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Author Topic: How many horns do you own?  (Read 24806 times)
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« Reply #120 on: Mar 07, 2015, 08:12PM »

I feel like a sissy compared to some of you guys. I have had as many as 4 bones, but am currently at 3.

King 2103 (3b) that I got about a year ago. I love this horn for playing lead in our local big band. I got a Warburton 7m mouthpiece for it and it really sings.

And I have an Edwards with all the pieces to build 2 complete horns. I have a .547 slide, a .525 slide, an 8" bell, an 81/2" bell, a valve section, straight neck pipe, and 2 tuning slides. I usually play it as a .525 horn with the 8" bell and valve.

And I have a Willson ,2704 non-compensating euphonium.

One of these days I want to get a small tuba and a small bore horn with a valve. And maybe a 2b. But money is a limiting factor. If I had tons if it, I would probably own 10 trombones, 2 or 3 euphs, a tuba, a bass trumpet, and 5 mountain bikes.
Kuprion Ken

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« Reply #121 on: Mar 08, 2015, 06:10AM »

Bach 42BO T-Bone
Getzen 1052FD Bass T-Bone (I play this almost exclusively these days)
Yamaha 321S Euphonium  (Play @ Tuba Christmas)
St. Petersburg 209N CC Tuba (Play in American Legion Band, some traditional/dixieland style for pay occasionally)

(Others I have recently sold, 1982 King 3B, 1965 Conn 18H w/Cuprion Bell, 2006 Yamaha 830 Xeno Bass

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« Reply #122 on: Mar 08, 2015, 03:08PM »

Weril Gagliardi II Alto
Weltklang Alto
Rath R1
Conn 74H
Conn 88HTO
Holton TR181

Other instruments
Besson Sovereign Euphonium
Cerveny Eb Tuba

All trombones get played regularly except the Weltklang and the 74H.  The Weltklang slide is simply aweful and I have access to a friends 78H which I use instead of the 74H. The Euphonium and Tuba only come out on rare occasions, tuba mainly in the theatre bands and the Euph for the odd Planets or Bydlo

Weril Gagliardi II Alto Doug Elliott LT103, C+, D3
Rath R3 Doug Elliott LT103, D/D3, F/F3
Rath R4F LT103,  G+, G8
Holton TR181 Bass Doug Elliott SB108, J, J8
Cerveny Eb Tuba Bach 24AW
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« Reply #123 on: Mar 13, 2015, 06:30AM »

Ok, I'll play....
Olds Balanced action (1928)
Olds Special (1954)
Olds Ambassador (1954)
(I dont use these much but they are all nice for what they are)
1960 Conn Constellation with lots of repairs and a med heavy slide (I use this a lot, and it looks it ;-) )
Pan American frankenbone with a 500 bore slide (spare for the 48H)
Early 80's TR258 made to be convertable with a straight neckpipe, spare TR158 bell, and a 525 slide (actually two separate horns.)
A Bb/F/G/Eb modular  Franken-bass. Based on a Yamaha 612 bell converted to a screw bell and a very modified 72H slide I have been using since 1978....
This is my "main" bass In spite of its quirks it's a nice player. Has a single valve section - the original red brass soldered rim bell flare and a brass unsoldered rim 10.5" bell flare from a 50Bl bell. Parts exist for at least one complete horn, the time to build it does not right now...
YBL 613H bought as a spare, great slide, great valves, good deal.
Mack Brass Euphonium, cheap, but it paid for itself.
Mack Brass Tuba... the Chinese are catching up ;-)
Several large boxes of bundy trombone and trumpet parts, (Ugh) and a crushed Conn 20I baritone I scavenged for the valves... (yet another project....)



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« Reply #124 on: Mar 13, 2015, 09:07AM »

I own one - King 2280 Legend Soloist Euphonium.

Had to quit trombone due to right elbow injury.
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« Reply #125 on: Jan 13, 2018, 09:33AM »

Including "coming soon"...

- Kurt Scherzer: Quartposaune (Schmidt TP3-1/2A, TBP5W)

Hi Maestro.  Do you use your Scherzer as both tenor and bass, with the respective mouthpieces?  Does it work well in both roles?  (I have a Piering Bb/F from maybe around 1900.  After a couple of recommendations, I recently got a Schmidt TP 3¾, which I like, and I’m also trying to add a TBP5W, which would give me a similar setup.)

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« Reply #126 on: Jan 13, 2018, 10:38AM »

OK, acquired two more recently, so...

King 2B, 3B-F, 4B-F all from the 70s.
King 3B from the mid-50s.
Holton TR180
Olds Ambassador
Early HN White wall hanger converted into a floor lamp (ran the rod through the bell, so no damage to the horn)
Besson wall hanger, built in the 1860s according to a letter I have from Besson.


I'm not a total idiot - there are still a few pieces missing!

