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Yes, very different from a typical Bach rim, and sharper even than a 7C.

Okay. Thanks! Whew! There's 25 bucks saved. I'll treat you to lunch someday.  :D

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Hmmmm. That sounds a little different from a typical Bach rim, although the 7C does have a sharp bite. I'm very liberal about switching mpc sizes within a manufacturer's ...
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Apparently, there's a huge amout of variation amongst these mouthpieces, but the one I have is about a 12 size as you say (maybe a hair bigger), with a wide, f...
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Olds 3. I have seen where they compare in measurement to somewhere around about a Bach 12C. I can see the cup is different, but how does the rim shape compare to a typica...
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I seem to remember Buddy Morrow telling me that Tommy Dorsey played an Almont mouthpiece. Because of TD, Buddy played one for many years before going to an Olds ...
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