c.1900 H.N. White "The King" Trombone
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I recently acquired an old H.N. White "The King" Trombone. I have posted pictures of it, along with its case, mouthpiece, and lyer here (http://cid-5834d9790bdead1c.office.live.com/browse.aspx/.Public/H.N.%20White%20Trombone).

Its serial number is 4099. (According to the serial number list on hnwhite.com, it was made in 1900)
The bell diameter is 6.5 inches.
The width of the slide is 2.5 inches.
I don't have a way of accurately measuring the weight or the bore size.
It has a "lion head" engraving (see HPIM1164.JPG).

It seems to fit the specifications of the solo trombone (http://www.hnwhite.com/Trombone%20Page.htm#2), but it does not have the same braces. The curved brace near the mouthpiece that is pointed out in this (http://www.hnwhite.com/King/Trombone%20Page/1911%20No%202%20Trombone%20Large.jpg) catalog page is facing the other direction on my trombone (see HPIM1170.JPG and HPIM1169.JPG). The braces near the tuning slide are different too.

Is the patent date on this (http://www.hnwhite.com/King/Trombone%20Page/1911%20No%202%20Trombone%20Large.jpg) catalog page referring to the solo trombone or the brace?

The trombone with the id number 4518 on this (http://www.horn-u-copia.net/show.php?selby=+where+instrument%3D%22Trombone%22+and+maker%3D%22King%22) page is older than my trombone but has the same curved brace as the trombones on hnwhite.com.

My trombone was purchased for $88. The slide needs work, and the tuning slide is stuck, but it plays really well otherwise and has a great sound.

According to http://www.hnwhite.com/Trombone%20Page.htm, "From 1894 to 1908 each trombone slide was actually made by Mr. White".

Can anyone tell me anything about my trombone? Is the solo model trombone? Was its slide actually made by Mr. White in 1900? Approximately how much is it worth/would it be worth after I got it fixed up? Why are the braces different from those on the solo trombone and all of the other trombones that I have seen on hnwhite.com?


Hi and welcome! :hi:

We have had a few discussions about this trombone.  I happen to own two: one high pitch that needs a new water key and one low pitch that is in playable condition.  Both of mine are over 10,000, so are much newer than yours.

That odd double brace under the mouthpiece was a patented invention by Henderson White.  You can see the first page of the patent in my Gallery.  The patent was issued in May, 1910 and many of these instruments will have a "Patent 1910" engraved under the Lion Head on the upper cork barrel.  Given the patent regulations, a trombone with this feature must be newer than the patent application, which is 1908 (otherwise the patent is invalid).  So your trombone has to be in that range.

You might want to visit the HN White site and take a look at the instruments of the period.  There is also information on Henderson White and the early history of the company.

Enjoy your instrument.

The brace in the patent is facing the opposite direction from the brace on my trombone. The trombones on hnwhite.com have the same type of brace that appears in the patent.

Why does my trombone have a brace that faces the opposite direction?

sly fox:
no expert but you are doing what you need to do.  the one other place you might look is


and check out the material under HN White.

I have no reason to doubt any material on the HN White web site except, as they tell you, the serial numbers are guestimates on the exact years of production.

my guess is that your trombone was an earlier style before they started using the patent referred to by B.Guttman.  I too have an early H N White trombone like B but later than yours.  the first thing you need to determine if it is high pitch or low pitch.  check out this for what i mean:


low pitch is close to or the same as American Standard

glad you like it.  want another a little older, send me a pm and perhaps you can have it.
I've been to horn-u-copia.net. Their trombone with the id number 4518 on this (http://www.horn-u-copia.net/show.php?selby=+where+instrument%3D%22Trombone%22+and+maker%3D%22King%22) page is older than my trombone but has the same curved brace as is in the patent. I did not see anything relating to the curved brace that I have.

My trombone plays in tune to a modern tuner, so it seems to be in low pitch. Does this mean that it is newer than I thought?
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