Mouthpiece for a bass trumpet?
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Graham Martin:
I have always been a big fan of Cy Touff from the Woody Herman band and have wanted to obtain a bass trumpet. Yesterday I found a King, pitched in F and in lots of pieces. But my newly located instrument techo assures me he can reconstruct it and it will be a great horn at about a tenth of the price of a new one from Bach. The new techo has the equipment that allows him to apply new lacquer and therefore I can have it finished in any colour I choose. What do you suggest? :amazed:

I am aware that we used to have a couple of members who played bass trumpet pretty exclusively.

Hence my main question: What kind of a mouthpiece does one use? Especially one that will make the double easy with my Bach 16LT trombone, where I use a 6 1/2 AL.
Wouldn't that be an Alto Trumpet? A Bass Trumpet is normally keyed in B-flat (though I've heard of them in C).
Hi Graham,

One of my teachers owns both a Bach Bass Trumpet and a King(?) Flugabone.  He says that the Flugabone is much better (sounded much fuller and warmer to me) so he would use that for some of his younger student's lessons instead of getting out the bone.  Anyway, he just used (relatively) the same size mouthpiece as he did on his large bore.  He plays on Schilkes so it was probably 52D ish.  It's been a while, so I can't remember precisely.  I'm not sure that you reallly have to change mouthpieces, and I'm not sure what sound you want (or the sound of Cy Touff's for that matter), and how different you want it from a standard trombone sound, or a standard bass trumpet sound.  From my many lessons growing up with this teacher, the horns do not have a particularily diverse sound.  They sound more french hornish than a valve trombone.  Like I said, I don't think a change is needed unless you have specific sound in mind that can't be achieved on what you're already playing.
Hey Graham. congrats on your new acquisition! Welcome to the dark side...
I have an 1960's Alexander C bass trumpet, which is a true bass trumpet (.46 trumpet bore), not one of the modern huge marching trombones disguised as a bass trumpet (no offense to those monster .500 bore plus bass trumpet players). Anyway... I have a couple mouthpieces I use on it depending what I am playing. Primarily I like the 11C or a Purviance 4. Anything around that size usually works well, beware of going bigger, it only makes the already bad intonation more of an issue.

Originally bach designed a mouthpiece for the bass trumpet, it's the model 20. That's pretty small and gives a true bass trumpet sound (a sound not so pleasing to the weak of ear  :eek:) But it's a cool piece, you want something smaller, after all it is a trumpet, not a trombone.

Another suggestion since your tech is rebuilding the horn, have him incorporate a tuning mechanism on the main slide. I had Robb Stewart create a really cool lever on my main, and it makes all the difference in the world. Highly recommended feature to ad, i guarantee it will make your friends happy when you have to use it somewhere.
I played Getzen B-flat bass trumpet back in high school (late 1970's); .486" bore, as I recall. Had a chance to play a little on my teacher's Bach (also B-flat, .485" bore) back then, as well. Both horns were definitely more at home "above the staff".

I've heard guys using something like 6.5AL on them (myself included, until I was shown the error of my ways), but a "true" bass trumpet mouthpiece is pretty small (Bach 15, Schilke 40, or something of the like). I ended up using a 12C (it was handy) and was pretty happy with it back then.
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