Walter Nirschl Trombone
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Hey I could use some input.

I'm going into college for music, and I have to pay for it all. I am looking to buy a new professional/step up concert horn that won't break the bank. I recently played a Walter Nirschl 88 H tenor trombone with an axial valve f-attachment. It felt great, sounded great, and according to reviews on the internet it is still a professional horn. Apparently Walter Nirschl is on the rise. I'm just wary because of the 1400 price tag. So can anyone tell me more about Walter Nirschl instruments? Thank you so much!
I recently bought an Eastman/Shires ETB634 Bach knock-off.

It is a really good horn. Comes with three leadpipes.

I have 4 other horns, but this one is really impressing me.

$1599 at Peninsula Music, aka

The valve is built by Shires in the states and sent to China for the rest of the horn which Steve Shires personally taught them how to build from his design.

A great horn!
I'm not a big fan of the Nirschl - The Eastman is a much better horn.

Or you can get a nice Conn 88H or Bach 42B used on ebay... on a limited budget going used is the way to go.  Again, for 1400, you can get a good vintage horn - contact DJ!

A new Yammy 882 can be had for around 2000

If you want, you can PM me and I can give you the number of a guy I buy new horns from, he deals fairly with guys on newer stuff.

If you need something vintage, PM forum member DJ kennedy - he's straight shooter and has a bazillion beautiful vintage horns.   :good:
Quote from: Exzaclee on Feb 28, 2010, 10:16AM

I'm not a big fan of the Nirschl - The Eastman is a much better horn.

I don't know Nirschl.  I don't know that I've ever been in the same room with one.  What are your objections?
I've covered my objections to the Nirschl horn in another thread, but here is a summary -

Stiff, closed off, pinched, too much work for too little reward, not worth the price-tag for what appears to be a chinese made instrument (the cork barrels seemed slightly out of alignment) no "ping" in the sound, i could go on, but it would seem like i'm just ragging on a cheaply made horn.  I guess that's what i'm doing anyway.

The Eastman by SHires I tried was a decent horn.  Good valve, good horn, well put together, nice sound.  It doesn't compare to a good Conn, but it blew the newer Bachs I tried out of the water. 

Again, if you want more horn for your money, go used.  Why drop 1400 on a new _______ when you can get a nice Elkhart 88H for that if you look hard enough.  Call DJ.
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