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Author Topic: Inner slide wear  (Read 2733 times)
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« on: Jan 29, 2004, 06:17AM »

Is there any way to "spot" chrome the inner slide?  I've got a small spot of wear on my 78H that is causing some friction.  Or is it better to just replace the (lower) inner slide?  How much would that set me back?
denny seifried

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« Reply #1 on: Jan 29, 2004, 07:23AM »

Ah, yes, the Elkhart Conn slide stocking wear problem! Many of these era Conn slides had this "trademark". If the spot is not too large, a good brass tech can possibly buff the spot and give you a little smoother slide action, for a while, at least.

The only other alternative is to have a brass technician, who is really good with trombone slides, put new inner tubes on this slide. This will restore the slide to like-new condition, if the slide is put back together correctly. Someone like our OTJ Forum mod, John Sandhagen can give you better advice and can actually do this kind of repair work. I really like to use brass techs, who are actually trombonists, as they really know what a good slide feels like, and appreciate what a good slide can do for ANY trombonist, regardless of their playing ability.  

Denny Seifried
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Adjunct Trombone-Wittenberg Univ. Dept. of Music
john sandhagen
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« Reply #2 on: Jan 29, 2004, 07:35AM »

Plating wear indicates two things, either there is an alignment problem, or the tube was not made round.  On older Conns it is common to find high and low spots and grooves.

Take a paper towel or handkerchief and lay a layer on the tubes in question...you should be able to feel things you can't see by rubbing back and forth.

Slide tubes are normally replaced in pairs except on rentals or a tight budget.  The inner slide will twist and bind if tubes of different strength are used.

Inner slide tubes cost between $50 and $80 and then the cost of labor...

Chrome plating can be stripped and reapplied, but it is more cost effective to just replace.  Local bumper replaters can't/won't plate to a dimension and most likey be too thick for the slide to work.

John Sandhagen,
the Boneyard

"What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence."
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« Reply #3 on: Jan 29, 2004, 09:22AM »

Thanks for the info.  I appreciate the suggestions.

dj kennedy

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« Reply #4 on: Jan 29, 2004, 10:34PM »

dont sweat the  spot on your 78
 its  pretty much  normal  break in for old conns
-yeah  out of round slightly or maybe  
a teeny bit  of a bend  
 ---i had a 55  8h  mint  
terrible  inner plating  -buffed it on buffer
came out  really smooth  
slide  came out of it and is now fantastic
--also had a  72h  single b bone
inners  wore  all up and down
  but  -great slide action  ---
ok  a tech  might  rotate  tube  as well as  
 straighten inners //outers  
a retube  is not always  necessary  
i had a  straight  36  no 8314  
 stocking wear on left inner  
 well  this slide had been built
out of  spec  and   jim grubbs  
 got it working great  
once stress  is off  the wear stops  
 if the 78 is really  minty  
it  might have   lo hours  on it  
even a  few minutes  //hours   on these  
 conns will  produce  inner wear
i had a mint 10h  
mint  --bruce  had to borrow it
i always used  a  connstellatio slide w bell
sure enough  bruce brought it back
 with fingernails on the socks !!!!!!!
so  ship the slide  or run to a tech  asap
it  aint   gonna get any better !!!!!!!
 but  try  straightening
 --use  somebody good  too  
doc  /sandman ////oberloh if you got the $$$$

LUCKY  LUCKY LUCKY  !!!!!!!!!!
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« Reply #5 on: Jan 29, 2004, 05:01PM »

The main reason for not spot plating or even stripping and doing a complete replate, is that I have never seen the new plating last very long.

As was noted, there are probably some alignment issues and, there are probably some rot issues in the metal by now.  If the slide action is good, yes I would have the spots buffed to get rid of any rough edges where the plating disapears.  However, that will not get rid of any excessive rubbing problems and your base metal is softer than the plating so your spots will continue to wear down.

It sounds like it is time to have your brass tech take a look at it and give you your options.

Pete Emerson

If you are not outraged, you are not paying attention.
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