The Trombone Forum - Pedagogy <![CDATA[Re: "Letter M"]]>,98054.msg1202588.html#msg1202588 The letter M can be said in so many ways, it merrely say that the lips do touch, and it is still not enough since that can be done in different ways also.

I do wonder about Ghitallas advice, Maybe what he said is...]]>;topic=98054.0 Sun, 09 Jul 2017 08:35:32 GMT,98054.msg1202588.html#msg1202588
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Maybe that's  fair generalization but maybe it doesn't account for wide variety of lips among people.

If I look at a picture of Wynton Marsalis, with his trumpet in place,...
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Without the trumpet or mouthpiece, roll the in as if saying the letter "m", if this  is done correctly, no red part of the lips should show.
Maybe that's  ...
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