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any opinions on this horn?   ive heard good things about getzen and i just came across "the dude" on ebay.  looks interesting so i was wondering what there is to know about it.



dude... I don't know what you're talking about.
I couldn't find it on ebay.

copy the address down so people can take a look c

later dude


it is actually a getzen deluxe with.. "the Dude" Engraved on it... probably someones nickname dont know much about getzens, except i owned a 70's eterna. I didnt like how light the bell was, easy to overblow.

possible theory, well it's worth what it has now for a price

I like getzen trumpets, haven't played much of the tbones

might I add... Dang that's old

Getzen really wasn't known for their trombones until about 10-12 years ago.  I have a Getzen from about the same era as that "dude" and it is nothing special.  I think at that time Olds, Reynolds, and King dominated the commercial scene and Conn (later Bach) dominated the symphonic scene.  Getzen was sort of an off brand.  To compete, they came up with a variety of attractive and interesting styles to give their horns a visual appeal.

These days, Getzen is making  top notch trombones, possibly the best values in the industry.


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