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The Trombone ForumPractice BreakPolls(Moderators: bhcordova, RedHotMama, BFW) What horn(s) do you play on?
Question: What horn(s) do you play on?
Edwards - 28 (5%)
Bach - 67 (12.1%)
Greenhoe - 11 (2%)
Jupiter - 6 (1.1%)
Yamaha - 53 (9.5%)
Rath - 21 (3.8%)
Holton - 31 (5.6%)
Getzen - 21 (3.8%)
Conn - 94 (16.9%)
King - 80 (14.4%)
Shires - 32 (5.8%)
Courtois - 6 (1.1%)
Olds - 26 (4.7%)
Reynolds - 7 (1.3%)
Blessing - 4 (0.7%)
Benge - 8 (1.4%)
roy benson - 1 (0.2%)
Kanstul - 11 (2%)
Martin - 6 (1.1%)
Miraphone - 3 (0.5%)
Thein - 3 (0.5%)
Frankenhorn - 9 (1.6%)
Other (please list) - 28 (5%)
Total Voters: 222

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Author Topic: What horn(s) do you play on?  (Read 9997 times)
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« Reply #40 on: Oct 15, 2016, 02:21AM »

Finally I tend to choose Yamaha.

252, 354, 321,,,


hurry kurihara
Jazz trombonist,
bass trombone Moka Community Orchestra,
bass trombone Ensemble 'F' in Tokyo
Graham Martin
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« Reply #41 on: Oct 15, 2016, 02:50PM »

The only horn I use on gigs is my Vincent Bach Stadivarius LT16M. Originally it had a V16 valve section in the same case but I found the swapping around on a gig too difficult and obtained a second Model 16 bell.

My other horns are:

1. A Conn 6H manufactured in 1960 which was the one I used for much of my life. Originally it was short-pitched, à la Stan Kenton trombone section, but I later had this modified to normal pitch.

2. King Silversonic 2B with an extra lightweight slide.

As you can see from the photo, I use the other two horns for practice at home. I find swapping the resistances around whilst practicing helps to firm up my embouchure, which these days needs a lot of looking after.



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« Reply #42 on: Oct 20, 2016, 12:57PM »

See my signature

Shires alto w/ yellow bell
Shires T00NLW, 1YM8, 1.5 tuning slide
Shires TB47G, 7YLW, TY tuning slide, standard rotor
Shires B62LW, BI 2G, Bollinger tuning slide, dependent Trubores

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« Reply #43 on: Nov 09, 2016, 08:41PM »

Corporation Bach 12 (Minick did work on it)
Gen II Conn 88h
Custom Bach 50B built by Larry Minick from 3 different Bach 50's. Bell is MV overstock but stamped Elkhart. End crook from a Conn 62H

All with Giddings and Webster MP's

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« Reply #44 on: Nov 11, 2016, 01:56PM »

Ed. Kruspe bass bone - great synphonic instrument

Karl Mönnich tenor bone - tricky but very rewarding

Wessex bass bone - good and cheap all-round horn, good for Big Band

B&S alto bone - good enough for me

Yamaha 682G and 356G large and medium bore with quart valve - easy and good quality horns

Plus euohs and tubas ...


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« Reply #45 on: Nov 11, 2016, 02:13PM »

Mount Vernon Lt36 w/ Edwards #2 leadpipe - Bach 7C
King 2B+ Silver Sonic w/ Mount Vernon 7C
Bach 42BO - w/ Custom Bass Shank Bach 7 (bored out)
Blue PBone with Jettone aluminum 7C
Bach Lt12G  - Mount Vernon  7C
Bach Lt16MG w/ Kanstul H8 leadpipe - Mount Vernon 7C
King 2B with 1953 Nickel Tempo Bell - Mount Vernon 7C
King 2B Valve Trombone - Mount Vernon 7
Weril Alto - Sterling Silver Warren Covington Mouthpiece
Pre WWI King Euphonium
 Conn Bb Tuba (1958)
Conn Eb Tuba (1928)
Holton TR-156 w/ Doug Elloit 98/E or F cup
Artley Alto Flute
Armstrong 103 open hole Flute
Gemienhardt Piccolo
Selman Bass Trumpet
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« Reply #46 on: Nov 11, 2016, 02:25PM »

In order of what is grabbed,

1. Yamaha 891z
2. King 3b sometimes 4b
3. various Olds

Be careful with the results!

