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Author Topic: RSS Feeds for The Trombone Forum  (Read 29884 times)
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« on: Dec 02, 2006, 07:25PM »

The Forum now internally supports two types of RSS feeds:  Standard RSS and Firefox Live Bookmarks.


Five Most Recent Posts

Ten Most Recent Posts

(For more posts, just change the "limit=10" to any number up to 255, e.g. limit=25)

Most Recent TTF Announcements (no discussion, just the announcements)

The House Rules via RSS

Note that these RSS feeds show *all* the most recent posts, regardless of your account's "ignore boards" preferences.

Also, this gives a standard XML feed.  If your RSS reader or aggregator requires RSS v1.0, then add this to the end of each URL:  type=rss

If your reader/aggregator requires RSS v2.0, then add this to the end of each URL:  type=rss2


The great thing about Live Bookmarks is that they use your Trombone Forum login cookie, so if you're logged into the Forum, the RSS feed reads in your ignore boards preferences.

To set a Firefox Live Bookmark:

Go to the Forum in your browser.  You'll see a new icon IN THE LOCATION BAR where the URL for the site is.  It'll look like this:  .  Click it.

You'll get a popup window, just like when you save a "regular" bookmark, except the status bar on the window will will read "Add Live Bookmark."  Give it a name, and save it in the Bookmarks folder.  The link will now show up on your bookmark bar just under the Firefox buttons in your browser.  You cal click on that Bookmark, and voila!  There are the last 5 most recent posts!

If you want to edit this to show the last 10, 20, etc. posts, then right-click on the Bookmark, select "Properties" and edit the Feed Location using the URL examples given in the previous section.




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