Band Vs. Choir

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*thinks she spelled it wrong,sry*

Does anybody else get into fights with people over which one is better? I think it takes equal talent to sing or play an instrument, but a friend of mine keeps insisting chior is SO MUCH HARDER than "moving your fingers around on some keys". I hate that! Does that bother anybody else? I also hate the people who ahve this attitude like band is some kind of disease....

Next time someone says that, hand them your instrument and say, "You do it."  Someone who says that playing an instrument is just pushing down keys has never played an instrument.

Most of my experience is with choral ensembles.  There are aspects of chorus that are harder than instrumental ensembles, and aspects that are easier.  Neither is better than the other, that's just silly to try to make such a statement.

I was in both choir and band last year.  I found that choir people think that they are a lot better than band people just because band is "a nerdy cult".  Even the director was like that.  Its sad that they ran me off from singing.  Oh well.  Band is more fun anyways.  I don't brag, its just the truth.

Quote from: "BFW"

Next time someone says that, hand them your instrument and say, "You do it."

Good call.

I think these arguments are the height of silly. Singing has made me a better trombone player, and playing trombone has made me a better singer.

Don't hate, appreciate! Why can't we all just get along?

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I think both playing an instrument an singing are very difficult to excel at.  That being said, I believe its a lot easier to sing at a high school level than it is to play an instrument.  Most people in band can make semblance of a quality sound when singing, which cannot be said about a choir singer who tries to play, say, the trombone.


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