King 3B-F, King 4B-F, Holton TR-180

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« Reply #127 on: Jan 13, 2018, 01:31PM »

Things have changed since last I posted here.
Lt Bach 12G
Bach 12
Bach Lt16Mg
King 2B+ Silver Sonic
Mount Vernon 36
Bach 42 BO
Getzen Canadian Brass Straight Tenor (Silver Plated)
King 2B Valve trombone w/ 1953 Nickel Tempo Bell
Yamaha 321 Bass Trombone
Weril Alto Trombone
Pre - WWI King Euphonium
1928 Conn Eb Tuba
1958 Conn Bb Tuba
Selman Bass Trumpet
Elkart Eb Alto Flugel-horn
American Standard Eb Mellophone
Blue P-Bone
Still have my Flutes
and 6 different sized Conch Shells
one Shofar (Ram`s Horn)

“Where words leave off, music begins.”
― Heinrich Heine

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« Reply #128 on: Jan 13, 2018, 01:39PM »

and 6 different sized Conch Shells
one Shofar (Ram`s Horn)

Where do you get the conch shells?

Steven Cangemi

Let's all move to http://www.trombonechat.com, it has owners who actually support it!

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« Reply #129 on: Jan 14, 2018, 07:53AM »

I live in Florida now (they`re every where) but I got all of mine in Rochester & Buffalo, NY at garage sales

“Where words leave off, music begins.”
― Heinrich Heine
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« Reply #130 on: Jan 14, 2018, 05:23PM »

My roster has changed in the past year as well:

- 88h w/std and 525 slide
- 79h
- Kanstul 1662i
- 48h
=========below are horns to sell
- 70h w/ f and Eb slides
- 1936 24h
- 10h
- 38h bell
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« Reply #131 on: Jan 14, 2018, 07:47PM »

As of this past Tuesday, I'm now at 3.

Bach 36BO
Yamaha 356G
King 606

Eventually I'll want to get a bass to mess around with as well as a straight horn for jazz/salsa stuff.

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« Reply #132 on: Yesterday at 06:11 AM »

I have a few. Looking to buy a Euph next...

Glassl Alto
Bach TB200 (my first trombone, still use it for the occasional parade!)
Rath R3F w/Hagmann valve
Edwards T-396A. My daily driver.
Conn 73H Bass trombone with Red brass bell.

I also have a silver plated Reynolds small bore. Needs to be fixed up so it can be played again!

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« Reply #133 on: Yesterday at 06:16 AM »

Besson wall hanger, built in the 1860s according to a letter I have from Besson.

That wall hanger might be desirable by players of period instruments if it can be restored to a decent playing condition. Not worth very much because of the large quantity of later French trombones that have the same design, but still, 1860 is earlier than what a lot of people have.

Maximilien Brisson
John Beers Jr.

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« Reply #134 on: Yesterday at 11:03 AM »

Shires Bass
Shires Large Tenor
Olds Recording

These are the ones that are immediately available.

Getzen 1062
Jin Bao Alto w/ upgraded leadpipe.
Bundy student trombone.

These are the ones that are at parents' house.

King 6B
Olds Studio

These are the ones that are currently at a tech.

Even with just the three of them here, they take up a surprising amount of space in the apartment.

"Progress is just another word for making bad things happen faster" - Granny Weatherwax
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« Reply #135 on: Yesterday at 11:17 AM »

I currently have the following:

King SS 2B
Elkhart 88H
Holton TR 180
Holton Custom inline 169

Schiller C Tuba

On the way:
M&W Dependent bass trombone, red brass bell, .562 bore playing slide.

Holton TR 180 MV 1 and 1/2G
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« Reply #136 on: Yesterday at 11:39 AM »

Long time lurker, first time poster here...
My current collection includes:
Shires NY Axial
Bach 42BO
Bach 42B corporation era
Yamaha 682
Yamaha 321 Euphonium
Conn Director
Jin Bao Alto
Akai EVI
and... a late 50's silver-plated 2B that belongs to a friend that I hope to talk him into selling!
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« Reply #137 on: Yesterday at 12:04 PM »


JPRath Alto (236?)

King 2B brass
King 2B Silversonic

Bach LT8G, 90s era
Bach 9 (6vii bell section), Mt Vernon era
Bach LT16M, corp era (i.e. standard gooseneck)
Bach LT16M Sterling Plus, 90s? (open gooseneck)

Edwards tenor with both .547 and .525/547 slides, open neckpipe and valve

Online Online

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« Reply #138 on: Yesterday at 12:25 PM »

Kuhnl + Hoyer BvL 480/488" Basic

Kuhnl + Hoyer BvL 480/488" BZ

'90's King 3B

Fender Basses and Galien Kruger MB 150 etc..

In my reality..

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« Reply #139 on: Yesterday at 12:42 PM »

7 horns in my dinky little apartment:
  • M&W custom bass
  • Olds P-24G
  • Conn 88HCL
  • Bach 42KLT
  • King 3BF SS
  • Olds Ambassador
  • Yamaha YEP-621 euph

I just enjoy playing!
M&W 929 dependent bass
King 3BF Silversonic
B&H Imperial E-flat tuba
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