

  • Donít post anything you wouldnít say in person.
  • THINK about what youíre posting before clicking ďsubmit.Ē   Anyone in the world can read what youíre typing.
  • Spell correctly.   Use correct grammar.   Use paragraphs and avoid ALL-CAPS.
  • Stay on topic.   If you've posted in the wrong section or something in an existing thread brings up another unrelated discussion, donít be offended if a moderator moves the post(s) or splits the thread off into a new topic.   Itís not about you, itís about the content.
  • Copyright restrictions arenít just a good idea, theyíre the law.
  • The Trombone Forum is NOT responsible for the content of the siteóyou are, the users.   Donít even consider holding the site liable if you clean your horn with hot ammonia because ďjeffy1966Ē told you it was a great idea.
  • Advertisements go in the Advertisements section.   Those that are found in other places will be deleted.   The full TOU spells out what is defined as ďadvertising,Ē but letís not be dense hereówe all know what advertising is.

Personal Interaction

  • You can disagree, debate, and argue, but personal attacks, cute attempts to avoid the profanity filter, and deliberately hurtful remarks will get your account suspended immediately.
  • If your feelings or sense of self is harmed by people disagreeing with you, donít read threads that you find provocative.   Itís your mouseódonít click.   Or better yet, change your preferences so you donít see that section of the forum any longer.
  • Note this one well:   The staff reserves the right to, at any time, move, edit, or delete a post that is offensive.   Thought-provoking is fine, edgy is fine--disrespectful, obnoxious, or just plain rude is most assuredly not.
  • Donít display your dirty laundry in public; use your own email account for that.
  • Ethnic and religious slurs are prohibited.   Period.
  • Professionals, amateurs, and beginners use this forum.   Donít be immatureóeither as a poster or a responder.   It just makes YOU look bad.

I say again: Personal attacks and derogatory commentary are not welcome here.

Trombone Forum staff interaction:

  • Every staff member is a volunteer.   Do not abuse them.
  • If you have questions about a staff decision, use private messages; donít clutter up the topic with moderation queries.
  • Everyone involved with this site wants it to be a success and is interested in the users enjoying the time they spend on the site.   If you have a problem, complaint, or suggestion, email it to forum@tromboneforum.org; everyone will read it and take it seriously.   Unless, of course, itís full of insults, accusations, or veiled threats; then itíll be deleted immediately.
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