Everyone's least most favorite horn might be some oddball ___________!


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Location: Bloomington, IN
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« Reply #47 on: Nov 12, 2016, 07:35AM »

Right now, in order of what leaves the house the most:

- Early '70s 3B - comes with me almost 100% of the time. Hand picked at DJ's.
- Elkhart 72H - at least three times a week. I would prefer to have a second valve but the sound is awesome.
- Carol Brass trumpet - at least twice a week. Works fine for what I need it for, but I need to upgrade.
- Pre-WWI Couesnon flugel - at least once a week. My forever flugel. Bought from DJ, interestingly enough.
- '69 Conn 16E mellophonium - used to see a lot more use in Latin jazz oddly enough...still gets played frequently at home.
- '38 Conn 6D double horn - gets used most weeks. Has a great sound, but needs an overhaul to really play great.
- Selman C trumpet - gets used most weeks. It actually plays well, and better than my B flat. Still, I'd like to get a "real" C at some point.
- old Besson Eb tenor horn - not mine; gets used once a week to play in a British brass band. Does not play well...need to get my own.
- Meinl Weston rotary C bass trumpet - not mine. Have used it for two different performances of the Rite. It has a nice sound but the intonation is not great. As above, I need to get my own.
- Edwards Thayer/rose bell/nickel slide large bore tenor - not mine. I use it to play in a trombone quartet where all the other members (one of which owns the horn) play Edwards.
- Selmer Largo straight large bore - I love this horn, but since I've started playing the Edwards in the quartet it hasn't seen much use apart from home practice. It's addicting to play and has the most lovely, velvety sound. Bought from DJ.
- Holton H179 double horn - not mine. I use it for low horn parts and whenever I want the classic London 8D sound, which it does very well.
- '08 Kanstul 975-2 euph - used almost every day when I was an undergrad, but now that I have the degree it almost never leaves the house sadly. I've played it for a couple recording sessions and that's about it.
- Selman alto trombone - used occasionally in the funk/soul band I play in, of all places. It plays well, and I won't need to replace it for a while (even if I want to).
- Bach CR310 cornet - used a lot more before I got my trumpet. Now it pretty much only sees use in home recording. Plays pretty well, especially with the Wick 4 mouthpiece.
- Getzen 383 frumpet - never leaves the house (understandably), but I use it occasionally for home recording.
- '40 Holton 63 jazz bone - bought recently from Ben Griffin. Needs a slide job before I can take it out, and I also haven't had the type of work that it would work great for in a while.

Always WTB: Boosey & Co. ballad horn in C | Distin altophone | King 1147/48 altonium | Boosey/Courtois antoniophones | DEG alto cornet in F

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« Reply #48 on: Nov 16, 2016, 02:38PM »

Bach because of the versatility

Bach Student Model TB301 Tenor Trombone - 12C
Yamaha YSL882GO Xeno - Peter Sullivan Signature
Unfortunate Amateur

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« Reply #49 on: Nov 24, 2016, 03:16PM »

Well, half of this is in my signature, but I'll go for it anyways:

Boosey and Hawkes Sovereign Euph (Globe Stamp)-play it in the school wind ensemble
Bach Strad 50B3 Bass-play it in the youth symphony
Olds P-16 Custom Tenor-only played it once in a group, mostly just for practice/fun (hopefully will play some more with it soon)
Paul Mauriat Alto Sax-play it in the school big band, gets a real hip sound, awesome middle/low range
Yamaha Soprano Sax-play it in the school big band when required, and in a few sax choir pieces I arranged...other than that, just for practice/fun
Blue pBone-what I practiced on before I had a "real" trombone, currently collecting dust, but served its purpose

I also spent extended periods of time on a few horns I didn't own, like a Selmer Bb clarinet (for a single jazz piece-hated playing it), a Conn 88H (for a musical), and King marching instruments (baritone for 3 years, euph for 1).

Frost School of Music: BM Euphonium Performance '21

Bach Stradivarius 50B3 (Ferguson JR)
Besson Prestige 2052 Euphonium (Denis Wick SM4U)
Olds Custom P-16 (Yamaha 48)
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